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Lowell Gundersen
· June 7, 2015
I am the owner so naturally I believe its excellent!

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"Had a problem with 2 DVD burners not recognizing media, with a deadline to have a 2 dozen DVDs burned by 6:00. Met Lowell w...hen he opened the doors, and he had the computer up and ready for me by 1:30. Extremely fast and friendly service, with concern of meeting my deadline. I don't know anyone else that would have made my deadline their priority. Thanks Pro Computer."

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If you get a pop up or a separate window that indicates you have viruses and you should call an 800 number that indicates they are Microsoft or affiliated with Microsoft. Turn your computer off and don't return to that website for awhile. This is a scam to try and get your ($) annual contract for virus protection and removal. They will try and charge you $300 to $600 for a virus that they will actually put on your computer if you allow them to connect to you. This phishing scam is most likely a website that has been hacked that causes the pop up. If you happen to talk to somebody and allow them on your computer. You will need to have your computer cleaned as they will have infected it. Please call us here at Pro Computer with any questions about this or any other type of antivirus issues. 801-774-9922 thanks!


Come find new and used computers, printers, monitors or have yours repaired. Add an SSD to speed up your computer 10 times! Give us a call for a quote. Thanks, Lowell

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Pro Computer Inc.

Is your computer running slow? Well we've got good news for you, we're having a computer tune us special from now May tenth until Saturday May thirteenth. save 30% just by mentioning you saw this add on Facebook. Tune up Regularly $69 for only $48 This week only.

24 inch Acer monitors full HD and 3 year manufacturer's warranty. On special for $139. 99. 3 left

Pro Computer will be open on Monday, so come on in get your computer fixed or drop an SSD to speed up your system by 10 times!

We have used computers, monitors and printers! Come check them out!

Happy and scary Halloween!

Pro Computer Inc. Is saving customers money by taking the 1st 100 to sign up for
All Inclusive Concierge Service for only $20 per month! Virus removal? Covered! Blue Screen of Death? Covered! Questions on your computer? Covered! Microsoft OS or Office Problem. Covered! Labor for Hardware Upgrade? *Covered! Unlimited Phone Support? Covered! Call 801-774-9922 right now to sign up. Taking away your worries about your computer.
Thank You.

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Hey you can now have total computer confidence! We will remote into your computer no matter where in the world you are and fix or help you with any problem! For just $20 per month (6 month subscription required) we will fix all your problems for free and answer any questions about your computer and also do a monthly maintenance right over the web to keep your computer clean and running in top notch shape. Call Lowell or Matt at 801-774-9922 for all the details.

Here's a helpful tip. If Word crashes or shuts down and your document didn't save, search ".asd" in the file Explorer under "This/My PC". It should be there

Beware there are Paypal Scams out there! They will tell you, your account is locked and you have money. Then ask you to login on their bogus site to capture your user name and password. (The bogus site looks real) Notice that the email is spelled wrong or website is not perfect or has another word in it. If you want to check go into a clean browser and type and test your account. Good luck out there! If you suspect any foul play call us and bring it in the more you play with your computer after an infection the worse it gets and more time for the hacker to get your information.
Thanks, Lowell Gundersen CEO Pro Computer Inc.

We are starting up a new full service computer care that is all inclusive. As many home visits as are necessary, remote control monthly updates and service. All labor included in a monthly service charge of $25 per month or $229 per year for the first computer, discounts for multiple computers. Virus! Covered no charge, cleanup and maintenance, covered no charge! All labor covered! Call us for details 801-774-9922. Thanks!

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