This infographic shows the size of the Women's March in US cities and other countries. (Thanks to amazingly quick and comprehensive data collection efforts by Jeremy Pressman, Erica Chenoweth and their collaborators).

Each rectangle represents a city and the rectangle's area represents the size of the march.


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North Korea launched missile over Japan twice (8/28 and 9/14), and both of them flew over my family and friends in Hokkaido - where I was born and raised.

Now is a good time to learn "Azimuthal Equidistant" map projection, which shows correct straight line distance between any point on the map and the center.

A few things are easy to see from this map:


#1. The second missile (9/14) has exceeded the distance to Guam
#2. From North Korea, Alaska is actually closer than Hawaii
#3. Once they become capable of reaching Hawaii, the lower 48 isn't that far - in fact, Seattle is almost there (and many countries are within the reach).

You wouldn't be able to "see" these things if you were looking at a map with more common projection method.

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The Most Powerful Message from Women's March Data Visualization
June 27th Lava Flow Community Needs Survey - Result
Rat Lungworm Disease Research Updates and SB 272

Honolulu Rail post #3. Some numbers. My main question was - how many people will ACTUALLY use the rail? And who? Here's my initial attempt.

Disclaimer: I was a lot more careful about accuracy when I was posting materials about the lava flow and RLWD (because of the seriousness of the topics). You might see more error in these one. So...this is for entertainment only!!

Honolulu Rail post #2! I did this for the Big Island before, but here's the Oahu version with Honolulu Rail stations overlaid.

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

So, I digitized Honolulu Rail stations, let my GIS software calculate various walking times from each station, and visualized the result. I wanted to show both the big picture and details, so I'm posting it as a panoramic image - if you want to see details, I suggest clicking/tapping on the image to magnify it. There are labels, but I made the 15-minute lines red to make it easier to see the map.

I have some other materials, so I'm going to post them later.

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SB 272 is officially dead.

Government OrganizationHonolulu, HI
32,415 people checked in here

I normally try to avoid posting every single day, but I think this lesson is important to everybody. I was reading the latest committee report and found this passage, "Your Committees note the significant amount of supportive testimony submitted on this measure, and recognize the need for vigorous, coordinated efforts to effectively combat this public health concern."

In other words, your testimonies really helped. So many people believe their voices don't matter (implicitly ...or explicitly) and they don't bother to do anything. They just haven't tried to find evidence that we do have power to make things happen. I'm struggling to find good things in this crazy world too - that's why I had to look for something to convince myself that what we do to help our community is worthwhile.

Just a little more push! Email or call the Chairs of relevant committees (See my post on Monday).

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Rat Lungworm Disease in Hawaii is no longer a local issue. I collected links to news media that covered Rat Lungworm Disease in Hawaii this week so far. Check out my previous post to learn how you can support SB 272.

LINKS ------------------------------
U.S. News…/california-couple-among-hawaii-rat…...

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[Rat Lungworm Disease Update]

Here' the entire journey of SB 272 (funding for rat lungworm research & education). The white area shows what already happened and the yellow area highlights what's coming next. The House just passed the bill last Thursday and there are just a couple of remaining steps (yay!) Since the Senate bill has been amended by the House, they both meet (Joint Conference) next week to see if they can find an agreement, after which they vote again (Final Rea...ding in Both Houses).

So, what can we do now? Email or call the Chairs of relevant committees (see the list below) and encourage them to reach an agreement in support of the full funding of SB 272.

1. Chair Sylvia Luke, House Finance

2. Chair Jill Tokuda, Senate Ways and Means

3. Chair Angus L.K. McKelvey , House Higher Education

4. Char Kaiali‘i Kahele, Senate Higher Education

5. Chair Della Au Belatti, House Health

6. Chair Rosalyn H. Baker, Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health

I would like to thank Senator Russell Ruderman, Representative Joy SanBuenaventura and Heather Kimball for answering my questions and taking time to explain the process.

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Great news!! SB 272 has been scheduled for a hearing by the House Finance Committee this Thursday (3/30) at 3pm. That means, your testimony in support for full funding of SB 272 needs to be submitted by 3pm tomorrow (Wednesday, 3/29). Just one more step to the floor vote!!

We only have one day to pull it off - please share this post, tag your friends, and try to submit your testimony today or tomorrow morning. You can do so on Hawaii State Legislature's website (https://goo.g...l/Byur2w) or email representative Sylvia Luke at

In preparation for this post, I flew to the Big Island yesterday to shoot this video, in which Dr. Susan Jarvi and Kay Howe talk about the latest updates on Rat Lungworm Disease in Hawaii (specifically alarming trends in Hilo and Maui), their research & education, as well as how SB 272 can benefit the community.

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Please share! This needs to be done by 2:02 PM this coming Monday (3/20). SB 272 (for funding for rat lungworm research and education) is scheduled for hearing on Tuesday at 2:02 PM, and your testimony needs to be submitted 24 hours in advance of the hearing. You can do it at Hawaii State Legislature's website ( - see instructions in the comment section) or email to Representative Angus McKelvey at

The infographic below shows lates...t stats I just received from UH Hilo Rat Lungworm Working Group. The bar chart is showing an alarming trend of the number of RLWD patients for the past two years. In January and February this year, the Rat Lungworm Working Group examined 557 wild trapped rats primarily from Hilo and found that over 90% of the rats were infected with Rat Lungworm Disease. Yes, you read it right - we are talking about 90% of the rats in Hilo.

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Can data visualization inspire us? I think so. #WomensMarch

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What states were more enthusiastic about the March than others? I summarized Pressman & Chenoweth's data as of today by state and divided the numbers by the 2016 population estimate. Not surprisingly, Washington DC's number was extremely high (close to 100%), so I excluded it from this chart. I also colored the bars based on the 2016 presidential election results.

The highest was Colorado - assuming that every participant was a local resident, almost 4% of the residents yesterday. Other top states were Vermont, Oregon, California, Washington, NY and Massachusetts. One interesting result was Wisconsin's participation rate was higher than Maine and Hawaii. I can't speak for Maine, but being a HI resident myself, I would suspect that local culture/attitudes toward politics in general - it's a bit too complicated to discuss here.

Note that some blue states appeared on the bottom 25 list, probably because they were geographically close to NY or the District Columbia.


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I'll be marching today at the one in Oahu. I'm doing it not to rebel against a specific political figure or party, not only for women's rights, but for (some) men to learn to become better versions of themselves. Secure, confident and happy men can acknowledge their own privileges and want to do their best to empower their partners on this planet and keep evolving together. I do sometimes fail to be such a confident and happy man myself, so I'm using this opportunity to learn new things to enrich my life.

The FB event below says it starts at 10 am, but according to the event's website (, the march itself starts around 11:30 am.

Sat 10:00 AM UTC-10Hilo, HI
1,208 people went

This video shows the impact of the ACA repeal without replacement on the number of deaths in the United States. If the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) is repealed without replacement, a half million additional people could die because of the lack of health insurance during the next decade or so. To avoid the sobering consequence, the replacement would have to be as effective as the ACA in terms of keeping the uninsured rate low. Please share if you agree that this is a...n important issue!

Technical Notes (read if you are interested in the sources I used and the key assumptions I made): The first thing I should note is, this is a rough estimate. I'm not trying to predict the number of deaths accurately - I'm only trying to demonstrate the impact of the ACA repeal on the scale of potential consequence. So, I'm not going to explain every detail of my calculation, but you can easily find the sources and come up with your own method if you are an experienced social scientist. Also, even if the actual outcome is only 1/10 of my estimate, the main message does not change. Please keep that in mind.

The key numbers to come up with this estiamte are (1) the projection of the uninsured population by in "How Repealing Portions of the Affordable Care Act Would Affect Health Insurance Coverage and Premiums" by the Congressional Budget Office (,and (2) the increase in the mortality rate due to the lack of health insurance--25% according to the Insitute of Medicine ( and 40% from Harvard (

The CBO's article report estimates the newly uninsured population for the first year is 18M, then 27M, and finally 32M in 2026. I used this projection to estimate the number of deaths for the 8-year period before 2026. The CBO's estimate is based on the assumption that the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015 (or an equivalent) is enacted.

The death rate and population sizes are from the CDC and U.S. Census respectively. I came up with the deaths rates for the insured and uninsured separately using the overall death rate from the CDC and the uninsured rate in 2015. Ideally, those parameters should be dynamically adjusted if you want to project the estiamtes, but as it turns out the most important parameters are the estimate of the the uninsured population and the increase in the chance of dying due to the lack of health insurance.

If you follow Bernie Sanders' Twitter account, he mentioned on January 12 that 36K people will die yearly. That's actually close to the number of deaths for the first year of no ACA with a conservative estimate of death rate increase.

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Aloha! Long time no post! So, I just wanted to give you a little heads-up. Something I'm going to post soon might annoy some people.

I don't think I've ever posted anything political--at least anything partisan. But the material I'm putting together now may be seen as "liberal agenda" to some people, so if you do not agree with what's generally liberal or even progressive ideas and if you have good memories about this page and your interactions with me, now may be a good tim...e to unsubscribe. You didn't sign up to see stuff that's unpleasant to you.

As I said, I tried to avoid posting anything political, but November 8 happened. Although I still do not feel comfortable attacking particular political figures, I hear and read news everyday. When I'm exposed to numbers and fragmented facts, my mind starts to create pictures. This page is still a great channel for me to share my ideas. I'm a bit scared, but I feel this one needs to be shared.

So, I hope this is okay - posting (original) materials that have to do with politics beyond Hawaii.

Other than that...I'm doing well! I terribly miss the Big Island - its nature and people. Being able to say hi to random strangers without looking too weird or randomly running into friends at grocery stores.


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As I promised yesterday, here's a "treemap" of Hawaii County's appropriations (Operating Budget 2016-2017, Source:

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