In this tutorial I explain how to dramatically improve your editing speed when working with multiple sequences with LRTimelapse Pro:

In this Tutorial you'll learn how to dramaticly improve your efficiency when editing multiple sequences with LRTimelapse 5 Pro.

This is the new "Holy Grail" Tutorial for #LRTimelapse 5. Check it out, you might learn some new tricks!

This tutorial explains how to process footage in LRTimelapse 5, that was recorded using the "Holy Grail"-Technique, where you change the camera settings…

LRTimelapse 5.0.3 is out with some improvements and fixes.

LRTimelapse 5.0.3 brings a couple of improvements and important fixes. Please upgrade as soon as possible! Improvements Improved Contrast curve calculation in the Long Term Workflow / Filter Panel. Check out my new Long Term Tutorial! Added Reset Button to … Continue reading →

Finally!! The new #Lightroom CC Classic 7.2 maxes out processor usage when exporting. Great news for all #LRTimelapse users! This means you will finally take advantage of your multi-core PC or Mac when exporting from Lightroom too, as you already do when creating Visual Previews in LRTimelapse 5! Life is getting better

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In this new LRTimelapse 5 Tutorial you'll learn how to improve your deflicker skills. Check out my other tutorials on too!

In this tutorial you will learn in which cases it's important to use the Reference Area when deflickering and how to do it right.

I'm more than happy to see LRTimelapse 5 featured on Fstoppers today!…/lrtimelapse-5-here-many-improvement…

LRTimelapse is without a doubt the best piece of software to manage extreme day-to-night and night-to-day transition when capturing a time-lapse sequence. This flicker remover program changed the industry for good and a new version with many improvements has just been announcement by its creator. He...|By Oliver KMIA

How to import and split timelapse sequences with #LRTimelapse 5 #Tutorial

Tutorial about using the LRTimelapse importer to import from a memorycard, split and clean up the imported files into timelapse sequences. Check out my other tutorials…
Basic Tutorial for LRTimelapse 5. This covers keyframe creation, keyframe editing in Lightroom, visual deflicker and video export and render. For more tutorials…

LRTimelapse 5 is here to bring your timelapse work to the next level. Check out what's new:

An overview about some new features in LRT5. This is not a tutorial, just a walk through the news in LRT5. If you've never used LRTimelapse before, I recommend…
LRTimelapse updated their profile picture.
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Perfect Hyperlapse of a beatiful city - #LRTimelapse User Kirill Neiezhmakov did it again! Check out his new video about #Florence, some very cool ideas in here!

Florence is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its overflow of palaces, churches and museums filled with masterful paintings and sculptures.…

Beautiful and great job by LRTimelapse user Ronald Söthje - congratulations!
I just wish, it would be possible to shoot there at night without all of those stupid headlamps...

„Walk away quietly in any direction and taste the freedom of the mountaineer. Camp out among the grasses and gentians of glacial meadows, in craggy garden…

Today Adobe released a new version of the free Adobe DNG Converter (10.1) - please upgrade, if you are using LRTimelapse. 10.1 fixes as well the broken version check in 10.0, this means that LRTimelapse will notify you in the future, when the DNG Converter has to be updated. You can aways find the latest download links for the Adobe DNG Converter on

On Windows Close Lightroom. Install LRTimelapse via the provided installer, this will install LRTimelapse and all needed Lightroom Addons automatically. Download and install the latest Adobe DNG Converter for Windows On MacOS Close Lightroom. If you have any old LRTimelapse … Continue reading →

The Improve Photography website just published a nice review about LRTimelapse:…/lrtimelapse-complete-revi…/

Timelapse videos have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it's easy to see why. Not only is it a really cool way to showcase the dynamic world around us in a way that single…

I'd like to recommend this project to any astro-photography and timelapse enthusiast and also to anyone who would like to become one - not only because my Friend Babak A. Tafreshi contributed one chapter, but also because I think it's a great project that deserves support! Check it out, only 3 days to go for the backing!…/deepskyc…/notes-from-the-stars

A high-quality hardcover book with ten night photography masterclasses, each written by a world-class, award-winning astrophotographer.

LRTimelapse 4.8.1 is available. It's a recommended free update.…/lrtimelapse-4-8-1-free-update-av…/

LRTimelapse 4.8.1 is mostly a bug fix release, therefore I really recommend to upgade to the new version as soon as possible! 1:1 pixel ratio is now forced on the video renderer for maximum compatibility with all players and video … Continue reading →

A huge problem, not only for photographers... Making the switch to led could be the opportunity to also switch to lamps that are better shielded, less bright and more focused. But obviously this is not happening.

To reduce energy consumption, many jurisdictions around the world are transitioning to outdoor LED lighting. But as new research shows, this solid-state solution hasn’t yielded the expected energy savings, and potentially worse, it’s resulted in more light pollution than ever before.