In New York City on 28 -29 April
at the 3 West Club from 1:30 to 5:30
Meditation, Talks and Discussions
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All are welcome (free of charge (donations appreciated))...
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A talk will be given at the Arcane School Conference, hosted by the New York City offices, on "The Wesak Festival - The Moving Sanctuary"

This festival marks the highpoint of the spiritual year when the energy of Enlightened Purpose is transmitted by the Buddha at the time of the Taurus full moon. This lighted energy can be used to create a spiritual refuge in our consciousness which can warm those who need sanctuary and help. It can provide a “Tower of Silence” for the lower... self, as well as a place of entrance into the “Secret Place of the Most High”.

For information on the Wesak Festival, click on:
For information on the Acane School Conference in NY, click on:

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Triangles: A Planetary Network of Light
55 Reviews
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Taiwo Adeyemi
· February 16, 2018
Awesome books and real Truth and designed for those who have started to sense the Soul and the Plan.
James Juris
· February 18, 2018
Very resourceful and informative. Researching Alice Bailey has peaked my interest. Nice to learn of the Lucis Trust and it's work.
Anita Ribeiro Blanchard
· November 5, 2017
A spiritual philosophy that has beauty, love, compassion and wisdom to offer.
Arthur J Geer
· July 22, 2017
My name is Arthur Geer and I am from Johnston City, Illinois (age 60). For the past forty years I have been a dedicated and avid seeker of Truth, Enlightenment and Absolute Knowledge. I am pres...enting this story in hope I will be investigated by an 'Ancient Alien Theorist’, ‘Ancient Alien Expert’, ‘Serious Student of Truth’ or person who can assist me in making my miraculous story and extraterrestrial encounter known worldwide.
The true "Facts of Life" described in this my real life account of living and studying under an extraterrestrial teacher’s tutelage, protection and grace, will absolutely validate, explain, expand and enhance “The Ancient Alien Theory” by simultaneously revealing the connections between all spiritual, religious, metaphysical, philosophical and scientific pursuits humanity has ever known!
In my humble opinion these books and tapes will remove most of the mystery concerning alien intervention here on earth while giving fresh new insight, clues and conscious awareness of the real vision of truth contained within the unfolding “Ancient Alien Theory”.
Having followed, enjoyed and marveled at the Ancient Aliens TV Series since its inception along with Erich von Daniken’s research of old, I Arthur Geer wish to present to you my incredible disclosure story. I consider this bona fide partial autobiography to be the ultimate compliment, catalyst, future and reward of Ancient Alien Fans and truth seekers everywhere!
The material I have been entrusted with was part of the curriculum studied while attending ICR (The Institute of Cosmological Research) which was located in Ben Lomond, California during the years of 1977 to 1981. ICR was a private school presided over by an extraterrestrial teacher and representative. This school was used to disseminate knowledge about the nature, purpose and destiny of man while presenting various advanced but simple physiological and psychological exercises useful for the beginning stages of human transformation and repair. Some of this knowledge was and is being released into the mass consciousness of Earth for the very first time and promises the facts and secrets of life to its sincere seekers.
These books present a fresh and fascinating view of a new installment of knowledge being unveiled concerning the master plan of our watching and guiding 'God-son’s and ‘God-daughter’s as delivered by a celestial teacher.
During my tutelage at I.C.R., various study books contained diagrams, number sequences and processes explaining an unusual transcendental science designed to unveil many processes of the internal workings of the 'Ray of Creation'. These were like few I had ever encountered in my metaphysical investigative career. The files explained the various geometric designs, tables, patterns and processes thereby further elucidating, complimenting and completing the first half of these teachings which were initially presented by Giorgi I. Gurdjieff in P.D. Ouspensky’s book, “In Search of the Miraculous”, ‘fragments of an unknown teaching’. (The teachings of Gurdjief and Ouspensky had a dramatic and profound effect upon me. I had by this time reached a knowledge barrier and though being intuitively aware of the ability to pass through this ring-pass-not, I had not as yet found the opening or door which would allow for rny entrance into this higher realm of knowledge. I could now clearly see through the mathematical teachings of Gurdjief the inevitable extension of the known to the unknown. This was truly a monumental event in my life. It meant that I was now prepared to embark upon the Path of Initiation.Several months later, I realized I had once again reached a plateau in ray quest and that if I were to make further progress I would need to find a spiritual teacher or guru. As it turned out, this was exactly what I did.)
The “second half” of Giorgi Gurdjieff’s initial introduction of this symbolic mathematical science along with further explanations of its content were first materialized on Earth in 1972 via an extraterrestrial space brother known as J sardis, a Saturnian angelic being from the ‘other side’, who stated that he was on Earth when the race of man was created and actually took part in the process. J sardis relayed the cosmic knowledge necessary for the completion of this two part book disclosure project, via automatic writing through a newly initiated and magically transformed human being on ‘this side’ of life that had just been given charge of the extraterrestrial contact point, spiritual vortex, music recording studio and esoteric school previously known as I.C.R. Enterprises. The introduction of this abstract science revealing correspondences of cosmic laws expressed through a numerical language involving the consideration of quantities and qualities of power is known as “Cosmologia”, ‘The Science of Magical Being’.
My personal research of this abstract science, “Cosmologia” is ongoing.
The Ancient Alien series has inspired me greatly and I honestly believe this large content of other worldly instructional text, discourses, 3D models, stories of human transformation, repair and enlightenment will revitalize, benefit, promote and substantiate much of the Ancient Aliens theory in an amazing and enlightening style.
Since being trained and educated by a Space Brother who works in accordance to God’s Master plan I am required to share what I perceive as truth in order for growth of being, knowledge and expansion of consciousness to continue to harmoniously occur within my physical form. The reality of this opportunity has me seeking various channels of expression and disclosure.
Also contained within these recovered spiritual treasures are cassette tapes containing beautiful music and classes recorded by the celestial representative to help begin the rearranging of one's etheric centers, a requirement for ‘quickening’ and ‘acceleration’ which precedes the first major spiritual transformation and awakening known in ‘this system’ as becoming a ‘soul infused personality’. These files are in dire need of preservation, formatting, enhancement and distribution.
All of these books, tapes and instructions which were designed for the enrichment and enlightenment of humanity are now being made available by myself and whoever proves worthy to help. This endeavor will be of great benefit spiritually to anyone inclined to scientifically investigate and put in to practical application the knowledge contained within!
I am looking for, and would very much appreciate some assistance and support on this incredible project. My income is low so my ability to share is limited. Media would be effective perhaps and I am welcoming ideas and advice on disclosure.
I am confident that I have much to reveal in regards to the ‘Ancient Aliens Theory’ of celestial beings watching over and guiding humanity and their mission to destroy terrestrial and cosmic evil as well.
As a grand finale project I would also like to make a film, perhaps animated, portraying the true story of a spiritual aspirant, (my spiritual teacher), that actually attained enlightenment, baptism in cosmic fire, admittance on to the way of man’s higher and brighter destiny, god realization and perfect mastership.
I wholeheartedly welcome help on this momumental project and hope to engage many new friends and seekers of truth in this cosmic adventure and prelude to destiny!
I am offering any serious researcher, student of truth or potential colleague an opportunity to be friends and discuss by any means available this disclosure and mission in which I find myself engaged.
I have not only lived and experienced acts of a miraculous and transcendental nature but I have dedicated my life to being a teacher and a channel for this great awakening...................thank you for your time and interest…………sincerely yours,................ Arthur Geer……
Email - available
P.S. …………contact me at any time; I am currently easily accessible on Facebook
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David A. Yaeger
· March 21, 2014
I have been a student of the Arcane school since the early 70's and had a secretary for a few years. Alice Bailey books and the Tibetan have been very close to my heart.
Edu Marroquin
· June 10, 2016
Its OUR responsability as human beings to share the truth and knowledge to every single person in OUR WORLD. Lets create as many triangles as possible throughout the WORLD. Its time for the WORLD to b...e awakened. See More
Okpewho Eustace Croccy
June 8, 2013
Life becomes meaningful when you know the right way to approach your CREATOR. Glad I am One with the souls who daily work in the Mental, Emotional and Physical planes to see God's Plan work out on Thanks Lucis Trust for aiding to make God's Light shine on Humanity. May mankind embrace the call to walk into the fifth kingdom - Spirituality. See More
Edie V. Leermuis
· February 3, 2014
I live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Unfortunatly there's no Lucis Trust-organisation here in Holland I can come in contact with. Nevertheles; I hope fullhartly the Lucis Trust-organisation will it's goals, worldwide. With love from Edie See More
Carles Salas Albareda Sco
· June 24, 2016
Knowledge, peace, and light at the maximum level. Thank you very much for all your effort!
James Aprea-Walsh
· December 1, 2014
Lucis Trust is by far the original Arcane school and Non-profit Organization that gave birth to the New Age.......The Precursor of all schools.........!!!
Alberta Eaton
November 15, 2011
Having studied many of the Alice A. Bailey books, I can recommend they be a part of your library -- whether it's e-books or real books -- they will help you better understand where we are headed.
Joshua Shanholtz
December 20, 2012
Global blaspheme law is taking awhile to hit home so let me catch you all up on what was already passed.

It it now illegal to move,look,speak,breath improperly without the UNITED NATION'S spiritual ...consent in order for you to buy sell or trade anything worth value including yourself and what comes from your body... all belong to the Global kingdom Satan already owns. This was a spiritual covenant your global leaders spilled on your heads. Yes, The united nations made a Deal with the Devil a while back.. just waiting for some formalities before it takes effect homeland. See More
Ariel Hoyos
December 3, 2011
Lucis Trust, the best way to foster right human relations, by approaching the eternal wisdom and by putting it at hand for humankind.
Jeannie House
· March 28, 2014
Serving and enriching the peoples of Earth!
John Kelly
January 22, 2013
Playin' tag with Lucy in disguise with diamonds! :)
Veronica L. Vela
January 5, 2012
Love & Light, in the same place...
Toni Singer
November 16, 2011
Wow, Alice Bailey would have loved to play on Facebook.
Gough Gap
· May 12, 2014
you are sponsoring the New World Order believe that the poor are not worth anything wrong FUCK THE NEW ORDER THAT YOU ARE WITH U.S. ... end rot Licis TRUST YOU ARE FAKE ONES