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  • Class of 1969
    Parochial School
  • Class of 1969Kernersville, North Carolina
    Bible High School and College
    • Southern Pilgrim Acadamy
      NOT Buhler High
About Luella
  • I have 2 home based businesses, Go Green! I am listed in Cambrige Who's Who.

    I have 2 grown children boy and a girl.
    I am now a 60 yr old single grandmother of 8 and 2 great grandsons. I believe in God and His Word and am raising 2 of my grandsons. I am now disabled and can not work full time but I do take care of an elderly woman in her home and I have 2 home based business with Herbalife and Melaleauca. I keep very busy with raising kids and having my 4 yr old granddaughter around a lot and trying to keep every thing going. I don't have much time for a social life but am interested in getting in touch with old school mates.
Favorite Quotes
  • if God brought you to it, he will bring you through it. God helps those who help them selves.