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The State is not a Work of Art by Indrek Sirkel
Edited by Katerina Gregos
Publishers: Lugemik & Tallinn Art Hall

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Alberta Vengrytė
· February 13, 2015
found out about it recently and now I want like two copies of everything.
very nice shop itself too.
Marcis Kalnins
· October 18, 2015
Super cool place
Uudised! The News!
Sein on maas! The wall is down!

● Published in conjunction with "The State is not a Work of Art", an exhibition curated by Katerina Gregos at Tallinn Art Hall on the occasion of Estonia’s centenary of independence. The exhibition and its accompanying publication reflect on the problems, contradictions and ideologies underlying nation and nationalism in today’s constantly transforming European socio-political landscape.

● Contributions by Ewa Axelrad, Loulou Cherinet, Marta Górnicka, Lise Harlev, Femke Herr...egraven, Flo Kasearu, Thomas Kilpper, Szabolcs KissPál, Stéphanie Lagarde, Ella Littwitz, Thomas Locher, Cristina Lucas, Damir Muratov, Tanja Muravskaja, Marina Naprushkina, Kristina Norman, Daniela Ortiz, Katarzyna Przezwańska, Jaanus Samma, Ivar Sakk, Larissa Sansour, Kristina Solomoukha & Paolo Codeluppi & Elfi Turpin, Studio Jonas Staal.

● Essays by Katerina Gregos, Mark A. Jubulis, Ivar Sakk, Anthony D. Smith, Jonas Staal, and Marek Tamm.

● Note on the design: This publication is designed using guidelines and elements (typeface, grid, boulders on the cover) from the Brand Estonia toolbox, a set of marketing tools developed by Enterprise Estonia as part of the national marketing concept. Brand Estonia was designed by Estonian Design Team and launched early 2017. The ‘boulders’ featured as stickers on the cover were created as visual elements part of the Brand Estonia toolbox. They refer to the giant erratic boulders that appear unexpectedly in Estonian nature and are meant to be used as playful or practical design elements.

● 392 pages
● 130 × 210 mm
● Edition: 500
● Offset printing
● Softcover
● Two separate volumes, in English and in Estonian
● Graphic design by Indrek Sirkel
● Typeface: Aino (designed by Anton Koovit & the Estonian Design Team)
● Printed by Tallinn Book Printers
● Supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Republic of Estonia 100, Danish Arts Foundation, Mondriaan Fund
● Published by Lugemik & Tallinn Art Hall
● ISBN 978-9949-9934-9-9 (ENG), 978-9949-9934-8-2 (EST)
● 2018
● 18 EUR

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Lugemik added a new photo.

Great news! A selection of Lugemik titles is now available @isbn_books_gallery in Budapest! Thanks for a very nice meeting, Bea Istvánkó! #isbnbooksgallery #newbookshop #lugemik #visitbudapest

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Lugemik updated their cover photo.
January 18

Lugemiku raamatupood EKKMi hoovil on kuni märtsi lõpuni talvepuhkusel, Tallinna Kunstihoones oleme avatud näitustega paralleelselt tavapärastel aegadel K 12–19, N–P 12–18. Astuge läbi!

Lugemik Bookshop in the courtyard of EKKM is on a winter break until end of March. Stop by at our second location at Tallinn Art Hall, WED 12–19, THU–SUN 12–18.

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Leidsime põrandalt ilusa hõbedase tilgakujulise sõrmuse, kätte saab poest täna kuni kl 19!
Ja kui täna ei jõua, siis kirjuta meile
We found a pretty silver ring on the floor. ...
If it's yours, come and drop by today before 7PM!
And if you can't make it, write an e-mail to

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Lugemik updated their cover photo.
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Täna oleme küll 🔒, aga taas 🔓 homme, laupäeval ning pühapäeval!

Today we are 🔒, but again 🔓 tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday!
6 Likes, 1 Comments - Lugemik (@lugemik) on Instagram: “A snapshot from autumn. Our shop is 🔒 today but 🔓 again tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday! Come and…”
Lugemik added an event.

Please join us to celebrate the Vilnius launch of Too Good To Be Photographed!

Thursday, 14 December at 18.00
Backstage Café
Sevcenkos 16h, Vilnius


Presentation and discussion featuring Paul Paper, editor and Indrek Sirkel and Anu Vahtra, designer and publisher. Also including: nice coffee and snacks, and a friendly price for the book!

Too Good To Be Photographed is a project by the artist and curator Paul Paper. It explores the various sides of photographic failure. In other words, the project deals with a special discrepancy: that moment when photography fails. When the camera malfunctions as a mechanical-eye, and when the medium fails as a cultural replicator of our looking. The project’s publication presents a look at the side of photographic practice that is habitually hidden: B-sides, failures, cul-de-sac experiments, non-successes, defeats. Which ultimately leads to raising questions about our desires of what photography should be and do.

The book, which is based on Paper’s conversations with more than 60 photographers during the past year and a half, features over 150 images by 47 artists from 17 countries all over the world.

The works in the​ publication are accompanied by texts by the artists themselves, and four essays specially commissioned for the publication written by Roksana Filipowska, Rye Holmboe, Jaclyn Wright, and Paul Paper.

Artists featured in the book: Hieronymus Ahrens (DE), Cassidy Araiza (US), Roxana Azar (US), Sergiy Barchuk (US/UA), Tine Bek (UK), Alexander Binder (DE), Etienne Courtois (BE), Paloma Dooley (US), Yael Eban (IL), Jason Fulford (US), Harry Griffin (US), Alexander Harding (US), Aaron Hegert (US), Mishka Henner (UK), Sam Hutchinson (UK), Janna Ireland (US), Go Itami (JP), Tim Johannis (NL), Cole Don Kelley (US), Wawrzyniec Kolbusz (PL), Paul Kuimet (EE), Daniel Kukla (US), Fred Lahache (FR), Inka & Niclas Lindergård (SE), Tom Lovelace (UK), Carlos Lowenstein (US), Michael Marcelle (US), Katja Mater (NL), Lydia Mccarthy (US), Nich Hance McElroy (US), Aso Mohammadi (IR/CH), Awoiska Van Der Molen (NL), Ryan L. Moule (UK), Luke Libera Moore (US), Erin O’Keefe (US), Eva O’Leary (US), Kristina Õllek (EE), Ke Peng (CN), Hanna Putz (AT), Johan Rosenmunthe (DK), Margaux Roy (FR), Erik Schubert (US), Brea Souders (US), Javier Torok (AR/US), Athena Torri (EC/IT), Casey James Wilson (US), Jaclyn Wright (US)

240 pp
182 × 236 mm
Edition: 600
Offset printing
Softcover with a dust jacket
In English
Designed Indrek Sirkel
Printed by Tallinn Book Printers
Published by Lugemik
ISBN 978-9949-9934-5-1

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Thu 6:00 PM UTC+02Backstage CafeVilnius, Lithuania
163 people interested
Lugemik shared a quote — in Turin, Italy.
3.–5. novembril 2017 näitab kunstiraamatute kirjastus Lugemik esimest korda oma trükiseid Itaalias.

Well that escalated quickly! ❄️❄️❄️
Early winter but Lugemik still open, no matter what!

5 Likes, 1 Comments - Lugemik (@lugemik) on Instagram: “. Well that escalated quickly! Early winter but Lugemik still open, no matter what! #snoworcocaine…”

Värske kaup! Tule külla! 📙📘
Lots of new stuff straight from NYC!
Come have a look! 📗📒

8 Likes, 4 Comments - Lugemik (@lugemik) on Instagram: “. NEW T-SHIRTS! UUED T-SÄRGID! НОВЫЕ ФУТБОЛКИ! Trump is WHAT?! You will only find out if you visit…”
Lugemik added 7 new photos to the album: TGTBP: launch & panel discussion at Tallinn Photomonth — with Kert Viiart and 8 others.

The launch of "Too Good To Be Photographed" with Paul Paper, Hanna Putz, Kristina Õllek, and Rye Dag Holmboe at the Estonian Photographic Art Fair as part of Tallinn Photomonth on September 30, 2017. Thank you for joining us, it was a full house!