Hey everyone it’s been a while!
I’m still here and still planning Cosplays but real life is so much it’s hard to squeeze my hobbies in it. You’re welcome to follow me on Instagram if you miss me. I use this platform for daily random stuff too XD

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Well, it seems I can’t escape our “moving every 3 years” curse. At least it’s not on my birthday like the other two times. Looking forward building up my new workspace (picture). Looks like my current crafting hiatus will continue until March ^^’

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My #cosplay2017 year was not that eventful because of lovely reasons 🤗 but at least 5 new costumes, if I count the ones I made for my #littleone too.

I hope I manage to be more productive in 2018!!!! Wish you all a great start into the new year ❤️

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Holiday season is almost over but #rwbymas is not!!!
Have you been naughty or have you been nice?
Did you get awesome gifts, or is some cozy free time all you wanted?
My 2nd present for you this year is a picture of Santa Rose herself. Hope you like it. I'm a little slow at editing, but a 3rd special #rwbymas picture is on it's way! Which character do you think it will be this time ? ^__^


Ruby Rose from RWBY
#rwbymas version done by me
Picture by der_dreh

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Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

I hope you're having a lovely time with your favorite people and food! What did you find under your tree? Maybe there's an angel like Pyrrha waiting for you

Merry #rwbymas !

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Wig rescue warrior! The lovely Sandsturm Cosplay asked me too help her out with this #FF9 Beatrix curl madness.

She already did a good job with blending different fibers into the perfect color, but her first try on the curls ended in a tiny and very heavy result. So she asked me to give it a try too.

First I needed to get the wig into the original state, so I emoved the curl base she used. That was not so easy since it was already glued in with hot glue With a lot of pat...ience and treatment I managed to save enough hair to work with.

I hope you like the final styling. It was also my first try on such huge curls ^^ Can’t wait how the shooting pictures will turn out!!! Her costume is amazing

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Hello everyone I’m back from London and the #RTX convention. Super happy that I could finish my new cosplay #PyrrhaNikos from #RWBY in time. Here is a quick look of it. Hope you like it

Hopefully I can make her weapon and shield until spring next year for a cool photo shoot.

Someone interested in a detailed convention report? :>

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Mother & Son
Cuddly moments with my #littleone are the best moments.
Do you have any Ideas for more family cosplays for us?
Or do you also have Cosplay pictures with your kids? Show me!


Cosplay : Izuku & Inko Midoriya
Anime / Manga : Boku no Hero Academia
Picture by derdreh

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RTX London coming up so soon!
Who will be there, who wants to meet up?
I'm super excited for this trip.

Still don't know which RWBY cosplay to take with me. ...
I wished Pyrrha Nikos would be wearable then... but maybe I bring my Ruby Rose design. What do you think?

Cosplay : Ruby Rose (Idol Version)
Design by Lumis Mirage Cosplay
Picture by derdreh

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Lumis Mirage Cosplay is feeling joyful.

Hi, any Boku no Hero Academia Fans here?
I just finished the 2nd season and can't wait for the 3rd one!
Together with my #littleone I tried to recreate one of my favorite scenes of this Anime. Choose your hero-name wisely 😉

Cosplay : Izuku & Inko Midoriya...
Anime / Manga : Boku no Hero Academia
Picture by derdreh

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Finally the crazy & stressful weeks of preparation for Connichi are over! All three cosplay competitions went well and I hope all cosplayers and Connichi visitors had fun being a part or watching the amazing skits.

Now it's time to rest and work on Pyrrha for RTX in London. But before I'll show you more progress I want to show you my little project I squeezed in between

I made a Mighty Might jr. suit aka baby Izuku Midoriya from Boku no hero academia for #thelittleone. Of course I also made a fitting mommy Inko next to him. Hope you like it!

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Ooops over a month again without posting something new here. Well there is my instagram for the ones who miss me

But I did something on my next cosplay!!!!

Quite happy with my #pyrrhanikos #corset . Love the fake leather and the weathering of the seams a lot. In the end I'm happy to made a leather corset instead of a solid one with e.g. worbla I saw on many other cosplays before. I was afraid to get the shape right with only fabric as a base but it worked out I think. It... is more comfortable like this XD
Now I need to learn to lace myself in the back that it looks even and not like in this picture..^^'

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Another shoot from Dokomi and my new Cosplay, Ruby Rose (Idol Version) from RWBY. This is probably one of my favorite picture because you can see the huge rose on the corset at full bloom! Once again I can totally recommend the the pattern M7398 from the Yaya Han line

Cosplay : Ruby Rose (Idol Version)
Design by Lumis Mirage Cosplay
Picture by derdreh

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June 7, 2017

Hello Everyone!

Last weekend I went to DoKomi in Düsseldorf / Germany with two debuts. For the first time my little boy was with me at a convention and he behaved very well in his new Pichu (Pokemon) Outfit. You can see some pictures on my Instagram

The other debut was a surprise costume I made. I had this idea of an Idol version of the RWBY girls for some years, but I never saw a fitting artwork I could use. Then some days before the con...vention inspiration hit me and a quick look into my fabric shelf made it clear.
I purchased the Yaya Han pattern M7398 for the Pyrrha corset I am making, so this was a good test project for the pattern. And what can I say? The pattern is amazing and worth each and every cent! I never had such a well fitting corset in my life. I'm just in love and can totally recommend this pattern.

I really hope you like my idea and design of Ruby Rose as an Idol. I want to design a Blake version for my friend Miu Thaiger next. So excited!

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Happy Mother's Day!
Especially to my fellow Cosplay Moms

It's the first time for me to celebrate this day as a mom myself.
My son is the best present I could ever wish for.

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May 13, 2017

And the wig ist done 👌
Hope you like the results too.

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