My new track is out today on Drop it Network! D'n'B. Enjoy! ✌️

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Drop It Network

New release! LusiD is back on Drop It with new Drum & Bass track. Really cool one!
Listen & Download this for free!…/lusid-invaders-drop-it-network-exc…

Eternal just hit 50,000 plays. That's mental! ❤️

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My new track just got released on Drop It Network! Really stoked! Check it out!

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Drop It Network
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Drop It Network

New Dubstep Release! Eternal by LusiD! This guy bangs!
Listen & Free Download it Right Now!…/lusid-eternal-drop-it-network-excl…

I decided to make some psytrance. Enjoy!

Decided to try my hand at some psytrance. Enjoy :) Inspired by: <a href=''>Download for free on The Artist

New tune! [Molly] (Glitch Hop)
Went all out with the melody's for this one. Super cheesey stuff!

Melodic Glitch Hop. Enjoy!

Coming April 28th! Very stoked

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Massive thankyou to Glitch Hop Community
for supporting BFF on their YouTube channel!

● Free download: ● Subscribe for more music: ● Get free wallpapers: ● L...

New song! [BFF] (Glitch Hop)
Started this one last night from scratch.. Enjoy!

110bpm Glitch Hop

So first of all i need to apologize for the fact that its been 7 months since I uploaded anything new to the cloud. Feels great to be back! For those of you that have been waiting. I give you my latest creation.. Optimus Prime! >:)

Optimus Prime making the wobbles! Enjoy! Lyrics: Should we win today, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an american holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice, we will not go

New one in the comments!
EH!DE & Sideproject - Shots Fired (LusiD Remix)
Huge thanks to SubOxyde for the sweet mastering!

Massive thankyou to Alex MTCH for featuring Fight on your channel! Biggest Dubstep channel I've ever been put on! Everyone should check it out he uploads some nasty tunes!

New one uploaded last night! Enjoy!

Melodic and heavy. Had a lot of fun with this one! Hope you enjoy!

Delighted to announce that my entry to SubOxyde - Artillery Shells competition has won second place overall!
Huge shout out to Oolacile for the win! and also Savory
(Who's remix made me shit myself when I heard it) Unreal.…/suboxyde-artillery-shells-lusid-re…

My entry to the Suboxyde Artillery Shells Remix Competition! Hope you enjoy!

Huge thankyou to for featuring Comedian!

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Just finished my remix of Zomboy's "Back Once Again"
Hope you enjoy!…/zomboy-back-once-again-lusid-remix

My remix of Zomboys "Back once again" Hope you enjoy!

All recent projects finally finished... Now its time to destroy SubOxyde Artillery shells >:D…/…/suboxyde-artillery-shells

Join the remix competition here! Be sure to read the rules to win some dope prizes! =SubOxyde= ►FACEBOOK: ►BAN

Another new one for you guys! Free download as always

Comedy night live with Jimmy Valmer! Lyrics: Show some respect. I want to ask you a few questions. Do you know what you call an able bodied guy on the doorstep? Whatever his name is.... Jesus Christ