ODIL MFOG Benghazi game

Guacamole Time! T minus 19


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More pics from ODSC MFOG 57. Thanks to everyone who made it out. We'll see you at Dominion

PC: Issuess4211


Did somebody say more pictures?

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MAGFED ONLY GAMES added 355 new photos from February 25 to the album: ODIL MFOG 17 — at Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft.
February 25

by Integrity Shots Paintball & Airsoft Photography **UPDATED MORE IMAGES TODAY** ***MORE IMAGES TO COME***

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Special shout out to Steve Lopan for all the help he has given me with patch design and his design work for the MFOG events.

DOMINION MFOG shared their post to the event: Dominion : R3QUISITION.

The updated maps show a lot of new areas never been accessible for paintball and evolution of the Dominion : R3QUISITION story line

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DOMINION MFOG added 3 new photos.

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”
Sun Tzu

The expanded battlegrounds at Jungle Island Paintball and Airsoft Park are rich with resources, diverse ter...rain, and opportunities. With DOMINION: R3QUISITION approaching, we announce that the field now has a larger playing area and some new wrinkles.

The Invisible Hand and El Banco de la Maquina have taken up permanent residency in the hills of El Lago Muerto. In order to gain ground, the UEC and Nueva California will need to take heed and submit to Sancho Caballo’s regime. Atop the Caballo Mountains, lies the La Maquina Compound and Testing Facility, which serves as their perch, their security and their site for technological experiments. With advancements led by renounced scientist, Dr. James Frumple, La Maquina personnel have been implanted with the experimental W.A.V.E. (Water Activated Venerability Engine) microchips and will be invincible while within the borders of their compound.

La Maquina not only controls the high ground, but they also serve as the gate keeper for the financial hub of the post-cataclysmic states. In order to reach the bank, one must venture to the compound and offer fealty to Caballo
(Bank area is a no-shoot zone).

Caballo and The Invisible Hand see to it that Wars Don’t End; there’s no profit for peacetime warlords.

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A lot to go through.... More from ODSC MFOG 57 to come. Stay tuned for the album on MAGFED ONLY GAMES
Bridgitte Fischer

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Rogue Vixen

The sniper of heart misses only flowers 🥀 #MFOG57

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Keep your eyes peeled for the latest video from Garrett Lee Daniels on MAGFED ONLY GAMES

and you thought we weren't looking

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Sarge in a box.... Some assembly required.

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Jan 27 2018 - First MFOG for Operational Detachment OREGON

A new Magfed Only series kicking off in the Houston, Texas area. Come get a glimpse of things to come.

Sun 9:00 AM CDTTANK'S Paintball ParkRichmond, TX