Hi everyone,

Just to let you know, we are still around. The site is currently just a landing page while we get the old site re-installed and back up. We will let you know when we have anything else.



The MakiBox Team

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For anyone that has ordered from us previously (received your printer, waiting on it, or cancelled the order), please give us feedback and help us get things restarted:

Makibox A6 PromoVideo

This month we reached over 1000 units shipped altogether, with 600 of them going out last month alone.

We're taking big bites out of our backlog and think we'll have all 2013 orders gone within April.

All 2012 orders should have been shipped now, if you have an old order that isn't at least on its way now, please contact us, so we can check it and get it out as fast as possible!

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As promised, the new D8 boards are now available separately in our Store.

The price might seem a bit high for the unassuming eye, but it's pretty competitive with it's predecessor, especially when considering the design improvements.

If you have an "old" printrboard and would like to upgrade, contact our CS via e-mail, and we'll offer you an upgrade deal....
We will keep support for both Board versions, though, so there's no need to be afraid we'll forget you, if you don't upgrade.

Furthermore, as we're approaching our 1000th shipped unit, we now made available the lasercuttable & machinable MakiBox A6 design files.
These will get you a machine similar to our Beta Boxes, but with a few small tweaks.


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Here's a followup walkthrough for the new 5D Print D8 board with our electronics engineer Martyn.

Martyn, the design engineer behind the new board, goes through the details of what has changed and what has been added.

The first batch of our new driver boards came in, replacing the printrboards we used until now.

Based on the open source printrboard design, it has a number of design revisions, making it better suited for the MakiBox as well as other, bigger 3D printers and even laser cutters.

Starting today these will be shipped with all outgoing MakiBox kits and we'll offer them separately in our store sometime in February.

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Sorry for the radio silence everyone.
We've been working hard on getting caught up with the production and had to cope without Jon for a while due to illness.

Our CS has been swamped with hundreds of requests in the past days with everyone wanting to know their status.
Since we haven't automated the data exchange with our fulfillment partner yet, we can't give you a 100% certain answer, whether your order has been processed and shipped yet....
The system has to be updated manually and only a few people have access to the data, so it takes a while to update everyone.

The same goes for a few refund cases, where the order is already in "production" or even "packing" state.
This late in the process, a refund isn't that straight forward to process, because the order might well have been shipped already.
We're trying to clear those up as fast as possible.

There will be a detailed blog post about the current state of production around Monday.

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Production is still moving along. We are shipping out more units and following our production schedule that we laid out. Shipping is still lagging a bit as we overwhelmed that part …

Small Christmas update on the blog.

Most of us are working through the holidays to get the boxes out as fast as possible.
Printers are being prepared and packed, orders are being queued and notifications being sent.


There is still some confusion about our shipping arrangements for "standard" shipping.
Since we now work together with a fulfillment partner, we have new shipping routes available, cutting the shipping time way shorter.
To make this a viable solution, we have to bundle up the shipments into batches.

This means, we might not hold up with the original order queue, but in the end your orders should arrive faster than if we would ship them out individually by sea freight in their original position.

Happy Holidays!…/makibox_christmas_update_productio…

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As some of you might have noticed, we started sending out new e-mail production notifications again since this weekend and will continue to send them out in batches.

Since then we've received quite a few e-mails telling us about incomplete / wrong / old shipping addresses and missing phone numbers.

We're still able to fix them, of course, but it might be a good idea to check your shipping address and phone number (required for international shipping) now, before it comes to t...hat.

If there's an error and you "fix" it in your profile, be sure to tell us about it, so we can apply the corrected address to the actual order, as the profile address and shipping address for your order are *not* linked together and we have to apply it manually.

Since (another) year is coming to and end, we want to thank you all for holding on to the project for so long.
We know the waiting has been hard for some, including ourselves, and there are a lot of things that we'd have wished to have gone differently, but now that production and shipping is finally starting to line up, "the end is nigh"

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Heri za Kwanzaa and a happy new year with lots of printing!


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Just a small addition to the last update.

We transferred the stock (~20 metric tons) to our fulfillment partner's warehouse this week and are ready to ship some 50 orders this Monday and a few more batches throughout the week.

Now that we have some room to move around in the lab again, and outsourced packaging and shipping, we can concentrate on production and QC in-house and get this running more smoothly.

It was about time for another update!

As many of you noticed, our actual production and shipping speed was a bit lacking behind our predictions.

This was mainly because we tried to do most of the work ourselves, with limited space and staff, so everyone had to do many jobs at once and switch roles back and forth as needed.


We've now made some decisions and ended up handing the shipping fulfillment part over to a local company, so we can concentrate on the production side of things.

Transition will take a few days, after which we should be able to at least double our output.
Also, we're working on getting better shipping deals and methods set up, so even the cheaper shipping method will be sped up eventually.

If this works out without any major hitches, most customers with express orders should receive them still within 2013, with "Standard Shipping" customers receiving theirs early next year.


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We are up to our eyeballs in filament and printer assemblies here at the lab. We have made a lot of progress on getting the production moving along at a reasonable rate, but found …

And after yesterday's picture tour, Jon made a quick video tour through our lab.



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Things are humming at the lab. After sorting out our processes over the last couple of weeks, we are staffing up to get caught up on the shipping schedule as...

Hey everyone.

This is somewhat of a "rogue" update, summarizing what's going on right now.

Production didn't take off as we hoped yet, and there are a few bottle-necks slowing us down currently.


Boxes are being shipped, and we keep picking up the pace, but assembly of our own parts (hotend, hotbed), quality checking and also preparing the shipping documents is taking its time with the staff numbers we have.

We've hired some more helpers to get things rolling out faster, which are coming in today.

We're figuring out the delays, so we can put together an updated shipping timeline and update everyone on their shipping date.

Elliott has snapped some pictures of our storage and working areas.


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The day has finally come!

Today we shipped out the first few production boxes and have everything prepared to ship out a bigger batch in the coming days.

In the post, you'll see some pictures of parts being prepared and can see some of the faces involved in all of this....
All hands on deck!

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Just a small update on when your order should approximately be produced, depending on your (original) order date.

Not all e-mails are out yet, and Jon is continuing to work through them in batches.

If you haven't received an e-mail about your production window about 2 weeks before what you think "your" production date should be, e-mail us, to make sure we haven't forgotten you.

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More #parts keep piling up!

Check the latest post for some pictures of boxes full of parts.

More of them keep coming in every day, and we're transforming our lab into a full on production facility.


Our current official production schedule is as follows:

- 100 boxes will be shipped between Oct 15 - Oct 31
- 500 more between Oct 22 - Nov 7
- 500 between Nov 1 - Nov 14
- 500 between Nov 6 - Nov 21

As you see, we still have some cautious buffers in between to get the production up to speed, but generally this should work out.

We'll send out confirmation mails in the coming days and weeks, asking everyone to confirm their order contents and give them their respecitve shipping window.

In the meantime, our main developer is back on working on sliming down 5DPrint, so it should run on slower devices (possibly #RaspberryPi ), as well as be controllable with lower display resolutions.

Again, thanks for all your support and patience with us and our project up until now.
It sure has been quite the ride already, and we're just starting out


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The boxes are piling up. The software is being iterated. It is like a factory or something here.