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  • Goodwill AmbassadorMarch 1, 2017 to presentSausalito, California
  • FounderJanuary 2015 to September 30, 2016Berkeley, California
  • Founder, CEOJuly 2007 to December 2014Chicago, Illinois
    Left Brain/Right Brain Productions is a full-service video production company driven to enact positive social change. It offers what no traditional commercial production company can offer - while fulfilling any need for video content, it turns its customers into partners to enact positive social changes. The more successful our customers and we become, the bigger and more sustainable our impact is. It is more than philanthropy - it is social entrepreneurship and it is embedded and embodied in the day to day work of Left Brain/Right Brain Productions.

    Its Commercial Unit helps companies and non-profits advertise, market and promote their products and services using creative video content (TV/web), resulting in increased revenues and brand loyalty.

    Its Entertainment Group creates original documentaries, narrative films, television programming, and web series which have both commercial viability and the ability to educate and inspire audiences to enact positive social change.

About Malachi
  • I'm a producer, director, and documentary filmmaker.

    Was once "Malachi Gillihan," and am now "Malachi Leopold."

    My wife and I chose our own last name instead of her taking mine, me taking hers, or hyphenating our family names of "Gillihan" and "Schuman." It gave us a sense of ownership and pride in creating our own unique branch in our family tree.
Favorite Quotes
  • "They ought to put your mouth in a circus."

    "You smell like the future."

    "We all know that business plans are a sub-genre of science fiction."

    "If people could get just half their wishes, they could double their trouble."

    "Lies have to be covered up. The truth can just run around naked."


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