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Busy day at the Wellington office, and then the Royals drive past to say hi!! Saw Kate and wee George in the back seat of the silver car with the flag.

What a cute scooter!

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A mother in Wellington is "struggling" to find a new place to live with her daughter after her rent went up by $100 a week.

And here we go! LVR relaxed and the banks are unclenching. Will we see the emergence of a new and younger generation of rental property investors?

Banks appear more open to lending after restrictions have loosened this year.

Christmas in New Zealand is definitely very special...

Kiwis are known to put their own spin on words, mixing up vowels and leaving the rest of the world pretty confused. Santa is one of them, it’s definitely not...

What do you think of tenants subletting part of their rental?

There could be an insurance issue with AirBnB occupation of a property, and also does that not constitute operating a business from a residential property? That could have implications with local Council by-laws and regulation.

Also, Health & Safety considerations for accommodation. The upshot of all this (as always) is that the lawyers will make even more money out of us all!!

Subletting my home on Airbnb is one of my plans to bring me closer to buying my own home — but my landlord isn't happy.

Another interesting story about Meth testing and property...

Real estate agent knew property had tested positive for P, but didn't tell the new family.
managemyproperty. The managemyproperty team have many years' experience in the rental property market and so they understand what's needed to make a rental property wor

We had our Company Xmas dinner last night and what a blast. A motor trike scenic ride and a good feed at Saddleback Cafe in Ohariu Valley.
And how did we manage to acquire a group of 18 for the event!??!
Fabulous dinner, great company, and a good night was had by all.

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Does this mean the investor and developer market is about to restart?

The Reserve Bank has released its financial stability report.

Now THIS is a very interesting idea...

Nesterly, a new platform that pairs older homeowners with young renters, is riding a wave of interest in multigenerational living.

Good to know that there are some clear heads in the legal profession. The Adjudicator got the original decision wrong - we know that now.

But it begs the question - where was the loss to the tenant? They got a roof over their head, there was no danger to their safety, and yet they wanted ALL of their rent returned? Kinda like buying a jumper and wearing it for a year, then asking for a refund because the label was missing....

District Court overturns Tenancy Tribunal ruling that refunded tenant of 'illegal' property.

If it's in the media, it's already old news. This has been developing over the past year, and Labour's plans will only accelerate a worsening situation.

Perfect storm brewing in Wellington could see rent increases hit record levels in 2018.

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