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Kidney failure post Castration and Vaccination. This is Walter a lucky cat that went into Acute renal failure after two routine procedures. It was however the Vaccine that was creating an "allergic reaction " in the lung channel which shut down his Kidneys. Fortunately acupuncture along with the TC device and music made from the vaccine alleviated his symptoms along with standard veterinary care.

The take home is that in acute kidney failure we can go a long way to changing... the outcome as long as we find the "toxin " that initiated the disease.

Ill health is the repulsion of a substance - the TC device changes that repulsion . All we need is the substance.

This same technology is used in a multitude of disease conditions .. why not book an appointment and come see how this can help your pet .

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Attend my meeting!

Topic: Free webinar on Consciousness and its role in ILLNESS
Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 6:00 PM (GMT-08:00) ...
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Online free class to learn how consciousness affects our health.

You will learn about the four forces of the Universe
You wll learn about the three dimensions


You will learn how we need to move to the fourth dmension to change consciousness.

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Sat 12:00 PM UTC+10
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Clinical Trial Appeal – Grass and Contact Allergies

Maple Street Vet has invented a new medical device to treat allergies. The device has been used on individual cases for the last four months and has proven to be very useful. A number of different cases have been treated.


It is now time to put this through the gold standard test of a Double Blind Placebo trial. In the past natural remedies have not done too well under very strict scientific trial conditions. So I guess in one way I am little nervous of a bad outcome, but I am also confident that it will do very well. It certainly is the best treatment that I have found in my years of trying to resolve allergies.

Initially one has to find enough dogs with the same allergy to get a good statistical result. So for this reason I have selected to test Contact Allergies as this is something I can easily test many dogs with a simple patch test to see if they are allergic to a specific type of allergen that will be tested. The dog must react to the allergen to enter the trial.

If your dog is selected to enter the trial he or she will be randomly assigned to a Placebo group or a Treatment group. The placebo group will get acupuncture and a non functioning medical device will be attached to the acupuncture needle. The treatment group will get acupuncture and a functioning medical device will be attached to acupuncture needle. Neither the Vet nor the Owner will know which group the dogs are in, until the end of the trial.

After a week the dogs will be re-exposed to the allergen via patch to see if the allergy has resolved.

Please see attached photos this is a patient in the trial – I do not know if she had the real treatment or placebo – but given that she no longer has skin problems and did not react to the patch the second time – I would say it has been “cured” of its allergy. Now we will follow up these cases over time to see how long it lasts.

Please share this on Facebook – as I require at least another 40 patients to enter the trial

If you think your dog has Contact allergies please call the surgery to make an appointment for a patch test, please call Maple Street Vet 5447 7877. There are no costs involved.

Other allergies can be treated in normal consultation.

Dr Garry Bright BVSc (PRET) Lic Ac - Veterinary Surgeon, Acupuncturist, Certified Reconnective Healer
Maple Street Vet ,42 Maple Street ,Cooroy,Qld ,4563

(07) 5447 7877 Emergency 24hrs

Maple Street Vet .......naturally different

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Maple Street Vet is a unique veterinary practice. We integrate standard veterinary medicine and alternative holistic medicine through the use of acupuncture, herbs and natural diets, utilising centuries of Chinese Medicine knowledge.