This month Gray Area is taking on the art of cartography. The history of cartography, or the practice of map making, is deeply entangled in the ancient technolo...gies of transferring information. The modern usage of the word “cartography” dates back to 19th century French, and has etymological ties to the Latin charta (leaf of paper) and Greek khartes (sheet of papyrus). Cartography, in a sense, is the attempt to represent our orientation within the world. We make maps to draw the boundaries of our experiences and to propose a story about the world: to posit a history, present, or future.

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The art of cartography, free youth workshops, remembering Don Buchla and more!

Have you enjoyed doing mapping for Missing Maps Project or Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) at MaptimeSF? Then you might be interested in this Aspiration Tech event on June 16!…/digital…/sanfrancisco/2016/june

Ever wanted to know about, or work on, disaster and humanitarian response technology from a people-first perspective? Aspiration's Humanitarian Technology Festival (#HumTechFest) strives to build capacity for humanitarian aid and disaster response efforts through technology and community. These are…

We're grabbing beverages in Oakland and talking about maps and testing a mobile satellite image classification app.

This is the same informal talk about maps in an informal setting, but with a bonus -- we're going to help user test Mapswipe, an app that's being developed by MSF for the Missing Maps Project

A second post! today! We'd like to know what our Community is interested in -- please take our survey!

We'd like to know what our Community is interested in!

Some great stats and dataviz from Missing Maps. Thanks to them and Redcross for sponsoring our last meetup!

Putting the World's Vulnerable People on the Map
Mapping for Social Justice (M4SJ) invites you to our community health-themed social justice Mapathon. The Mapathon is a chance bring together folks working on social justice issues and mappers who utlilize GIS/mapping in their everyday work. The two-day mapathon is a forum for: Sharing skills Develo…
There was a giant earthquake in Nepal! You can help by doing HOT tasks
Curious about different ways of displaying data? Come learn and hack with CartoDB and Leaflet! -- About Maptime: Maptime is, rather literally, time for mapmaking. Our mission is to open the doors of c
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40+ chapters in 4 continents. Hundreds of volunteers & new students. A new website. More tutorials. All made with love and passion. Here’s to every single person who has put their heart and soul into this educational movement this year and to adventures ahead in 2015!

2014 HOLIDAY GEOMIXER Celebrate the end of 2014 by joining us at the annual Holiday GeoMixer presented by GIS Education Center and BAAMA. This year's event is about unity. We are inviting a diverse group of users who enjoy mapping, data visualization, cartography, and more mapping, to come togethe…

Tonight it's a #MaptimeQuadrupleConjunction: @MaptimeSF, @MaptimeBoulder, + the first meetings of @MaptimeMadison & @MaptimeSEA! #maptime

EVENING AGENDA 3:00 - 3:30pm Registration 3:30 - 7:00pm Mapping party WHAT IS MISSING MAPS? Putting the World’s Vulnerable People on the Map The Missing Maps project is an open collaboration of NGOs that aims to map the most vulnerable places in the developing world, so that international and loc…
Though its history dates back millennia, cartography has exploded in the digital age. The advent of the personal computer and, more recently, the smart phone, has driven the...