That’s the first of the Ararat cluster schools ‘Play Audits’ done - thanks to everyone at Willaura Primary for an excellent day of play exploration.

Best overheard phrase of the day has to be the one from a frustrated individual in a mixed sex, mixed age group negotiating the storyline for their next game:

“Look! Why don’t we just fight and then everyone dies!”


That’s narrative that is.

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Sometimes you just have to make your own No Ball Games sign ... and add a touch of politeness.

How would you score this one out of ten?

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Ok, sooooo .... quiz time .... what do you think is going on here?
Here’s some news for you about our up and coming residential study retreat on: ‘A History of Play Theory’ 10th-12th August 2018. Enjoy! #sharethis #nerdsassemble #playtheory
There were a group of kids stood mesmerised by this playful sculpture on Cuba Street in the Wellington CBD in New Zealand this afternoon ... and yes, I was one of them! Very nice playful sculpture, accessible, playable with ... and it made a nice noise. Liked.

Anyone know where I can get one of these from?


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Do people not realise how annoying this kind of thing is?! It makes me feel inadequate! I just have to look at anything involving balance and I fall over.

#wheeledtoys #thatsaskill

One toddler is having the ride of her little life showing off her sweet hoverboard skills. Roxie, 11-months-old, can push herself forward, backward and spins...

One day it’s Surfers Paradise, the next it’s Ararat! Off to start the first primary school cluster projects of 2018 ... I’ve been waiting for this for three years!

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Only in Australia! Yet this is a good reminder that we, the adults in the children and young peoples workforce, need t retain a sense of playfulness ourselves ... no matter what.

This story also reminded me of this little presentation, if you haven't already seen it.

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After a hunt lasting a week, Daphne was found and saved only an hour after disappearing.

From adversity comes ... playing.

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Who doesnt love a bit of No Ball Games sign anarchy?

This is a photo I took while making a 'Play Value' assessment of a playground in North Wales ... and it had three footballs in it! All sat patiently waiting for their players to come back next time.

#noballgames #bitofanarchy

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Those suffering with coulrophobia, please look away....
But seriously, in amongst the obvious joy that these clowns are bringing to refugee children there are some very challenging points raised here in this film clip.

Watch it – its important, and thank yourself lucky.

WHAT DO YOU THINK - what kind of emotions and thoughts does this piece raise for you?

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Volunteers from charity Clowns Without Borders perform to refugee children in some of the world's most dangerous places. Their most recent trip was to refuge...


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Following on from a news piece yesterday comes this one. In the reports from the council meeting I think we can see the real agenda here ... we simply don’t like children ... especially the older ones.


“At a recent meeting of Ogdensburg City Council, officials expressed support for the law, which police say is needed to ensure public safety and to prevent unruliness.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK - which is the key word in the quote above? What is the real agenda here?

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OGDENSBURG — A city woman who was recently ticketed for allowing her 12-year-old son to play pickup sports in the street outside their home thinks the municipality should rethink the ordinance and the way it’s enforced.

Day two of The Montessori Australia conference and we have a nice room full of nice people talking all things Play Cycle.

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#legislation #parents #USA

In the 21st century this really shouldn’t be news. Yet apparently it is.



WHAT DO YOU THINK - should this be a thing? Why is it? What happens next?

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SALT LAKE CITY -- It's no longer a crime in Utah to allow your children to play outside unsupervised, or walk home alone from school. Governor Gary Herbert signed Senate Bill 65 into law on Friday. Dubbed the "Free Range Kids" bill, Sen. Lincoln Fillmore, R-South Jordan, modified Utah's child neglec...

Last presentation of the day from Peta Gibson on ‘Toddlers’ would rather work than play’.

Straight off she began with a statement on the confusion about play within Montessori and states that the ability of a child to play depends largely on the relationship with the adult who becomes ‘a known’.

She also talks about young children playing ‘on the edge’ of their comfort zone - on the boundary between the known and the unknown.


But most of the talk focused on the importance of ‘play urges’ and ‘play patterns’.

WHAT DO YOU THINK - what do you think of the term ‘play urges’ and ‘play patterns’? How do you read this one?


I’m at the Montessori Australia conference in QLD today.

#montessori #marcatplay

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Two shorter presentations now at the Montessori Australia conference beginning with Bruce Fisher talking about building outdoor play environments.

Bruce mentions one of the reasons of designing outdoor spaces as ‘providing a community’ which I think is a very strong point. A great set of photos too.

I particularly liked the efforts that had gone into the local community with the design work that Bruce showed including a community orchard.


It was also the first time Bruce has ever presented to a group of people .. and he did great.

I’m at the Montessori Australia conference in QLD today.

#montessori #marcatplay

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And that’s what the Montessori Conference looks like from the other end.


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Next session at the Montessori Australia conference in QLD with Sarah Breckenridge on the topic of ‘language acquisition is child’s play’. Her opening statement that she was to explore how children under three acquire language and whether this was ‘play’ or not set the scene straight away with some intrigue.

Her talk said a lot about the connection between movement, language and the growth of new neural connections in the brain. As she said, “we are hard wired to survive”. S...he also showed a 1949 chart about how language is learned drawn up by Montessori herself that described the ‘explosive epoch’ of language development around two.

For me it raised some interesting points to connected with Vygotskian ideas of social learning and his connection between communication and an ‘explosion’ of play between the age of two and three.

Lots of brain stuff and some fascinating bits of film to watch. Very interesting. We should also probably introduce Sarah to #poorunicorn for her title!

WHAT DO YOU THINK - is language play? where do children learn their language from?

Marc is at the Montessori Australia Conference in Queensland today.

#montessori #marcatplay

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