The 2017 solar eclipse drew a viewership of about 215 million US adults (or 88% of the adult population), marking an unparalleled level of public engagement in ...a science event:…/initialeclipseviewingreport.pdf.

To help keep that going, here are some astronomy and space launch events to look forward to this year that can be synced to your calendar!

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Never miss an eclipse, a meteor shower, a rocket launch or any other astronomical and space event that's out of this world.

Hey MFS Community, please take our 2017 end of year survey. These insights will help us as we build a growing movement that will continue to be a force for science advocacy long into the future. Your personal information will always be kept confidential!
We're live at the Rocket City #marchforscience!
Save the World - March for Science!

In April, people all over Alabama
Marched For Science…

Now is the time to


This Tuesday, December 12, the people of Alabama will pick their next senator. This is a race of national significance, and the contenders are running neck and neck. Your vote is CRITICAL!

How can you help?

• Research the candidate’s positions on issues like climate change and the environment, evolution, and support for education.

• Make sure you vote! This is a very close race – every vote counts.

• Speak up! Have conversations with your friends about the need to support science at the voting booth.

On Tuesday, You CAN make a difference.


#MarchForScience #ScienceMarchHsv #SciMarchBhm #ScienceMarchMobile

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As you know, deep cuts to science funding at the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) were recently proposed. But we can’t allow that to happen!

These important agencies manage some of the world’s most specialized measurement facilities where research is done on advanced fuel cells and nanoelectronics. They are responsible for transportation technology and defense infrastructure. And for synchronizing time across the by providing our precision timing infrastructure.

So, how can you help?

You can send a message to Senator Shelby, Chair of the Senate committee that sets the funding for the NSF and the NIST by following the action here:

You can ask him to read the op-ed that was just published in The Hill by University of Alabama physics professor Patrick LeClair and to provide strong budgets for NSF and NIST. Read the op-ed here (
nist-research- timing-is- everything?rnd=1510267575

Sending an email through the link takes less than two minutes – and if you have another five minutes, please personalize your letter by adding why science funding matters to you and Alabama. Options to call his office are also available here:

Thank you for helping to increase support for science in Congress!

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Enter your address info to send an email to Senator Richard Shelby urging him and his staff to read the op-ed in The Hill by Dr. Patrick LeClair at the University of Alabama. The op-ed talks about the need for federal science funding, especially in light of the President's proposed budget cuts, focu...

It's been six months since the march...what's changed?

Running for office, writing letters to the editor, feeling frustrated — here's what readers are doing six months after the March for Science.|By Sarah Kaplan

Today is an opportunity to instill a sense of scientific wonder in a child. Lets use science & knowledge to eclipse ignorance and hate.

This is NOT how you science!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is in the early stages of launching a debate about climate change that could air on television – challenging scientists to prove the widespread view that global warming is a serious threat, the head of the agency said.

This is extremely alarming. For a government to serve the best interests of the people, it needs science advice.

The science division of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy reportedly had no staff members as of Friday.

Join us tonight at 6pm for a discussion on how our local SMEs can make a difference in promoting science-based policy!


Thursday night, we're gathering Subject Matter Experts and Scientists from District 5 (Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Florence, Scottsboro, and the rest of North Alabama). Its important to note that this event is *not* a protest, nor is it directly political. This event is about gathering some of our areas brightest minds together to form a group that can be a resource for our representatives and local politicians who need expert advice as they work on science-based legislation.


Are you a subject matter expert in a technical or scientific field? Have you RSVP'd for our upcoming event?

Help us form a consortium of SMEs & Scientists that can educate our politicians and representatives (national, state, and local) about issues impacting our area.

- Huntsville March for Science Team

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“The president needs a source of competent advice and expertise that is independent of the agendas of any department or agency.”

Failing to appoint scientific advisors to the president is putting national security at risk.

The March Continues!

Based on the awesome turnout on march day, we know there's a large contingent of North Alabamians who are eager to lend their voices in support of Science. If you are a scientist or a subject matter expert in a scientific field, we invite you to join a consortium being formed that will serve as a resource to our elected officials who want more information from local experts during their decision making processes. If you are interested in participating (or... just learning more), please join us on June 22 at 6pm to discuss the path forward and how your expertise might assist the people of North Alabama through educating the elected officials.


MFS Huntsville

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Huntsville Science Marchers, its time to unite once more! If our federal government won't acknowledge the opinions of the majority of Americans, we'll fight from the ground up.

It's time to get organized! Join us by writing to your Governor that they should act locally to combat climate change 👉

"Now is the time learn about the methods, the tactics, the personnel, the structure and the reach of the global climate science denial industry.

They just convinced the leader of the United States to pull the plug on a historic deal signed by almost 200 countries, and instead join Nicaragua and Syria as the only countries not signed up.

It is time to take that climate science denial industry seriously."

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Trump’s confirmed withdrawal from the United Nation’s Paris climate deal shows it’s time to get to grips with the climate science denial industry

Science was ignored today.

The decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement stands in stark opposition to overwhelming scientific consensus that human-...caused climate change is real, and is an active threat to communities across the United States. This decision not only cedes America’s role as a leader in the fight against climate change, but also betrays vulnerable communities; the elderly, low-income individuals, and indigenous populations across the country will be most affected by the effects of climate change.

The voices of more than one million people from across 600 cities who marched in support of evidence-based policy were ignored. The fact that this decision was made without a Presidential science advisor, a position that remains unfilled, is deeply troubling for scientists and science advocates.

We urge leaders in cities, states, countries, and businesses around the world to affirm the commitments of the Paris Climate Agreement, and to take evidence-based action to continue the fight against climate change as a global threat to public health, global economies, and national security.

Write your Governor to tell them you support local action on climate change:, and share on your page that you #ActOnClimate!

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Science was ignored today. The decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement stands in stark opposition to the overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is a real and active threat to communities around the world and to future generations. In addition, the

"Two recent, preliminary studies suggest there’s hope for the facts about climate change. Borrowing from the medical lexicon, these studies show that it may be ...possible to metaphorically “inoculate” people against misinformation about climate change, and by doing so give the facts a boost. What’s more, these researchers suggest, strategic inoculation could create a level of “herd immunity” and undercut the overall effects of fake news."

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"Inoculating" people against misinformation may give scientific facts a shot at survival.