All of these habits practiced together lead to a healthier lifestyle.…

Everyday behaviors influence your health and play a role in medical weight loss, anti-aging and functional medicine treatment.

Some insurance plans don't cover testing until age 65.…/bone-density-and-bone-dens…

Bone density naturally decreases with age, but through functional medicine and antiaging strategies you can maintain bone strength with age.
Physiotherapist and comedian Elaine Miller talks about sex and the menopause, in the last of our blog series on evidence and experience of the menopause

Coping with severe menopause symptoms and coming out on the other side.…/

June Girvin talks about her experiences of menopause and her quest for information, now she's 'out the other side and feeling good.'

An oatmeal bath for itchy skin? Sounds easy enough.…/menopause/menopause-itching…

Is itching a symptom of menopause? We explain how menopause affects the skin, and how to manage itchy skin.
Ovarian cancer can often be missed in its early stages, but these medical professionals guide us on the signs to watch out for.

Menopause can be an emotional time. Joint pain, weight gain, burned out at work, just to name a few things you may experience. Thankfully, you can become a more positive person in the process.

Hypnotic help to move confidently into a new and exciting phase of life

A bad back is common in menopause. Back to those basic good posture rules.…/bad-posture-work-affects-he…

How Bad Posture at Work Affects Your Health Bad posture at work is a common and serious problem which can affect a person in negative ways. It can give rise to several physical and mental health issues, which need to be understood. It is equally important to know how to improve bad posture, to be ab...
In the last 6 months I developed gallbladder disease. In the last 6 months I also started going through menopause. Symptoms of both issues came at me in quite an abrupt almost violent way, just out of the blue. Perhaps there were prior warning signs but I just didn’t notice them? My doctor was ver...

My biggest problem has been an itchy scalp.…/…/skin-care/skin-care-during-menopause

These dermatologists’ recommendations can help you lessen the effects that menopause has on your skin and hair.
Here are some things you should know about menopausal hair loss and what you can do to control it.

The stability ball is gaining in popularity.…/

When is the last time you really gave your hips attention? Not a quick butterfly stretch or lunge – but when you actually focused on really building up some strength and stability? Shakira must have [...] Read More
Because it's just as important as your physical health.
You’re not sure what’s going on, why you keep doing this to yourself, or if you can stop. You’re scared of putting on weight, you’re disgusted with your actions, but the absolute worst part is how out of control you feel. It’s like you can’t trust yourself anymore. You’ve tried everyth...

I would guess chocolate syrup and a big cloud of whipped cream.…/

According to the stats, more than 80% of American adults use coffee to get going in the morning. Increasingly, we're getting collectively pickier about wha

Comfrey may help joint pain, inflammation, and osteoarthritis.…/

Comfrey has a long history as a medicinal plant. Comfrey is one of those wonderful herbs that has been in use for several generations to treat various ailments like muscles and joints pain. Let’s find out how you can achieve better health with the help of this inexpensive yet most effective herbal...