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  • Crisis Intervention Counselor1986 to presentBaltimore, Maryland
    taking calls from people in crisis and parent issues
  • Counselor1960 to present
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  • now retired enjoying it , finallythe joy of the LORD IS MY STRENGTH,YES first husband lost one leg to diabetes as did his wife .. lost both .. i have . attending grief counseling class.i love god, my family ,friend,s, the world!i am my city,s senior singing idol of the yr 2010 s m i l e..i believe it is more blessed to give then rec..i am ready to serve mt community ,my community is global /worldwide,my faith has increased this yr more then any ..i finally believe god will do all he say,s he wil and can do...I WILL NOT TRAVEL THIS WAY BUT ONCE IF THERE BE ANY GOOD I CAN DO FOR ANYONE LET ME DO IT NOW ..FOR I WILL NOT PASS THIS WAY BUT ONCE..first marriage ended in divorce met him in church ..thought he was okay ..6 mth,s later i found myself with an abuser ,drinker e church kept saying pray wk it out .no deal..many yr,s later i leave he marries his mistress HE LOST BOTH LEG,S ..her and i get close i help her with her chidren he beg,s to beat her she leave,s get,s diabetes leg,s cut offi walk thru it all with her including her child that died from aid,s her children treat me as mother she ie dead we made a word between us we would grow the children together in love today they all love one another as true sisters and brother,s then he get,s okay beg,s to come to family affaur,s we get alont he never said i am sorry but i could see he was ,,god can do all even help you love the woman who you think took your husband he lost one leg also..our children continue to grow in loving one another now i am mom to them all..I LOVE TO DANCE ,SING WON SENOIR SINGING CONTEST MY TOWN..LOVE MUSICAL SHOW,S FAMILY ,FREIND GATHERING,S ROLLER SKATING..HELPING OTHERS WITH MY SOCIAL WORK SKILL,S I CAN SEE/FIND BEAUTY IN THE MOST UNLOVELY SOULS IF THEY STAY AROUND ME LONG ENOUGH I WILL HELP THEM SEE THAT IN SELF TOO YES LOVE 4 LIVING IS MY MOTTO..U REALLY CAN LOVE ALL PEOPLE..EVEN THE VILE ONE,S..
Favorite Quotes
  • i shall not pass this way but once so if there is anything i can do to help/ assist/ love let me do it now for i shall not pass this way again!!! love thy neighbor as thyself GOD first in all life,s pursuit,s..hobbies singing/dancing,helping others however i can