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Marilyn Chace is a feminist academic, activist, and writer based in the South.

I've said a lot on this publicly and in private conversations, but here it is laid out. Think of this as a sisterly pushback against sisterhood itself. Y'all dig in!

Why we were never united in the first place.
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On Trans woman visibility: We're expected to come out to family and friends and at school and at work and like, wear our gender on our body in ways that can be ...very dangerous, but then our "allies" and our "brothers" and our "siblings" and such never show up for us and never let us know that we're visible to them in a way that is meaningful and healing for us.

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Yes! 👏👏👏

Despite our profound contributions to our own communities and the nation as a whole, Native American stories and voices have been long ignored by mainstream social culture.

White supremacy <3

The main gay district in Paris is full of bars, clubs and sex shops - not a place you'd expect to find support for banning same-sex marriage.
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July 1, 2015

Easy steps for tremendous social capital with zero accountability in the LGBT community:

1. Be AFAB.

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Fiyah Angelou


Fuck Bill tbh

The king of cable news is now a fallen sexual predator.|By Peter Mellado
Jessica R. Durling

Answering transphobe's questions, with Jessica.

Q: "Why is it transphobic and exclusionary for a woman born woman to claim the status of 'real woman', but it's ...perfectly okay for transwomen to claim the status of 'real woman'?"

A: Both cis and trans women are real women, and both are women born women. Often "real women" is code for cis women. If you use it to actually mean real women, cis or trans, go for it!

Q: "Why is it transphobic for me to proudly call myself a woman, but transwomen are allowed to proudly call themselves women?"

A: Nobody is suggusting you can't call yourself a woman if youre a woman. That's one of the things we're fighting for. Too often trans women are falsely accused of being male due to stereotypes and prejudice.

Q: "Why is it transphobic and exclusionary for women born women to say they're only attracted to certain genitals/people/sexes, but it's perfectly fine for transwomen to say they're attracted to certain genitals/people/sexes?"

A: No matter how you're trying to word it, what you're really trying to ask has nothing to do with sexes. What you're asking is "why is it wrong for a majority group to avoid or be averted to the marginalized group?" If someone tells you their sex was misidentified at birth, and you find yourself averted to them, you have internalized stuff to deal with.

What we're saying: "If you are attracted to a woman and find yourself averted to her upon learning she's trans, you most definitely have transmisogyny and transphobia to work through."

What we're not saying: "You must sleep with every trans person, past or present, whether you like it or not."

Q: "Why is refusing to sleep with someone (a woman born woman refusing a transwoman, for example) considered violence? Isn't it violent/rape culture to try to force or guilt trip someone into having sex with you?"

A: Once again, trans women are women born women. Having your sex misidentified doesnt change it. On another note, nobody is suggusting you have to sleep with anybody. But if, let's say for example, you want to sleep with a woman then find out she had her sex misidentified at birth and you now find yourself averted to her. You don't have to sleep with her, but if that's what makes you averted you may want to ask yourself why, and deal with the sterotypes you have about trans females.

Q: "Why can women born women not talk about their periods, birth, vaginas, and breasts, but transwomen can talk about their "girl dicks", "lady cocks", "clitties", and post-op vaginas?"

A: Nobody is suggusting you can't talk about them, just acknowledge women arent the only ones with those characteristics.

Q: "Why are we othering women born women by calling them menstruators, vagina havers, cisgender, pregnant people, etc, while transgender women are just called 'women'?"

A: Cisgender literally means you had your sex correctly identified at birth. Also pregnant people or any of the other terms arent referring to you personally, they're referencing that all sexes have members who share those traits. An important thing to acknowledge.

Q: "Why is it acceptable for transwomen to say violent things against women born women, disregard gendered violence, and openly state they don't care about 'cisgenders', even though women born women and young girls are raped and murdered and forced into slavery every single day, now and throughout history?"

A: I'm beginning to think you have never met a trans woman or girl in your life.

Q: "Why is it okay for transwomen to tell women born women that they aren't real women, or that transwomen are more woman than women born women?"

A: Okay, now I'm sure you never met a trans women or girl in your life. Plus, this whole time you are suggusting trans females arent real females, and now youre complaining some woman is saying cis females arent real females and now you're upset?

Q: "Why are so many people pressuring gender nonconforming folks (masculine girls, feminine boys, etc) to transition rather than realizing that any one of any gender can break stereotypes and still claim the sex they were born with?"

A: Trans girls, like any girls, can have a wide variety of interests from any gender norm, same with trans boys, and non-binary children. There is no correlation.

Q: "Why is a large portion of society okay with this new form of misogyny? Why is raising honest concerns automatically transphobic? Why is it considered feminist/revolutionary to silence women and girls?"

A: Supporting marginalized women and girls is the exact opposite of misogyny.

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Bernie Sanders ought to be thought of as a necessary extension of the capitalist system, he's never been an alternative to it and alternatives seldom come through the ballot.


After the episode aired, Jeff Varner took to Twitter to offer an apology to Zeke Smith, admitting: “I own responsibility in what is the worst decision of my life.”|By ET Canada

VERY important developments for trans folks in Europe.

Activists celebrated the ruling, though it does not mean immediate legal change in the countries that require sterilization.
A new heuristic for expanding queer translation studies by geographically (dis)placing the field in the context of a postcolonial studies frame.
Eddie Ndopu

The young professional industrial complex seduces us into thinking that accomplishment will save us. That we can somehow accomplish ourselves out of loneliness and depression. What are we without accomplishment? Who are we without the young professional industrial complex?