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  • RetiredRochester, New York
    Design of film and paper process control systems.
  • AX1 Anti Submirine Technician1971 to 1982
    Worked at TSC (Tactical Support Systems) tracking Soviet submarines around the Pacific Ocean and flew P-3 ASW missions.
  • Photographer
    Fine Art Nature & Landscapes, Stock and Gallery
  • Adjunct ProfessorLitchfield Beach, South Carolina
    Taught basic & advanced photography and photoshop.
About Mark
  • Mark began dabbling in black and white photography at the early age of 13, and the hobby quickly became a lasting and important part of his life. While serving in the US Navy, he traveled extensively throughout the world before moving into a position with Eastman Kodak in the early 1980s. After retiring from Eastman Kodak in the mid-90s, Mark started taking nature photographs on a full time basis in the upstate area of NY.

    In 1997, Mark moved to Murrells Inlet, SC and lived aboard a small boat. He spent this time exploring and photographing the waterways, islands and wildlife of the Low Country. He is now well known and respected as an advocate for environmental issues.

    When asked about his philosophy on nature photography he says: “I tend to concentrate on the smaller, secret side of nature that most people overlook, a different view on the world that surrounds us each and every day. I work in color but Black & White and Infrared photography have a special place in my heart; they tend to show a different view of things we pass by every day. I look at my photographs as portraits of nature rather than pictures, and I often spend hours with a single subject.”

    Mark’s photography is widely published in many national and local papers and magazines. He has won numerous national awards and competitions. He is an active member and past board member of Carolina Nature Photographers Association (CNPA), as well as the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) and PDIA.

    A Landscape, Wildlife & Fine Art Photographer for 50 years, Mark has extensively traveled the world chasing his photographic visions.

    Mark is best known for his ultra high speed hummingbird photography, lightning, water drops and espcecially his advanced infrared work and teaching.

    Mark shoots with:

    Sony a7rii system
    Fuji X100s infrared
    Leica M 240
    Leica M7
    Leica Monochrom
    Voigtlander Bessa 3 wide
    Shen Hao 4×5 Field Camera
    Polaroid 900 converted to 4x5
    Various other IR systems!

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Favorite Quotes
  • Photography is not a democracy, a million bad photographs are still bad!
    When I die I want my coffin to be Camera Obscura so that I can see what is going on outside!
    You don't take a photograph, You ask, quietly, to borrow it.