Did you know that a lottery conducted by George Washington financed construction of the Mountain Road in Virginia, that Benjamin Franklin utilized lotteries to pay for cannons during the American Revolution, and that John Hancock ran a lottery to finance the rebuilding of Faneuil Hall in Boston?

In Fiscal Year 2017, Massachusetts cities and towns received over $950 million dollars from lottery revenue in the form of direct local aid which in turn was used for infrastructure improvements for roads and bridges. Since 2007, the direct local aid from lottery revenue exceeds $8.9 billion dollars.

In Mississippi? Nothing. Why? You know why.

Since 1988, the Wisconsin lottery has provided $3.7 billion in property tax relief.

Approximately $170 million in lottery proceeds are distributed annually for property tax relief to Wisconsin owners of primary residences.

Reducing a compulsory tax with a completely voluntary revenue source. What a novel idea.


In Mississippi? Not yet. Why? You know why.

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According to the GAcollege411 Website, over 1.2 million HOPE scholarships and grants, funded by the state lottery, have been awarded to Georgia students since 1993. The value of these scholarships and grants is over 4.6 billion dollars.

In Mississippi? None. Why? You know why.

The Rankin delegation with its newest member, Fred Shanks, front and center. Congrats Fred.

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Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation

Farm Bureau thanks Speaker Philip Gunn, Chairman Bill Pigott, and Rep. Chris Johnson for their work in passing HB 1122, the Farm Bureau-supported "Right to Farm" bill through the House.

The legislation now heads to the Governor's desk.

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Philip Gunn

BREAKING: Today Mississippi took a major step towards protecting the sanctity of life by passing a law that would make abortions illegal after 15 weeks of pregnancy. I am proud to have worked with Governor Phil Bryant to make Mississippi the most pro-life state in the nation.

Because Attorney General Hood is unable or unwilling to do his job, he gives no-bid contingency contracts to his friends which at last report has cost the state approximately 100 million dollars. If it is in the best interest of the state that a business be sued then shouldn't our Attorney General, the lawyer for the state, who's being paid to represent our interests, do the work instead of forcing taxpayers to pay millions in legal fees for other lawyers to pick up his slack? The rumor is he intends to run for Governor. I wonder who he would have to hire to do his job then?…/Contingent-Fund-Attorney-Payme…

Our Attorney General has hired outside lawyers to sue so many companies, it's likely a shorter list of those who have not been sued.

At some point it has to be asked, if these companies needed suing and he's the lawyer for the state, why does he need outside counsel to do his bidding? Can he not prepare and try a case? Isn't that his job? What about the hundreds of taxpayer funded lawyers working for him?

Here's the list so far:


Abbott Laboratories, Actos, Ambac, Amedisys, Anti-psychotic Drugs, Aquifer, AWP, BASF, Bank of America, Boston Scientific, Banco Bradesco, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Sanofi-Aventis U.S. L.L.C., et al (Plavix), Credit Report Agencies, Converium, Delphi, Diamond Foods, Dollar General, Endo, EnPro, Entergy, Epps (11 contracts), Ethicon, Fresenius, GlaxoSmithKline/Avandia, Google, Green Mountain Coffee, GSK, H&R Block, HCP, Inc., Homeowners Assistance Program (6 contracts),, JPMorgan Case, et al (predatory credit card practices), JPMorgan Chase & Company, Johnson & Johnson, Kior, Kmart, LCD Agreement, Liggett, Lorillard Tobacco Company, Maxim, McKesson, Merck-Securities, Merck-Vioxx, Meritor, Microsoft, Millennial Media, Mills Corp., Mortgage Backed Securities & Collateralized Debt Obligations, Purdue Pharma, Qualcomm, Regeneron, Roadrunner, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, Satyam, Schering-Plough, Semtech Corp., Inc., Signet Jewelers Limited, Sonus, State Health Plan – AWP, State Street, Stericycle, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Treehouse Foods,Unapproved Drugs (6 contracts),
Underground Storage Tanks (19 contracts), United Health, US Treasury, USM Westchester, Valeant, Wire Harness Retention Agreement, WorldCom-KPMG

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The Office of Attorney General typically handles more than 3,000 civil cases at any given time. Of those, approximately 95 percent are litigated by Special Assistant Attorneys General who are full-time state employees. In accordance with state law, the Attorney General also periodically enters into....


HB 1238 is common sense legislation. It simply exempts from the Consumer Protection Action activity that has already been approved as a matter of law by a regulatory agency.

Attorney General Hood can crow about his win $33 million against Watson, but we shouldn’t listen to his overwrought criticism of HB 1238 based upon Watson. The Watson case did not involve regulated activity (it involved Watson’s quotes as to wholesale drug prices, which ...

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Mark Baker for Mississippi
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For too long Mississippi has led the country in "public policy" lawsuits, determined by one person, with virtually no oversight. Although Mississippi is consistently ranked in the top 10 for business development, not one corporate headquarters of a single Fortune 500 company is located here, yet California and New York, with the highest taxes, most regulations and most unionized workforce in the country have over 50 each. Why? I expressed my thoughts on the matter when I presented HB 1238 to the House which are included in the video linked in the article.

Home Elected Officials Two #msleg bills look to check power of AG to sue first... Elected OfficialsFeaturesMS LegislatureTwo #msleg bills look to check power of AG to sue first and deal with regulators later February 16, 2018 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter tweet by Alan Lange A push to reign in....


In recent years Mississippi, along with the rest of the nation, has seen an increase in individuals making terroristic threats to educational institutions, businesses and government officials.
Accordingly, this session I introduced HB 1264 which criminalizes a terroristic threat with or without the means to execute the threat -- a concept widely accepted and in congruence with federal law. This would provide a means of felony pros...ecution for those cases that do not involve a bomb or weapon of mass destruction. With strong bi-partisan support, HB1264 passed the House by a vote of 106-7.

Just within the last two weeks, Mississippi experienced numerous threats to schools. The majority of these threats were to “shoot up” the school, not to use a bomb. On February 1st, the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security reported two terroristic threats in Mississippi, where a person communicated over social media intentions to shoot up a school. This increases the total number of terroristic threats just to schools in Mississippi to seven since the Kentucky school shooting on January 24th.

There is no existing state law to prosecute a person for making such terroristic threats as those defined in HB 1264.

Terroristic threats use the threat of these types of attacks to threaten, coerce and instill fear into public officials, businesses and citizens. To most people, the threat of an attack can be as traumatic as an attack itself.

There is no existing state law to prosecute a person for making such terroristic threats as those defined in HB 1264. Without this legislation, our state’s law enforcement agencies have minimal recourse when it comes to charging identified suspects and protecting the public.

Law enforcement does not have the luxury of assumption. ALL threats must be treated as if they can and will happen. Businesses and schools must react to threats as if they are legitimate. The federal judicial system and other jurisdictions recognize that lack of capability is not a defense to prosecution for making a terroristic threat.

HB 1264 will allow law enforcement to act on a terroristic threat, possibly preventing the execution of the threat. Timeliness is tantamount. Prevention is key.

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Today the Mississippi House of Representatives passed HB 1241 by a bipartisan vote of 106-10. I introduced this bill to provide a consistency in public policy matters involving employment law in Mississippi. In the process of passage, I successfully offered an amendment which incorporated the provisions of the Equal Pay Act of 1963 into the bill and provides a state cause of action for those subjected to gender pay discrimination. I appreciate the support of Speaker Gunn and the members of the House of Representatives in passing this important legislation.

FedEx recently announced that employees will be issued wage raises and bonuses due to its predicted increase in revenue from President Trump’s new tax law. FedEx joins companies like BancorpSouth Bank in Mississippi who have also made similar announcements. The new tax law, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, reduces the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent; providing companies billions they can allocate towards employee salaries, job creation and research and development amon...g other areas.

FedEx’s announcement means that more than 5,712 employees right here in Mississippi will get raises. FedEx operates 31 facilities across Mississippi. That’s a significant presence and a real contribution to the local economy.

We are thankful FedEx invests in Mississippi and will continue to have a presence here. We hope that other companies will follow suit by contributing their revenues from the tax law to the economic growth of the state and welfare of its employees.

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Home Features Unemployment Rate Falls to Historic Low and Number of Jobs Rises to... FeaturesMS LegislatureBusinessPoliticsPress ReleasesUnemployment Rate Falls to Historic Low and Number of Jobs Rises to Historic High. January 23, 2018 65 0 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter tweet Mississippi’s E...

What does HB 957 (the MAEP rewrite/replacement bill), actually provide? Here's a brief summary.

In general:

• This bill increases the overall investment in education by over $107 million in its estimated final implementation year. ...

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A recent financial literacy initiative announced in September by Attorney General Jim Hood and state Treasurer Lynn Fitch was done without the required permiss...