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Robin Camputaro
· July 20, 2017
They charged me twice in April, I cancelled in May. They charged me in June and July. I have only received one refund at this point they have $600 of my money in their accounts. I have involved my cr...edit card company to dispute charges. Multiple phone calls and emails (ignored) are useless. I get the "you will get your refund in 24 hours" with zero results. Horrible company. See More
Rafael Mizrahi
· November 9, 2016
Within just few days, I have finished Simplilearn's "Advanced Conversion Optimization" online course and I'm eager to take another course. Here's why.
When I first saw the course syllabus, I was intim...idated by the amount of content and the time I will probably have to invest in order to accomplish it. But I was proven to be wrong.
The course presentations are delivered using simple English by top of the line presenters. Reading and listening is smooth and clear. The presentations voice over is so descriptive that I had the course running in the background while performing other tasks. You can also play most of the course, on the go, like a podcast.
I was very excited to watch Bryan Eisenberg demonstrating, many times during the course, how Feng-GUI helps in optimizing conversion goals and visual key messages.
The course content is up to date and relevant to anyone who wants to improve its digital marketing skills, in particular, or its persuasive messaging in general.
Taking the course have generated some action items into my todo list and it also tweaked some of my personal beliefs.
To conclude. The course was very accessible, educating and actionable.
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Steve Crawley
· June 28, 2017
Charged me twice in 1 month. Then forgot to process my cancellation. I keep having to involve credit card company to encourage Market Motive to payback funds they shouldnt have in first place. Avoid ...Avoid Avoid!!! See More
Rebecca Stigall
· July 5, 2017
Company has deducted my monthly membership fee twice per month for the past two months. Then I have to prove to them they did it to get a refund. This is ridiculous. They lost what would have been a g...ood rating because they are playing fast and loose with my bank account. See More
Johanna Wainwright
· April 20, 2016
I've emailed now 5 times in relation to my online enrolment and payment. I've raised enquires through your online chat, with no luck. It's been weeks now and no one has bothered to sort this out. Your... system was quick to take my payment but offered no way to enrol or give me access to the course content. I've sent 2 emails demanding a refund, both have been ignored. Do I need to raise a PayPal dispute - seriously?? Your course was highly recommended - this is so frustrating. See More
Keyur Patel
· August 9, 2017
Good Informative Learning
Hope to have the same experience ahead and always
Devina G. Prabhakar
· October 6, 2015
I love what they have to offer and I love this company's customer support- I recommend market motive to everyone who is looking for a meaningful education.
Luba Hebert
· April 4, 2016
The classes helped me get my digital marketing career started a couple years ago. So grateful to you guys!
Resurgence Local
· February 14, 2017
Great Course Material From Top Experts! Best Investment I have Made in Digital Marketing Education
Avinash Bhatangalikar
· July 3, 2016
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Digital marketing is one of the areas that can make an immediate impact on your company’s digital transformation success. Here's how.

Is Digital Transformation revolutionizing business today? Here are 3 essential data-driven best practices that can help to improve your marketing.