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  • I belive social justice is important to us. I see homophobia, sexism, racism, anthropocentrism, and capitalism interconnected by hierarchical systems of thinking, that's based on domination and contribute to assumptions of superiority and inferiority

    My profile i love reading people's oracles. i love serving as their guiding light in their darkest moments. in other words, i guide them to me! to me! to me!

    well, that's what most people say about me, self-serving bastard. the truth however is that i am just your average joe--fun loving, cheerful, playful, and above all, a playmate!

    i can guarantee that you'll never have a dull moment with me for like what i said, am very, very.... versatile!

    and who's perky now?

    mydesire god i'm so bored with all the intellectual stuff that used to be part of this section...

    i'd like to meet you. yes, you! and of course, not just here, but in person! Oo, in per-son!

    what for?

    wala lang. :D

    o, mga misis! text na!
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  • People are not dying because of diseases medicine can not cure, they are dying because societies have yet to make a decision that their lives matters.


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