The new year is almost here and everyone's talking about the Chinese zodiac forecasts again. I have strong, contrarian views on this subject and you can find my thoughts in my latest blog post.

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Looking for the Chinese zodiac forecasts of 2018? Read this blog post for a very important message and some of the things you ought to know as a consumer.

Despite both representing wealth in general, there are still important differences between Direct Wealth (正财) and Indirect Wealth (偏财) and how it impacts the quality of your chart chart. Read on to find out more!

What's the difference difference between Direct Wealth (正财) & Indirect Wealth (偏财)? Is having the wealth element in your chart always a good thing? Read on!

A feng shui cure is never about placing items or charms around the house. Such practices have no place in feng shui. If you're curious what real feng shui cures are like, here's a case study for you.

Benefactors play a huge role in our success, and there is a reason why some people always seem to have benefactors in their lives while most others don't.

Read on to hear my thoughts on the subject!

Benefactors have the ability to bring you huge progress is life, but why do some of us have benefactors and some of us don't? Find out the real reason here.

Wishing all readers a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Thank you once again for letting me be a guest writer for your blog!

Wishing our readers a very happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Today's article traces the origins of the lunar 8th month and how it evolved to become associated with auspicious events and happenings:

Going beyond mooncakes and lanterns, today's article examines the roots of the Mid-Autumn Festival which falls in the lunar 8th month.

One of my must-read blog posts. It might make you feel uncomfortable, but there's a really important message that I wish to get across.

I’m going to talk about a very uncomfortable topic today. I think it’s important that I address this once in a while, and continue my efforts in educating people who are interested in metaphysics, or starting to explore this field. I think close followers of this blog know me as someone who dares to...

I'm sure everyone came across the news on Lego's layoffs today. Such events can definitely be pointed out from one's chart. If you are able to plan ahead for such events, it can definitely safeguard your career progress and trajectory. Read on to find out more.

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BaZi can be used to assess career success, but did you know that ZiWeiDouShu can go even further and assess how well your company is doing? Read on!

Hi everyone! I had the opportunity to audit an upscale condominium located in Singapore's prime district this week, and thought I'd share some of my thoughts on popular remedies such as tilting doors and whether they work. Enjoy the read!

Ever wondered about the feng shui of a prime district in Singapore? Check out this case study of a condominium situated at Orchard Road! Read on!

If you were hoping to strike the $7 million lottery on Monday but didn't, this may interest you. Read on and do share it with your friends if you found it useful, or meaningful.

Many people believe BaZi (八字) and Feng Shui (風水) can be used to win the lottery. Is that true? I have a case study to best explain this. Read on!

What exactly is the "wealth sector" and what should you do with it? I explain the theory. Read on to find out!

Have you ever wondered what exactly is the wealth sector of a house is and it is considered one? There is an explanation for this of course. Read on!

I've changed the way your BaZi (八字) report will be written to make it an easier read. Don't forget you have 7 days to ask unlimited questions, starting from the day you reply after receiving your report! Let me know what else you feel can be improved in the comments!

The BaZi (八字) Sample Report is an example of how your personalized report will be structured. Don't forget you will have 7 days to ask unlimited questions!

By popular demand! I've finally written a post on BaZi (八字) compatibility. 💘

Curious to know whether your BaZi (八字) chart is compatible with someone else's? There are several factors to consider during analysis. Read here to find out!

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July 23

Ever wonder what characteristics of a property you should look out for to determine if it has good feng shui? Read this article to find out!

Feng Shui believers looking to buy property would benefit from this simple yet comprehensive look at what they should look out for.

One of my must-read blog posts: A gentle reminder on the darker side of this field. If you have friends looking to purchase their next home, do share this with them.

First and foremost, please let me be clear that the intent and agenda of this post is purely for education and awareness. The names and numbers in the above image were blurred out for the obvious reason of not wanting to implicate anyone.

Some light-hearted sharing of the joys of being in this field! I recently selected a c-section date for one of my clients and got her permission to share some photos of the twin boys in my latest blog post!

Are you and your partner looking for a new home? Check out my guest article on Feng Shui Nexus for insights on planning for your next purchase!

For those of you that are married and looking to Feng Shui your house.

Here are a few actions you can take to get the most out of Feng Shui, even if you and your partner belong to different Feng Shui Kua Groups.