This record is a real insight as to why Doc Watson was such a force in the music world. He's young, raw, and a revelation.

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Yep Roc Records

On February 9th, through our partnership with Southern Folklife Collection, we’re putting out a never before released Doc Watson live performance - recorded a...t Club 47 (now Club Passim) in 1963. Pre-order the album and you’ll receive free shipping! Head to our site for more info + to get an early listen of the track “Train that Carried My Girl from Town” here:

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ICYMI - A recap of the 4th Annual Manifesto Awards™

Best Country Song- Sarah Shook & The Disarmers "Nothin' Feels Right But Doin' Wrong
Best Hardcore Song- BUM ...CITY SAINTS "One More Song"
Best Punk Song- Black Mambas "Saturday Night Fist Fight"
Best Rock N Roll Song- JJ & The Real Jerks "Out of My Means"
Best Reissue- Ramones "Rocket to Russia 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition"
Best Live Album- Henri Herbert & the Fury "Live at Gypsy Hotel"
Best Comeback Album- Cock Sparrer Official "Forever"
Best Split Single- Topnovil/BUM CITY SAINTS Split on Pirates Press Records
Best Garage Single- Judex "Cult of Judex"
Best Power Pop Single- The Sick Things "Sick Things"
Best Streetpunk EP- Legion 76 "Banners Fall"
Best Punk Single- ZEX "No Sanctuary"
Best Punk EP- J.O.N "Bringing Back the Dough"
Best Rock N Roll Single- Dr. Boogie "She's So Tuff"
Best Hard Rock or Metal Album- Bitch Queens "L.O.V.E."
Best Hardcore Album- The Phosphorus Bombs "Cancers"
Best Power Pop Album- Bullet Proof Lovers "Shot Through the Heart"
Best Country Album- Sarah Shook & The Disarmers "Sidelong"
Best Glam or Pub Rock Album- The Crazy Squeeze "Savior of the Streets"
Best Psychobilly Album- Batmobile "Brand New Blisters"
Best Streetpunk Album- Cock Sparrer Official "Forever"
Best Punk Album- John Chopper Harris "Punx & Drunx"
Best Rock N Roll Album- WYLDLIFE "Out on Your Block"
Lifetime Achievement- Joe Keithley of D.O.A.
Anthem of the Year- The BC Experiment "Fuck Off and Die (You Cunt)"
Best New Artist- Judex
Single of the Year- The Sick Things "Sick Things"
Listener's Choice Award- Sarah Shook & The Disarmers "Sidelong"
Album of the Year- Sarah Shook & The Disarmers "Sidelong"
Ass Kicker of the Year- J.O.N

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"Artists Rights advocate Blake Morgan (#IRespectMusic) published a story in the Huffington Post this morning critical of Spotify", writes David Lowery on his Trichordist blog. "The story was rapidly gaining traction when it was suddenly deleted and Morgan received this email from the Huffington Post...

So sorry to hear that Charly is having a hard time. She’s an amazing singer and performer.

This woman is one I call friend. She continues to inspire me. Her strength is something that I have found in very few. She's playing at The Pour House on Jan 5th and you should be there. She carries a bright light and I hope you all read and become inspired by her courage too.

The Dark Water Rising frontwoman had a tough 2017, but she's taking on the new year head on.
Missy Mazzaferro

A lot of my nerd friends can't stop talking about this new Star Wars movie but who remembers when your exalted Star Wars director was making Mountain Goats videos in his apartment? 👀

A music video I directed for one of my favorite bands, The Mountain Goats. We shot this in an apartment I had in New York in the middle of a heat wave, summer of…

"Sidelong" just made PopMatters Best 60 Albums Of 2017 list. It's a real actual thing.

From genre-busting electronic music to new highs in the ever-evolving R&B; scene, from hip-hop and Americana to rock and pop, 2017's music scenes bestowed an embarrassment of riches upon us.

"Sidelong" made PopMatters Top 15 Americana Albums Of 2017, y'all.

In Americana music the present is female. Two-thirds of our year-end list is comprised of albums by women. Here, then, are the women (and a few men) who represented the best in Americana in 2017.

We have so many calls for vinyl, I wrote this article to explain the ins and outs. You can also find it on our website at Please share if you find it useful.…/kitchen-masterings-guide-vinyl-p…

Listen to "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton" performed by Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! for the brand new podcast "I Only Listen To the Mountain Goats."
Pre-Order Vinyl:

From the album I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats, out April 8, 2018 on Merge Records. Podcast: http://www.nightvalepresent...

IBMA booth! Come see us and register for a pair of Audio-Technica headphones.

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Happy release day to Hiss Golden Messenger. What a beautiful record. Hallelujah Anyhow was mastered here at the Kitchen for Merge Records by our own Chris Boerner.

Hiss Golden Messenger’s bittersweet, new LP is full of fluttery soul-grooves, borrowing from various regional folk and blues traditions. It speaks to what it means to be a compassionate citizen today.

A few years ago we hosted the Pittsboro Bach Society in our living room. Rhiannon was there to perform Bach's Coffee Cantata with other pro, semi-pro, and amateur musicians who got together on Sunday afternoons to just experience the joy and camaraderie of making music for fun. She had not even recorded anything with the Chocolate Drops yet. We just enjoyed her beautiful soprano voice echoing throughout the house.…/mu…/article101342267.html

Rhiannon Giddens is the latest recipient of the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass – an award good for $50,000. She’s the first woman and African-American to win it, and the second North Carolinian.

Every once in a while we get a chance to work on a movie. This one is deep. Buy tix!

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Posted by All the Rage
Oct 11, 2017 - Oct 12, 2017The Carolina Theatre of DurhamDurham, NC
Film · 119 people

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Sugar Bee
Cleveland Crochet and Jay Stutes · Sugar Bee
Plays from Spotify

So often when our clients release their records they'll also have hats, t-shirts, and even sometimes books. This tattoo is a first!

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Yep Roc Records

You know you need this sweet Swampland Jewels temporary tattoo... get yours now by pre-ordering the bundle!

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Bett Andrews Padgett

Hooray! It's off for duplication and hopefully they will arrive on my birthday! The new album is as beautiful as it sounds! More coming soon 😁