THIS SATURDAY! "THE POWER OF HEALING IS IN YOUR HANDS" - Learn how we all can take our health and well-being into our own hands. I will explain how I do this naturally for myself and the profound healing experiences of my clients. Utilizing the energy and information given to me in Heaven through my near-death experience, I will guide participants through a simple exercise that nurtures and heals the body, mind and spirit. I share these gifts given to me with you, so that we all may heal emotionally, mentally, and physically. With love, ~Alex

February 24th @ Storm Wisdom (Phoenix), 10:00am
$25 - Register here:…

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A loving reminder that we are never alone and that we are loved and supported always, and in all ways. ~Alex

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"MESSAGES OF HOPE & HEALING FROM HEAVEN TALK & BOOK SIGNING" - I am excited to be at Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix this THURSDAY to promote my book, "A True Story of HOPE, HEALING & MIRACLES." I will share how the gift of healing was awakened within me, as well as my experiences on the other side through my near-death experience, since giving me an innate connection to the Angelic and Heavenly realms. Having seen, heard, and felt the presence of angels, loved ones who have passed, and other heavenly beings, I will share their inspiring messages to offer hope and healing to all who seek it.
This is a FREE EVENT and walk-in’s are welcome!
7:00PM, 3rd Ave & Camelback Rd., Phoenix.
More info:…/alex-j-hermosillo-messages-…

A Gift of PEACE and HEALING for Yourself and Loved Ones:
I am currently offering a $50 FALL SAVINGS for Private Healing Sessions and Spiritual Guidance Sessions. They can be done in-person, over the telephone or remotely. Schedule your appointment by October 31, 2017 (480) 345-9972 or go to my website,
"May Light, Love and Healing be with you always!"
Love, ~Alex 💜

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A Gift of PEACE and HEALING for Yourself and Loved Ones:
I am currently offering a $50 FALL SAVINGS for Private Healing Sessions and Spiritual Guidance Sessions. They can be done in-person, over the telephone or remotely. Schedule your appointment by October 31, 2017 (480) 345-9972 or go to my website,
"You are a being of Light, Love is what created you, and Healing sustains you on Earth!" Love, ~Alex

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SAT SEPT 9TH - Alex shares with you his healing technique and Divine Light that he has used to help others heal of cancer, tumors, migraines, depression, heart disease and more. ~Come to “Awakening Your Light” lecture and group healing meditation to awaken and nurture your own inner Divine Light for self-healing and the healing of others.
Reserve your seat, $25:…

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THIS SATURDAY! I’m inviting everyone to join me in a gentle yet powerful guided healing meditation to nurture your spirit and rejuvenate your body. For detail...ed information and to register click on the link below:…
*Seating is limited please register to reserve your seat.

Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (MST)
STORM WISDOM Center for Intentional Living

"What Heaven Taught Me About HOPE, HEALING & MIRACLES" Lecture and Healing Meditation (PHOENIX, AZ)

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I'm excited to announce that I will be a key presenter in a 1-Day seminar presented by Amy's media company entitled, "CREATING HEALTHY ENLIGHTENED RELATIONSHIPS." It will be a beautiful inspiring full-day event where I will be speaking about what could be considered the most sacred relationship of all: "The Relationship with Ourselves & Our Spirit." We will explore other types of relationships that we all share, so click the link below for more information. And please share with your friends! Love, ~Alex
MAY 13, 2017 - Radisson Suites

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Alex J. Hermosillo

Prayer is at the heart of healing! I'm offering Healing Prayers on Fridays to reach out to all who would like nurturing and healing prayers. For detailed information and to register please click on the link below.

Alex offers Healing Prayer Requests for anyone who wants healing in his or her life. Due to the large number of requests for private healing sessions, as well as lengthy waiting time to obtain an appointment with Alex, he offers Healing Prayers at a distance. This service is for anyone who is want...

We had a great time reaching out to everyone on FB live stream, but we experienced some technical glitches. For those who weren't able to join us, there is another opportunity to listen to the recorded show on the radio tomorrow! **The time below is Mountain Standard Time.

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Join Alex LIVE on FB - THURSDAY, DEC 29th at 8:45 a.m. MST - Manifest your heart’s desires for 2017 with Alex Hermosillo streaming tomorrow with Wendy Falcon, radio talk show host of “Turn Your Life with Wendy Falcon.” Stay tuned for a link…let’s ring in the best year of your life!

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Alex Hermosillo, born with the gift of healing and a near-death experiencer, offers Healing Prayer Requests for anyone wanting healing in his or her life. Healing prayers and energies can be sent to anyone in the world remotely! Many have benefitted from this loving service for a nominal fee of $25 per request. Request healing for yourself or a loved one or even a beloved animal companion. Click the link below to learn more, read testimonials, and sign up.
May LIGHT, LOVE and HEALING be with you all!…

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This Saturday, my sweetheart Amy and I will speak about how we all can experience Peace and Healing in our lives. See the details below. With light, love and healing energies, ~Alex

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"As we move towards creating a world of peace and harmony, we must first create peace and harmony within ourselves."
THIS SATURDAY! In light of current ev...ents in Orlando, we all are aware of the enormous unrest in the world, and much healing is needed. This Saturday, you are invited to join Alex and me in a seminar, "Living with Inner Peace and Healing," for an insightful and enlightening talk about the inner struggles and suffering that so many are experiencing today, why that is--and how to skillfully and heartfully make choices and changes ‘within ourselves’ that break down barriers and old paradigms of the ego--and the heartful skillful choices that we can make to cultivate an inner peace, ultimately expressing itself in kind in the outer world. Peace begins within!

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LIVE FROM YOUR HEART- Join me and my sweetheart, Amy LaLicata, for an interactive enlightening seminar about living with inner peace & healing. Learn a different way of being that offers a new perspective -- A SORT OF 'UNLEARNING' WHAT MANY OF US HAVE LEARNED -- allowing for greater peace and healing in yourself and your life. This event will not only benefit you, but your loved ones, community and humanity.

SAT, JUNE 18, 1-4PM, Radisson Suites/TUCSON
-- $35 early-bird by June 11th / $45 late-bird --

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Alex and his beloved Amy join together for this light-hearted, interactive and inspiring seminar! Participants will learn spiritual principles for living daily with inner peace, contributing to healing deeply-rooted aspects of non-nurturing experiences, people and events in their life. Learn how to access this inner peace amidst challenges and drama that often appear in our lives. Alex and Amy share their gifts of healing w...ith participants through a guided healing meditation. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, and embrace living a happy, healthy and loving life!

You will:
- Increase your energy and vitality
- Strengthen your immune system
- Nurture and balance your emotions
- Raise your consciousness

Alex and Amy bring fun and joy to the practice of loving, healing, and living heartfully. They share their gifts so that you may evolve further into your true nature, which is Love. In so doing, you have the opportunity to go forth and share it with your loved ones, clients and humanity!

Empower yourself with the simple tools you will receive!

$35 early-bird by June 11th / $45 late-bird by June 16th!

Go to…

Or call: (480) 345-9972

Alex Hermosillo was born with the natural gift to help people with their pain with a touch of his hand. In 1997, he was given a second gift through a near-death experience where he gained great wisdom and returned from his extraordinary journey with his healing abilities and intuitive senses greatly amplified. Today, he is here for a sole purpose: To serve as a conduit for light, love and healing, and to awaken the healing energies in those who seek a better way of life.

He has helped people heal from heart disease, cancer, tumors, migraine headaches, grief, depression and much more.

Watch a Fox News interview with Alex
(5 minutes):

Amy LaLicata is a musician, filmmaker, producer, publisher and founder of RainbowLight Entertainment, a multi-media production company. Additionally, she currently sits as director and events coordinator and is co-founder of Mastery of Energy Healing with Alex Hermosillo. Since childhood, Amy was exceptionally intuitive and sensitive, and she has a deep connection to the spiritual realm. She is a healer and spiritual advisor who feels deep purpose, passion and joy in learning, growing and sharing her compassion, wisdom and love with others.

Amy has helped people heal from cancer, migraine headaches, grief, depression and more.


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Sat 1:00 PM MSTRadisson Suites / TUCSON <--- NEW LOCATION!
8 people interested

FOR OUR BI-LINGUAL LISTENERS: Join me LIVE tomorrow morning, May 12th at 9:00 a.m. MST for a meditation. I'll be looking forward to sharing my story of my near death experience, miracle healingS and angels to bring others HOPE, HEALING and LOVE! ~Alex

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¡No te pierdas la oportunidad de escuchar y meditar mañana con Alex J. Hermosillo - Mastery of Energy Healing en Ahorrando y Aprendiendo con Fontera! por el 1190am a las 9 a.m

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