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Here's a thought. Markets don't run on money but on trust. #business

My stand. I guess there was an error in Instagram earlier and didn't upload it.
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Nekaj fotografij iz nedeljskega seminarja z Benjamin Siter

Some photos from the Sunday seminar with @[1202504301:2048:Benjamin Siter] :)
Čez vikend sem bil na obisku pri Benjaminu Siterju iz DiŽa. Seveda pa nisem bil tam samo na obisku ampak tudi delovno, v nedeljo sva se namreč odpravila v Maribor, kjer je imel Benjamin svoj seminar.
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The world needs to listen to this 🙌🏼

Credit: Brooks Gibbs

Finally had some time for my workshop. So I made a stool today.

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Earlier somebody was asking: "Matic, when are you going to publish the photos?" Thanks to Maya, who did the editing this time, due to time limitations on my side... Therefore, Neža, here they are

On Sunday I photographed the final “Dar srca” performance on this tour, in commemoration of 500th anniversary of Reformation, and they were amazing.
MJ Design added 40 new photos — with Sebastjan Turinski and 38 others.

On Sunday I photographed the final "Dar srca" performance on this tour and they were amazing. Check out even more amazing photos in the link below:

Here are the photos from Thursday evening

This past Thursday Gift of the Heart visited Radovljica and performed in commemoration of 500th anniversary of Reformation.

Fun fact: Potrošništvo ni posledica svobodnega trga ampak Keynesijanizma!

Fun fact: consumerism is not a consequence of the free market but keynesijanizma!

I think you'll agree with me, that my photography student Tadej did well with his first public photo project while I was away.

Since I was away in Budapest, one of my students, Tadej Ogorevc did the photography for this Event. I think you’ll agree with me, that he did quite well.

A little bit of my trip to Budapest from this past weekend. Thanks, Benjamin, and Družina in Življenje for making this happen.

This was a fun weekend. I woke up very early on Saturday to meet with DiŽ bus, with which we headed towards Budapest to see Hillsong Y&F.
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Evangelijska krščanska cerkev Radovljica

Slavil te bom, Gospod, z vsem svojim srcem,
oznanjeval bom vsa tvoja čudovita dela,
— Psalm 9,2 (EKU)

Matic Jelovcan added 70 new photos — in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In the first week of October I photographed a wonderful Wedding of an absolutely beautiful couple, Laura and Paul. For the rest of the Photo Story go see my article on my Website:

I do believe that honestly taking care of people, perhaps in some ways shepherding them, even when they walk astray, loving them, while at the same time staying firmly in Christ, is one big way of how God can continue working through us for them... that they are not a number but a real person with real guilt, with real tale of woe, with real struggles, and we can pastorally help them walk through it. We can be the light when there is darkness around them (Mt 5,16).