This is the reverse process of how dairy ends up on your plate in 60 seconds.

By the time you finish this short video, there will be 660 innocent cows and baby calves who were slaughtered for human consumption.


It’s important to know (especially for vegetarians) that the dairy industry is the meat industry.

After about 5 years of producing milk, cows are sent to slaughter. Even though you may not be eating a cow, you’re paying someone to kill the cow by buying, eating & drinking dairy.

Just like humans, cows have to be pregnant for them to produce milk. Do they naturally get pregnant? No no no.

The factory farm workers will forcefully insert bull semen into the cows shove their arm into their anus to grab and manoeuvre her cervix. The semen then goes into her vagina so they can get pregnant.

The act of a human that forcibly and involuntarily violates someone sexually, it’s called “rape’ right?

Well animals on factory farms are forcibly and involuntary violated sexually as well.

The dairy industry just colours the act to be perceived as okay by calling it “artificial insemination”.

Then when the cows give birth to her babies, the female calves will straight away be taken from from their mum because the dairy industry can’t have the calves taking all ‘their’ milk which = $$ for them.

The female calves will then go through the same vicious cycle the mum went through.

The male calves will be taken away to be slaughtered for veal at 18-20 weeks young (cows natural lifespan is 20 years btw).

In other words, when you eat veal you’re eating dead babies.

If you know someone who eats or drinks dairy, please tag them below because they deserve to know the truth.

If you’re wanting to stop contributing towards animal cruelty (and no judgment towards you because I did the same for 19 years of my life) then click here to take on the free 22 day vegan challenge:

Tag a friend below👇🏾 #LoveAllLivingBeings #CompassionAboveTaste

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Posted by Matt Cama

I got a REALLY interesting DM yesterday on Instagram.

Someone messaged me saying to stop posting the footage behind the meat industry and to make a seperate private account because it might upset people and their food.

While I can totally see her perspective, I messaged her saying ‘If people get upset after seeing how their ‘food’ is produced, then it’s time to rethink if it’s really food.”


Like you’re not going to get upset seeing a reverse process of how a lentil burger ends up on your plate in 60 seconds 😂

When you look into the eyes of animals that are eaten, you can’t help but feel sad that we have to actually convince people that it’s not okay to slit their throat for food.

But I understand that some just don’t know what goes on. I didn’t know for majority of my life.

So am I going to make a private account to start sharing on there? Hahaha Hell no 😂😂

Animals aren’t going to be saved by us remaining silent. Be the voice for the voiceless #LoveAllLivingBeings #CompassionAboveTaste

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Ian Kaszuba
· December 8, 2017
I have been following Matt Cama for a while now, about a month, maybe more ? I have watched pretty sure a 100 utube video of him now. A few of the video I have watched a few times. The reason I have r...anked Matt only 3 stars is because I am in the process of transforming my body watching his video. When I started my whole food plant based diet I was 240 and now I am 186. I have started watching Matt when I was 189. I am building muscle thanks to him and getting in shape. I can see that my arms are getting better and so is my chest. Thanks Matt. If I get down to 180, and stick with Matt I wise raise it to 4 stars, if I get down to 175 then I will raise it to 5 stars. Matt Cama is keeping me motivated and on track. I watch his video pretty much daily now. Usually 2 -3 video a day. Thank you Matt
Love all things but most important love your self
Also looking forward to reading Matt book but at the moment I am reading Garth Davis
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Ivette BeFree
· March 19, 2018
I just started watching his youtube about 1 month ago and mannnnn has he showed me some amazing life, mind and self love techiniques! He is so genuine and real which is what I've always looked for in ...a person to follow. I'm looking forward to posted my outcome and goal by the end of this year! Much love Matt!!!! See More
Janna Salgado
· March 3, 2018
A mi Arlen. D kkk DJ. Jel yeo rn clan whucn hdje h
Each person you choose to surround yourself with is either medicine or poison to your life. It may sound mean, but it's true. Haven't you noticed that the standards that you hold for yourself is largely based on the standards of those around you? It may be time to protect your energy and reconsider who you allow into your life. Like/share/tag someone if this resonates with you.
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