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  • Junior Software DeveloperDecember 20, 2017 to presentGdansk, Poland
  • Social Media SpecialistDecember 1, 2011 to December 18, 2017Gdansk, Poland
  • Manager2011 to 2015
  • Redaktor/blogerMay 2010 to November 2012
    Ponad 700 tekstów.
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About Łukasz
  • Zafascynowany mediami społecznościowymi, specjalista ds. social media. Miłośnik dobrego piwa (piwolucja.pl).
Favorite Quotes
  • "One neat thig about computer music is you can get inside the music and become a part of it!" - z utworu Transfarmers - Computer Music

    "I've seen so many roads,
    That lead to where hope surrenders,
    But stay as strong as the weeds,
    You never know dear,
    What life tweeds" - AnoHana - I left you

    "I wonder, are there any other worlds
    With a spark of life and intelligence burns?
    Is it possible that, as you look up at the same stars
    On a warm summer evening, or a snowy winter midnight
    And wonder if humanity is alone in the universe
    At that same instant someone else on a distant world
    Is looking up at the same sky
    And wondering the very same question?" - Project One - Life Beyond Earth