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Ken Parks
· February 9, 2018
Not only do you get top notch products but the customer service that comes along with that is a model for the industry!! These guys have helped me many times from questions on their live chat to actua...l product assistance as well as maintenance and repair. Honestly these are toys we are talking about here but these guys take them and the hobby very seriously. I am very impressed. If you see an one star review you must take it with a grain of salt so to speak. Ppl must not be happy at times with the choice THEY made cause these guys stand behind their products. Period.
Also would like to mention Daniel is a class act!
This guy is as great as you can be at handing customer service and product knowledge. Your in damn good hands with this guy for sure. Thx to all you guys at Max Amps!! Look forward to more awesome products from this awesome company! Thank you!!!!!
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Rich Lee
· October 24, 2017
Wow, what a sham. FPV lipos that cost $63 and take an extra 2 weeks to ship, to trick noobs into the 150C nonsense. What a load of BS. Then talking about running 4S like it's some hardcore "upgrade" a...nd they give you some rare benefit of their lipos having a power and balance lead? Do you even lipo? See More
Marjee Clark
· June 14, 2017
Very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly customer service and support. I'm new to FPV and they helped me better understand what charging solutions would work best for both my present and future needs... as I grow with the hobby. All of even my most beginner of questions were answered in a friendly and professional manner that made me feel like no question was too big or small. This made for a very relaxed and comfortable shopping experience. I highly recommend doing business with MaxAmps and look forward to placing my next order with them. Thanks and keep up the good work! See More
Donny Hilsenrath
· September 20, 2017
Matt and Daniel are awesome and very helpful. Always quick to respond to emails and live chat on the website. Thank you guys!
Tyler Tim Tobin
· May 2, 2017
Owned my 6000, 3C for 7 years. Way before the lifetime warranty was available. Had a flood in 2015 and lost my RC collection, about $5k worth of cars, charges and MaxAmps.

I waited 2 years to open my RC Racing bag.....I didn't even want to see what my batteries looked like. Back in the day, we had to buy paired, matched LiPo sets, around $1300. For two sets.

I sent them back to Max, April 15, 2017.... I didn't expect anything.... but, being Max, they replaced my batteries for half price.... they could have blown me off....I gladly paid.

Thank you MaxAmps!
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David Creager
· April 8, 2016
Terrible customer service. Called in about a failing battery and to see how their warranty program worked. I knew going in that it wouldn't be a free replacement because the battery was over a year ol...d. Their agent starts explaining to me how the warranty works after he year is up and I'm good with the fact that I can pay half price and get a new one. He then asks where I bought the battery and I told him it came from my local shop. He asks for the zip code and finds the shop in their system. He then tells me he can't find any record of them selling that particular battery to my local shop and they can't warranty it. They only warranty batteries sold by their direct wholesalers and nothing else can be done. Fucking joke. I'll be running Glacier from now on. Awesome batteries at half the price. Not sure about their warranty but I really don't care, I can throw three of them in the trash and still save money over buying a maxamps battery. See More
Sean Larmond
· October 7, 2015
So I have to say I am very unhappy with Max Amps customer service and their battery rewrap service. Traded for 2 good 4s Max Amps lipos from a friend who bought them new and sent them in over 30 days ...ago to get them rewrapped. Followed the instructions as given by the representative who was very helpful. Batteries were received by them on the 1st if September. I waited a few weeks and then followed response. Waited another week..then posted a negative comment on the Facebook page and got a response and a follow-up call asking for more info and that they would get back to me asap...its been more than a week now since then. Again wrote an email to the rep who contacted me Sunday night and still no response. SMH. Pretty terrible from a company that expects buyers to pay so much for batteries only to have lacking customer service. I can say for a fact I get better and quicker customer service from Hobbyking when dealing with their batteries. Even Gens Ace. Part of the reasons why I carry them. Max Amps Batteries are good no doubt. But for the money and the customer service I think I have done much better for my customers selling and promoting Turnigy and Gens Ace products. I am not going to bother inquiring about the batteries any more. It seems they are ignoring me and the issue. It's up to them to figure out what they want to do to resolve it. If they let it fade, it just proves to me and my customers what kind of company they are. I will just write the batteries off as a loss( fortunately as a business owner I can do that) becuase it not worth the trouble, Not after 30+ days. See More
Andrew Bernard
· May 21, 2017
Not worth the money. I barley got to use mine before they swelled up. I'm not paying $150 to replace them when I already have $300 into them and didn't get to use them five times. Other companies make... 100c now. Plus when I bought my batteries they were 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY. Which they decided to change that policy because to many people were returning batteries. See More
Rick J Kelim
· September 12, 2017
great quailty thanks, love the 150c max power max amps max FUN!!!
Joshua Williamson
· March 28, 2017
MaxAmps are the only battery supplier to get back to me well within 24 hours of my inquiries. This is despite the fact that I live on the other side of the globe. Thank you MaxAmps for your good service. See More
Jordan Singletary
· December 15, 2015
I would NEVER purchase or deal with this company again!!! After purchasing a 2s lipo for $150 plus $25 shipping and handling in the understanding as it is stated on the battery and website that it co...mes with a life time warranty it does not! They were fine with taking my $150 + $25 shipping and handling and then when the battery ended up having a defective cell in it they have me pay shipping to send the battery to them to then just tell me it is bad which I already knew and offer me 50% towards a new pack. Great life time warranty right! For the $75 plus shipping to get another battery with no warranty I can purchase another brand for $75 or less. Great LIFETIME warranty!!!!!!!!!!!! See More
Eyad Dari
· June 9, 2016
SORRY maxamp for thous message I deleted them that was not right by me to do that If i dont like your product or had a bad experience Is it move on and Sorry again I felt very selfish to spend 500 dol...lars for less than 10 minutes of run time is something I would never like to do that but if that is what your offering I just have to sallow it and forget Sorrry again See More
Jeff Gruber
· February 21, 2015
Recently talked to Dan and placed an order with him via phone. After a day, I hadn't received an email from MaxAmps regarding my order. I contacted them via online chat and spoke to Evan. He told m...e there was an error in their systems with my order, and he was quick to fix it. He also stated he would send it express overnight, so I could have it Saturday. Finally received emails from them about my order. Later Friday afternoon I got a shipping notice, and later that day, I checked the tracking, and it was not sent express overnight, but priority mail express 2 day, so I'd get it on Monday.

Overall I'm happy with the level of service, just a little disappointed I was not getting it when I was told I would.

Out of the blue, the package was delivered today. Was not expecting it until Monday, due to what the tracking said.

I would still like to thank Evan for everything he did to get me taken care of.
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Richard Clark
· November 1, 2017
Horrendously bad - Scam artists - Avoid these at all costs
Fred Wieland
· July 18, 2014
I have been using maxamps batteries for over 4 years. It all started with a pair of 3s 5450 batteries for my speed car that propelled it to 103mph. Then I followed that purchase up with the 2s 100C sp...ort pack. I put that battery thru the worst of the worst and I got well over 2 years and countless cycles out of it. That battery seen water, snow, Ice , falling thru the ice and extreme hear. It never gave me an issue or puffed. As of recently I have purchased the 2s 6500 150C race edition hard case lipo. That pack has a punch I have never seen before. I run it in my stock class cars And almost always get sent to tech which I always end up passing. I have also purchased 2 new 3s lipos to run in my speed car which has not larger motor etc. They give me so much power I still can't get it up to full speed. All in all you just can't beat these packs See More
Michael Chisum
· April 9, 2016
Outstanding long life and superior power! I have a pair of 7.4v 8000mah MaxAmps for my Yeti Xl and get almost an hour running time on them. I've had these now for about a month and bash daily 30 char...ges on them and my MaxAmps still run the same, balance perfect @ .000 to .001 gap and take the same amount of time to charge like the day I got them well worth every cent. Thank you MaxAmps so much for a grate battery and customer service will order all my batteries from MaxAmps for life!! See More
Melvin Sledge
· November 18, 2017
You just can't go wrong using max amps pruduct! �fast
Nate Danielle Gabriel
· June 7, 2016
I never post any reviews online. Good bad or otherwise. This is my first. Max amps u made my day. I bought 2 2s lipo batteries and a charger. Batteries worked great. I had a few questions on how to pr...operly set my charger up for my specific batteries so I called. A man named Matt walked me thru step by step how to set my charger to safely charge and also to store my batteries. Thanks from a very happy customer. See More
Nathan Cation
· March 21, 2017
Excellent customer service and a great product. I purchased the 4s 9000mah pair for my X-Maxx and it stays powered for a solid 36 minutes of play time. Well worth it! While your buddy's are switching ...batteries you are still running strong! See More
Brian Randall
· October 12, 2014
Not happy at all.... Got the new battery and took it to the track... Let's just say I was disappointed!! In disbelief of the poor performance I put a gens ace 40c pack in and had better lap time's... ...I even tried it in a few other truck's with the same results!! I spent $150 on a battery and got better performance from a $40 one.... See More
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You guys see the new Pro-Level Basher by Pro-Line unboxing and run video? Powered by MaxAmps!

Choose to power your next RC!

Finally! We finally had a good enough break during the winter here in New England to get outside and rip on the new Pro-Line Pro-MT 4x4 and see what this awe...

Looking forward to summer. Are you?

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Dog Days of Summer Race Series

LIKE & SHARE!! We're cannot wait for the 2018 Dog Days series which will kick off in less than 1 month. So much cool stuff about to happen...
Race 1 at Bumps &... Jumps RC Speedway & Hobbies.
Race 2 will be at The Track in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
Race 3 will be at Adrenaline RC Raceway
Race 4 will be at Pit Stop Hobbies
and we'll wrap it up with Race 5 at Mushroom Bowl Hobbies and R/C Raceway

Special Thanks to Gloop Mahey of RipitupFilms for putting this promo video together.

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Was looking through some of our old photos for something to represent President's day. I think this fits the bill. Have something more presidential? Post it below.

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Your week starting off like this? Hang in there. Friday is right around the corner and there will be plenty of time to get some RC in!

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Posted by Tim Smith
Tim Smith

NPRC street racing.

Great to see a customer like this! Been rocking these battery packs since 2009. More power, more runtime, and power you can depend on cycle after cycle.

Choose to power your next adventure!

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Looks like we get to help wreak some havoc again. Ever thought of building your own? Check out this great blog with Blacksmith builder Al Kindle!

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The epic robot-fighting series BattleBots is making its triumphant return with all-new episodes set to premiere this spring on Discovery Channel and Science Channel. BattleBots features the biggest, baddest, strongest, and fastest next-generation robots from all over the world as they duke it out fo...

When you are so good on the track that you make sure they get your good side in pictures. Show us your RC in action! How fast do you want to go?

Choose to power your next lap.

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Days are getting longer and we are inching closer to warmer days. Pick up a fresh battery at then get out and have some fun!

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Tim Smith is with Desmond Mooney and 3 others at TSR Speed Shop.

Carbon fiber body skins done, and I made a new light bar that will help protect the cage.