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Maximum Sexy Pigeon - Cuntaminate
Camera test. This is giving us ideas!

Going through old demos, there are about 4 albums worth of this trash! I compiled one of just 'better bits' and some familiar tracks that made it out of this here dumpster.

Don't hold your breath, these may never see the light of day

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It's always nice to see Ministry get their game back on.

MINISTRY's official music video for the song 'Twilight Zone' from the new album ‘AmeriKKKant’ out March 9, 2018 Order at

Flashback: Jan 2013.

When we were more booze than band.

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Hey folks!
After a request for lyrics from a fan, I was wondering if anyone is curious about lyrics.

What are you talking about? Shihad are actually a fucking great band!

Wellington band Shihad (once known as pacifier) with their single "I only said" from their 1993 debut full length "churn" This album saw the band playing a s...


Seems the lyrical theme of the next release has set itself in, there are a few concepts to draw from, then it's a matter of setting them to music.
Writing is a weird process.

Maximum Sexy Pigeon updated their profile picture.
February 5
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Howdy folks!
Just thought we would get you up to speed on all things MSP!


The new year has settled in, work lives have stabilised and the ever-present itch to make music is strengthening again.
Since we last left you with our debut album (Which some of you have ensured us is awesome!), we've been doing a little tweaking.
Adrian has spent interminable hours honing his skills of guitar and production to bring you better mixes, sounds and tones than ever before as well as working on some secret projects that you will hear about sooner or later
Yok has been, well, doing what he usually does, butchering riffs and making a lot of noise.He's retired the ATK bass from MSP (for now) in favour of G&L for his low-end attack for upcoming recordings, with Ad's skills, it could be the best tone MSP could be after! Hooray!

At this current time, the early stages of what might very well be a new EP are coming together. There are a few ideas floating around, some are near complete and let me tell you, it's not less angry and grinding as previous efforts! We'll be sure to let you in on a sneak peek soon!

Until then, keep it real.

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Getting back in to the swing of things.

2 new demo stubs and a revisit later...

Sometimes you just start throwing riffs and drums together and you're left wondering "What the fuck did we just make?"



Well ahead of you, buddy!!

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MSP shoutout to Tod A of Cop Shoot Cop, happy birthday to one of the best musicians you've probably not heard of!

Taken From MTV's Alternative Nation, Guest hosted by Jim Thirlwell in 1996 Cop Shoot Cop - Room 429 (1993)

Much needed spa day... Noice

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Got this message with an album purchase this afternoon.

"Thank you for making what is now my all time favorite industrial metal album. I've listened to it all the way through at least a dozen times now, and each listen is just as good as the first. Keep up the good work!"

This kind of stuff makes everything so worth it!...
While we're making music we want to hear, we get to have others listen to it too and the appreciation we have been shown is amazing!
Thankyou, everyone, for being so awesome!

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