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Just wanted to let everyone know that tracking for the new Mec Org album is officially complete! Dave started mixing the album on Saturday and as we said before, we're aiming at a mid to late February 2018 completion date with release information and dates to follow. The songs are sounding amazing at this early stage in the mixing process and I get the feeling that this album is definitely on track to becoming our biggest sounding production so far. I think we’re taken Mec Org to another level both musically and sonically with this release and we’re so looking forward to unleashing all our hard work on the world in 2018.

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Over the past few months we’ve received a lot of e-mail regarding release dates and recording/mixing progress of the new Mec Org album. At the moment the whole band is working as hard and as quickly as possibly to wrap this thing up. Recently we’ve had a few delays due to unforeseen circumstances which have set us back a bit but we’re on track now and we are nearing the mixing stage. We’re well aware that it has been over 3 years since our last release but at this point in the process we want to make sure we do everything we can to make this album all it can be. And believe me, we’re confident it will be worth the wait.


We have some great news to announce. After what seems a life time in the studio we have finally finished recording the new Mec Org album with mixing to begin in 2 weeks. This has been one of the longest and hardest recording sessions we’ve ever been involved in as a band and there were times along the way where we thought the album would never be finished. In the end the thing that kept us going through this difficult process was the strength of the music we were recording. The finish line is now in sight and we are sooooooooo looking forward to unleashing this slab of musical complexity on the world. More news real soon.

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It's quite amazing that these reviews are still rolling in after all this time. Just goes to show how busy most reviewers are these days.

This one is from Progressor

5 out of 6


Special thanks to Olav M Bjornsen for the great review!!!…/mechanical_organic_2014.html

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Here's another really nice review. This one is from Heavy Metal Webzine in Italy. Thanks guys!!!!

7.5 out of 10…/mechanical-organic-this-…/

Seconda parte del concept futurisco a tinte prog metal del combo australiano Mechanical Organic: “This Global Hive Part Two” riparte esattamente dove avevamo lasciato il precedente platter, sia come storia sia come stile, regalandoci un altro cd interessante. La band risulta ancora più affiatata e q…

Behind the Veil 8.5 out of 10

"MECHANICAL ORGANIC is a band that the fans of progressive and pioneering music should definitely check out. They are a force to be reckoned with!"…/2101-mech…


OK, we’re all set. “I See Black” has been uploaded to our online store and is ready for free download. Thanks again to everyone who has stuck by us over the years. We truly appreciate all the support we’ve received.

To download the track simply visit our online store at –


Click the free download button. Fill in you contact details, check your email and download the files. The file contains “I See Black” in 320kbps mp3 format and a 5 page digital pdf booklet.

Enjoy guys!!!!!

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This page contain a list of all the latest Mechanical Organic releases including album artwork, release information and buy now buttons.

We've just uploaded an short lyric video of our brand new track "I See Black". Check it out now!!!!
Also keep you eyes peeled because in the not to distant future we will be making the track available as a free mp3 download directly from our website. We decided to offer the song as a free download as a "Thank You" to all the people who have continue to support the band over the past few years.
So please, check out the video, share if you can, give us a like, and we'll ...let you know as soon as the track is ready for download. Thanks again for all the support.

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Mechanical Organic - I See Black - Sampler Lyric Video - 2015

Here's a pretty cool review of the compilation CD.…/metalliance-vol-1-rare-and-prec…/

2015 (Hands Of Blue) – Stil: Compilation

METALLIANCE Volume 1 - the first compilation from

After 15 years of existence, the crew of one of the top Rock- and Metal magazines in German language on the web has decided to put together a compilation with bands that they like. But just picking songs from existing albums would not pose an added value to the fans, so the bands were contacted and asked to raid their vaults for special tracks – alternative versions, unreleased songs or remixes. The success was o...

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The new Metaliance Volume 1 compilation CD featuring our brand new track "I See Black", along with a host of other great bands, will be available from website as of today.

Online-Musik-Magazin im Bereich Metal, Rock und Gothic mit News,Reviews, Liveberichten, Interviews und Hintergrundartikeln

The release date for Metaliance Volume 1 featuring our latest track "I See Black" appears to be some time late April. No specific date just yet. The CD can be purchased from the website shop and will cost 10 euros (7 euros for the CD plus 3 euros shipping).

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Mechanical Organic updated their cover photo.
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Hi everyone. This is the first band update we've done for a very long time. We've been quietly working on our new album which is progressing nicely. There's still a loooooong way to go before it's finished but what we have so far is sounding awesome!
Now, a few short weeks ago we were asked if we would be interested in contributing a previously unreleased track for a compilation CD to be released via website. Needless to say we jumped at the opportunity. ...So with a very tight deadline we managed to complete a song we had in the Mec Org vault by the name of "I See Black". Given the short amount of time we had to whip the song into shape we're really happy with the results, although we haven't heard the mastered version yet. When I receive a release date we will post more information.
We will also be releasing the track through our website and all good online digital stores.
More news very soon.

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