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Brackets and Parentheses in titles increase click thru rank 30%


3 Things that set you apart from competition in 2018

1) keyword or service and city included in reviews
2) citations are unique and don't use duplicated descriptions and images
3) citations are individually submitted to google for indexing

Don’t ask for reviews yelp wants to penalize your rank on their site if you.…/yelps-dont-ask-policy-is-bad-for-…/…

Not only is Yelp’s 'Don’t Ask' policy bad for consumers and business owners, but it’s also bad for Yelp.
Are you guilty of living in the past? Using methods that were once tried-and-true can be alluring, but it can also prove dangerous to your search strategy. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand spells out eight old school SEO practices that you should ditch in favor of more effective and modern alterna...

Started working on the free beginners course. First video is online.

This video goes over all the different kinds of google penalties and how they work. Historically using what google refers to as best website practices will n...

Facebook ads go thru an approval processes and don’t go live automatically. Keep in mind the approval que will be big for Black Friday so schedule in advance.

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These three suggestions relate to the process of how you run your salon. If you implement these things into your standard procedures of your salon you can im...

This is the study we talk about in the course about digital marketing being a 12 month process. Very few sites rank in less than 90 days. It's possible but requires a ton of work and perfect implementation.

Our research will answer the most popular question in SEO world: "How long does it take to rank in Google?" Another number-driven study from Ahrefs.
Designed for Salon professionals, salon owners and entrepreneurs to master how to market their business online.

Getting ranked on google isn't as hard as you might think. This is a proven strategy for Salons and Medical Spas to get listed.

How To Rank On Google. We go ver the steps that you should take to get your Salon on google. Local businesses should do these thinks to signal to Google that...
Are you a service-based business? Want to market your services through Facebook? The Services section on Facebook allows professional service businesses to create a Services tab to highlight their offerings. In this article, you'll discover how to use the Services section of your Facebook page. Chec...
Salon policies are rules that you set and boundaries that you define. They apply to the services you provide and the ways in which you operate your business. A random example of this would be, “We do not apply drugstore haircolor.” That is a service policy communicating to clients that they can’t ju...