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Break out of the cycle of self-destructive behavior and shift to one that is empowering Check out today's blog post..

Why is it that when something isn’t working we self-soothe? Even though intellectually we know we shouldn’t. While some of us eat, others drink, shop, avoid others, complain and avoid dating or become cynical. . . regardless of your path, it is a never ending cycle.

The same seven habits that make a highly effective person can also help you become a highly effective dater.... What are your bad habits? ....Check out today's blog post..

We all have habits. Maybe you bite your nails or drink two cups of coffee before leaving for work in the morning; or perhaps you’re always running late or can’t go a day without checking your email. Our habits influence our tendencies as humans and our tendencies influence the way we live our li...

Did you know that there’s a secret truth to finding your ideal partner? It’s really simple.You have to love yourself—fully and deeply. Check out today's blog post...…/

There’s just no way that you’ll meet someone who values, uplifts, and supports you in all those special ways you’ve been dreaming of if you don’t take actions to root out your negative beliefs and build up new ways of being in the world.

Being a person who has that level and clarity and confidence is so attractive. Check out today's post!…/

In today’s post, I’m answering a question from a reader that speaks to this question of how to you find out if the person you’re sitting opposite from is marriage minded.

When you’re a clear and empowered, you’re no longer a magnet to the wrong people and staying in wrong relationships just wishing and hoping. Check out today's blog post:

Today's blog post question comes from a member of the MTM Community, who writes: Hi Bari, I was married for 32 years to a very intelligent, religious narcissist. He fooled a lot of people, including many counselors over the years. You mentioned in the last answer you just sent out that when a woman....

Have you ever felt like you're a magnet to the wrong people or don't understand why things don't work out even with well-intentions?

Have you ever felt like you're a magnet to the wrong people or don't understand why things don't work out even with well-intentions? Today, I'm sharing a question from a member of our Meet to Marry community about how to handle the heartbreak of being with wrong people twice. . . and what do instead...

Go ahead, spill the beans: what's your best speed dating story?

Well, that makes two of us. I mean, what’s to like? That awkwardness. Those stilted, five-minute conversations. The pre-evening anxiety, topped only by the post-event headache. That big, stuffy room full of nervous strangers, who, just like you, only want to find The One. Yes. Speed dating is a ro...

We love sharing Sara's story- she's a Meet to Marry client who worked with Bari for a year and saw so many positive transformations in her life!

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Wherever you live and whatever you've been through, 2018 could be YOUR year for true, healthy love. So often people think they need to move or it's not in the cards, so they focus on work! No more of that! Making an actionable plan is the first step. You do it in business, you can do it for love. . . and make the space for your best friend and partner. Let's do this together and make your best year ever! ❤️

Some Jewish singles in South Florida who have made New Year's resolutions to marry within a year have seen their dreams come true. However, although Jewish singles can meet their matches online through JDate and other dating websites as well as Jewish singles groups, matchmaking experts feel the res...

Happy New Year! We still have a few tickets available for our event in New York City next week, and we'd love to see you there!

What are you doing New Year's Eve? Want this to be your last year without someone to kiss as the ball drops? Maybe it's time for a reset. Our 7 Day Dating Reset will help you make a fresh start for 2018!

Hi everyone, I wanted to take a moment to wish you all -- the Meet to Marry community a joyful, and comfy holiday season and New Year filled with the excitement and optimism rooted in clarity that this is the year you're meeting and marrying your true love. I'm blessed to spend my days seeing the miracle of our participants open up to to person they truly are -- their essence -- and open up to the life they deserve all the way to meeting, marrying and beyond. Today Michael an...d I will volunteer at the animal shelter and bring the dogs toys and treats to make their lives better while waiting for a furever home. And whatever your vision is of how you'll spend it with your beloved is what I stand with you for. Whether you're single and waiting to find your one, or married and with your true love, or in a relationship you're building, know that Michael and I and our Meet at Marry family are here for you and wishing you an extraordinary love-filled and an ever-expanding connection.

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We get it. The holidays can be hard when you're single- AGAIN, and wondering why you can't find the right person. Don't be overwhelmed with feelings of 'not good enough'- we are here for you! We'd like to share some ideas for boosting your self-confidence as you head into the holiday season. XOXO- Bari

Meet to Marry client Rebecca shares her story of working with Bari to find the love of her life.

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Single in New York City? We'd love to meet you! We'll be in Brooklyn one month from today, on January 11. Hope you can join us!