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About Megan
  • Christ follower. Music Lover. Photo Taker. OBU Alumna.
Favorite Quotes
  • "get crunk.. the christian way of course!"-the girls at church camp

    "im so glad you look like reese witherspoon and not barbra striesand" -me to brittany

    "so i guess spencer descided to step up his game at camp last year.. and i guess he was just too crunk the christian way to see what Big Bird REALLY looked like!!" - me!!

    "life is delicious.. with assorted jellys and jams" -brittanys grandma

    "you put cocaine in your hair??.." -spencer

    "wait.. so the macarena is in spanish??" -me

    Tyler:"What's wrong with her?"
    Zac:"No. Just No.."
    Zac:"Dude, she already has a girlfriend.."

    "I just can't believe his tactics to impressing girls...My little brother has better skills at impressing you!" -britt

    Britt: In one of your notes I was like im mexican, no im crunkin like its a race.. haha
    Me: OMG! Thats so funny!... I dont get it
    Britt: repeats first line...
    Me: Oh I get it! I thought you meant a running race... like a mexican racing to the border or something!! haha..

    "He doesn't deserve to wear vans!!" -britt

    me and britt playin slap jack:
    Me:"When playing slap jack, you only slap when theres a jack."
    Brittany:"And if you slap it when there isn't a jack.. YOU DIE!" haha

    My Dad: "A bradford tree is like yalls friendship.. it blooms in the spring time, and DIES in the winter."
    Britt: "Thats sooo sad!"

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