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Dayton Skei
April 21, 2013
This is by far my most favourite pizza place in Vancouver. Such great deals, great food and awesome staff and super convenient hours. Probably why I've been going for over a year haha
Sarah Jackson
· February 16, 2014
My favorite late night spot. Such delicious pizza and great staff! Michaelangelo is the man!
Patrick Dumalasa
· July 4, 2014
The best pizza ever! pizza is as great as customer service.
Fe Ostonal Mercado
· June 20, 2013
Love the taste of different pizza and donair . Love the very friendly guy there, too! He loves filipinas and filipinos. He's a real kabayan. Come visit! Super delicious!!
Soran Shim
March 4, 2013
벤쿠버 홍길동 피자:). Thank you for giving me special pizza. It was awesome:). I would like to reccomend this restaurant to all korens haha:). Thanks Candian Hong!
Shaun Lang
July 5, 2013
Michaelangelo is a modern day Robin Hood who will feed the hungry with his awesome pizza! Check him out on 420 Richards street!
Ikuyo Okahara
· May 6, 2014
Great pizza place ever in the world☆
Ryuki Sato
· March 10, 2014
If you are Japanese, you have to go there cuz we need more samurai!!
Annalise Gill
April 21, 2013
Amazing food, amazing price, wonderful personality and incredible service! Thank you :)
Maureen Thorne
· November 30, 2013
Well I think it's the best of the best
Yuta Naganoma
· May 11, 2014
Best pizza say hi he will reward you
Nice yellow samurai
Carmelo Dangerfeild Caulfield
· April 28, 2014
Damn good donair, even better than Big Kahuna burger.
Tariq Iqbal
· September 9, 2013
Best pizza in the best place shout out to Michael angelo!
Yacine Hadjaz-Timizar
July 29, 2013
On my way to eat the cheapest pizza of Vancity!!
Kevin Berna
June 15, 2013
No doubt the best in town
Hyojeong Kim
· November 7, 2013
I like this Gildong-Hong pizza.
Delicious and no tax!!
Ken Handa
· February 27, 2014
Yellow Samurai is best pizza store.Kkk(*^^*)
Sharong Lee
December 11, 2013
Yummy, I like the crispy and juicy chicken!!
Raymond Hyuk Jae Chang
April 1, 2013
홍길동 피자 마싯당 I come to vancouver for this pizza from korea
Anna Sanga Jeon
· February 8, 2014
Super friendly and super nice pizza :-)
We Love JAPAN In VANCOUVER! ........... @ Yellow Samurai Kebob n Hong gil Dong Pizza at Michael Angelos Mega Slice Pizza.
Japaaaaaan We at Yellow Samurai love you. ....
IRISH YOGA STARS!..Kiki Kiki. :))))

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Tina Kalnow to Michael Angelos Mega Slice Pizza & Donair Inc.

Hey Michael Angelo! What time are you open until on Friday? Me and the hubby want to come for some amazing chicken donair pizza!!!

Happy new year friends. Hope you all had a great new year eve .
Mine was not so happy.
I chopped part of my index finger while slicing some meat at home with meat slicer. Lost so much blood and was a little painful but after I went to Burnaby Hospital seeing many people Way worse then me .I start thinking and Thanking God that there a lot of people worse then me plus Burnaby Hospital Doctor was a Funny Guy.. He said you did a nice job ha ha ha. Noting to stich the piece... of finger missing it is allready gone. So just will take years the meat missing on finger to grow back. So they asked me to go back in 3 days so Sunday 7pm I gotta go show the Doctor the proses. So lucky ha. No more finger prints like my ex Taiwan Honey said hahaha. She is so funny, a pity that after 4 years of our hard work she quit on me and the business. I may have to sublease the business to some people but I will be still doing Delevery and catering of pizza and donairs if I recovered from this finger. It may take few months to heal to be able work.

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Chicken Donair Pizza made 3 to give away tomorrow to some lucky people.

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Japan Santa and helpers Invasion.

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CHRISTMAS singing by a real Santa came and gives cookies away.

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Dear friends Happy Holiday season & Merry Christmas to you from Yellow Samurai , Japan Santa & Santa helpers