Hello everyone,

After 5 years of music, memories, and amazing fans, Me Gusta is going into retirement.

Its been an awesome journey since our first releases in 2008, but today we find ourselves in a place for new mindsets and opportunities.

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Chune did a small feature on dom$olo & Me Gusta breaking down their thoughts on 1000 BLUNTS.


dom$olo is a producer of hip-hop instrumentals, doused in that funky flavor I can't get enough of. He was featured on Kaytranada's last two mixes, so it was onl

dom$olo's *Return2Da4thChamber* featured in Kaytranada's new mix for SSENSE.

Check the vibe. Big ups.


Check out OG Status' exclusive interview with dom$olo.

Very inspirational material.


We're excited to share with you this special interview, but first allow me to explain how we got here... Earlier this month as part of my usual routine surfing the waves of the internetz, SoundClou...

Unreleased Snipped from yours truly.

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Big ups to Kaytranada for featuring dom$olo's BrownShugaPackets in his new mix for Live For The Funk

These vibes never stop. Enjoy & Share.

If you haven't downloaded 1000 BLUNTS yet, get that here:

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As much as it feels weird to even use the phrase "beat scene" in 2013, you'd be hard pressed to find something more representative of thi...

Classic Me Gusta 4 all the OG fans & those unfamiliar with our first work.

Big things are in store. Enjoy.

6 track album

If you're seriously sleeping on 1000 BLUNTS we got problems.

Itchin' to do a Me Gusta cassette release. Who want it?

Happy New Year!

Its officially 2013 and things couldn't be better.

2012 was a landmark year for Me Gusta & we have huge plans for things to come.


New music, videos, mixes, & merchandise are just a few of the big things we have planned for the next year & who knows what will happen.

Keep your spirits high & stay tuned for big things.

Wishing all of you a very happy New Year.

Keep Listening,

Me Gusta

P.S. Thank you for getting us to over 9000 likes! Appreciate all the extended love.

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Planning on making some new Me Gusta t-shirts & pins. Who's interested in some new merch?

We have a dipset poster on our studio wall & people still think we're playin' games. #megusta408


Merry X-Mas to all the Me Gusta fans around the entire world.

Today we want to say thank you for continuing to support us in every way possible.

Today we find ourselves at almost 9000 fans here on Facebook, with new listeners finding us everyday.


dom$olo's 1000 BLUNTS has received 4000 plays & 500 downloads since its release 4 days ago, & momentum continues to build.

Thank you to everyone out there who has shared the release on their pages, & spread the word to their friends.

We're working on big things for 2013, but for now we hope you'll continue to enjoy & share 1000 BLUNTS.

1 Love & Keep Listening,

Sean Paul Richards & Dominic Lopez
-Me Gusta

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18 track album

dom$olo - ~**wutevz**~

Watch, download, share.

dom$olo - ~**wutevz**~ 1000 BLUNTS Exclusive first video for dom$olo's wutevz off of 1000 BLUNTS. Very cinematic material. Download 1000 BLUNTS, enjoy & share. Enjoy…

The Vimeo link for dom$olo's ~**wutevz**~ is back online.

Watch, download, & share. dom$olo is on the rise.

dom$olo - ~**wutevz**~ 1000 BLUNTS Exclusive first video for dom$olo's wutevz off of 1000 BLUNTS. Very cinematic material. Download 1000 BLUNTS, enjoy & share. Enjoy…

dom$olo - ~**wutevz**~ Single 2 ~ 1000 BLUNTS

free download -->

free download --> not a soundtrack to the end of the world, just a bunch of geto...

the vimeo links being a putita right now so here's the youtube link for the ~**wutevz**~ video. check it out, this shit's hella pretty 4real

2nd single off 1000 BLUNTS vid edit by Miguel Valle more shit dwn here vvvvvv