MKT Photography added 4 new photos — with Marie Wit.

I've been doing studio portraits lately since it's freezing outside. I was unsure whether I should post these here since it's not cosplay, but I figured it's been a bit quiet on this page and I'd let people know what I've been up to. All of this work will just help to make my cosplay photography even better after all.

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Ai-Kon's Winterfest is coming up on Feb 24th, and I'm excited to announce that we at MKT Photography will be part of the Cosplay Skills Faire from 4-6pm!

It's an opportunity for anyone to freely come chat and ask questions about what we do and how we do it. Want to know what's involved in a photo shoot? Curious about Photoshop? Need tips on posing? Just drop by and ask!

The Cosplay Skills Faire is located on the first floor in the hall behind the Box Office, next to the Maid... Cafe. Check out the posts in this event for a map.

Hope to see you all there!

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Sat 4:00 PM UTC-06RBC Convention Centre WinnipegWinnipeg, MB, Canada
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Laurana Ranta-Ojala
· July 25, 2017
Worked with her 3 times. She is very friendly and professional. I never had a bad experience with her. She works hard and is very talented in her craft. Would recommend her to anyone.
Madelyn Kopp
· July 24, 2017
She was amazing! Her photography is beautiful, and she was very nice. I'm very glad I chose to have her take my photos. They all turned out beautifully! I would like to thank her so much for the work she does! See More
Angelica Northam
· June 14, 2017
She is always a pleasure to work with super friendly. The photos were breathtaking, I had always imagined having photos like this of my costumes and I can’t even begin to express how much I love them.... I look forward to working together again in the future. See More
Ashley-Rose Coubrough
· July 23, 2017
Super fun pair to work with
They help out with posing as much as they can
Very friendly too :) great time
Carla Carrillo
· March 30, 2017
The pictures Melissa took of me in my cosplay from Ai-kon and the Spirit Sands were all amazing! She put a lot of effort into the shoots and photos, and overall she’s an incredibly fun person to work ...with. I’m really looking forward to doing more photoshoots with her again in the future! See More
Yuki Apoy
· April 3, 2017
Love working with her. She's super nice and has good ideas for most of my past shoots. I am even able to come up with my own ideas too most of the time cause I got no dignity lmao.
Princess Serenity - Layer by Layer
2015 Year In Review
Sailor Saturn - Sped Up Edit
MKT Photography is with Danielle Papaya.

Throwback to Jan 2015 and the 2nd cosplay shoot I ever did! But with present day editing skills. (I thought I posted this photo back then, but apparently I didn't!)

Man, I've really come a long way with my photography skills in the last 3 years. I had my first speed light back then but I had absolutely no idea what to do with it and still just shot with natural light most of the time. Now I won't shoot without a flash if I can help it!

This shot of Temari from the anime was inspired by the chunin exams arc where Temari is fighting against Shikamaru. There's a moment when she jumps back away from Shikamaru's shadow jutsu and draws a line in the dirt to calculate his reach. This is that moment.

I'd really like to do a group Naruto shoot one day and recreate some cool scenes from the anime. That would be really nostalgic. I know there are still loads of Naruto fans, but I wonder how many people (still) have cosplays from Naruto today? Leave a comment if you do and let me know who you have!

Cosplayer: Pineapple Guava Cosplay

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MKT Photography added 2 new photos — with Michiru Roebuck.

Can I just say, the ice castles at the Forks are well worth going to. Hard to take photos at, but really wonderful to go see.

We were hoping to book a proper shoot time there, but unfortunately we could only go in when it was open to the public. We were grateful just for that, but this meant we were really restricted in what shots we could take because there were just so many people (and kids excited to see Elsa) there.

Character: Elsa from Frozen...
Cosplayer: Angel's Parties

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This is a big reason why I love working with cosplayers. They have so much incredible talent, creativity, and resourcefulness, and they put soooo much hard work into their costumes. You should all be proud. I know I'm proud to be able to capture just some of that in my photos.

Took advantage of the recent mild winter weather and did a photo shoot with Frozen's Elsa in her coronation dress. The nice thing about shooting outside during winter is that almost no one else was around at the time! Whenever I'm out with Elsa in a public place, we always get stopped by people who want a photo with her. It's always lovely to see people excited by the cosplayers I'm with, but it does make it difficult to shoot sometimes!

Cosplayer: Angel's Parties

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Cosplay has no age limit. Good on this lady for doing something that makes her happy and healthy despite what other people may think!

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The Good Guyde

This 70-year-old’s got spunk and is possibly Singapore’s oldest cosplayer.

MKT Photography is with Melissa Kee Tin and Keely Beach.
January 16

I was going through old photos for a presentation I'm doing next week and came across this shoot back in fall of 2016. There were so many good things about this day. It was on my birthday and the fall day was absolutely beautiful. Keely's outfit matched in perfectly with the fall colours too, and I got some really lovely shots without using flash at all. This is one I didn't post before in favour of many others where she was smiling and laughing, but it's okay to be serious and pensive sometimes, and I think it's a lovely shot all the same.

Model: Keely Beach

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MKT Photography is with Melissa Kee Tin and Keely Beach.
January 12

My favourite shot of Keely from our first shoot of 2018, just lounging around looking glamorous. It's basically a culmination of the things I spoke about on the previous two images: a full body shot and a nice background.

Apparently I like having lights in my photos too?

Model: Keely Beach...
Assistant: Leigh Moyer
Co-shooter: Adriano Ali

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MKT Photography added 2 new photos — with Melissa Kee Tin and 3 others.
January 10

First couple of shots of Keely from our first shoot of 2018. Keely is always really easy going and fun to work with. I'll write more specific things on each image, so be sure to click on them individually if you're interested in hearing my thoughts. My favourite shot from the session is still to come.

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MKT Photography added 2 new photos — with Adriano Ali.
January 8

Here's a side we never really see of Adriano, a photographer almost everyone in the Winnipeg cosplay community knows. We had some time to kill while we waited for others to arrive, and it turns out Adriano is a pretty good model.

I'm glad we had the time to do this, because Adriano is always behind the camera tirelessly taking photos of other people and just generally being a friendly, helpful guy. So it's nice to be able to give a little back. It's also a rather different experience to take photos of another photographer, and that was fun too!

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Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor
MKT Photography shared Foto D'Adriano's photo — with Keely Beach and 2 others.
January 8

First shoot of 2018! Thanks to Foto D'Adriano once again for spurring me into action and capturing some behind the scenes shots.

MKT Photography is with Melissa Kee Tin and Jenileen Cruz.
January 4

And here is my favourite shot from the formal shoot with Adriano and Jenileen prior to Christmas. Why is it my favourite? Jenileen just looks so gorgeous and elegant here. She looks confident (I love capturing confidence in my photos) and you can imagine she's just stepped out for a moment from some formal party and something (or someone) has caught her attention down below.

I also love how the colours and lighting are spot on! Huge thanks to Adriano Ali for inviting me along... to the shoot, to Leigh Moyer for assisting with my lights, and of course to Jenileen Cruz for modeling and being her lovely self.

Model: Jenileen Cruz
Photographer: Melissa Kee Tin
Assistant: Leigh Moyer
Host: Adriano Ali

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2018 is filled with good things for all! Here is a collection of some of my most liked cosplay images from instagram (@melissakeetin). Thank you to everyone who has shown your appreciation of my work either with a like or a comment or a follow! It means the world to me and to all the people I photograph too!

*Long post ahead warning*
Going through this process, I can't help reflecting once again on how "likes" really don't tell you anything.... There are so many reasons why someone will like a post. Yeah, some people do genuinely just like what you've posted, but others will like your post just because you're friends, or family, or because they are friends with the person in it. (Not dissing their support, just saying.) Strangers will like your post just because they like the character, or recognise them, or can appreciate the cosplay, and numerous other reasons. On Instagram in particular, businesses will like your post (and follow you) just hoping to get more business for themselves (and then unfollow you later).

And overshadowing all of that is just how few people actually see your post anyway, due to dodgy algorithms and oversaturated newsfeeds and when it is you actually post it.

My point is, as an artist constantly trying to improve my skills, "likes" aren't a measure of how well I'm doing, and they're not a measure of how well you're doing either. The images I feel most proud of aren't always the ones that get the most likes, and I can't be disheartened by that. The majority of people just don't understand where I'm at or how much work I had to put in to get there. Or they just don't know photography. And it's the same for all of you too. If I share my work in a photography group, I get about 3-5 times more reactions and 8 times more comments than I do on my own page. It should be obvious why. Target audience matters.

So if you need encouragement in whatever you're doing this year, turn to the people who can actually understand your journey, whether that's from you explaining it to them, or because they are on a similar path to you. Life is hard, and there's a lot of people who are all too willing to pull you down. Don't get sucked in by what the world is telling you. Pursue your own goals and dreams, and do it alongside those people who have the same dreams as you.

As for me, this year I hope to shoot more, meet more people, and continue to improve my skills in a more active way. I've been thinking about running a competition or two as well, so keep an eye out for that. And I'm also wanting to do better social media posts as well. It's always encouraging to hear what other people's hopes and dreams are for 2018 too, so please leave a comment or send me a PM if you'd like to talk about it! Hope to hear from you,

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MKT Photography added 2 new photos — with Melissa Kee Tin and Jenileen Cruz.

I was invited to shoot with Adriano and the lovely and talented Jenileen just before Christmas. It's been a while since I last did a shoot like this so I had to shake off a bit of rust, but we had fun and got some great shots together. I do like to photograph formal/evening wear every now and then. It really is just another form of dressing up!

Model: Jenileen Cruz
Makeup & Hair: Jenileen Cruz
Photographer: Melissa Kee Tin ...
Assistant: Leigh Moyer

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