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Mercy Ships Tour - Kingston
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Happy International Happiness Day everyone! Thank you for spreading so much happiness on the wards of our hospital ship - your support is transforming lives every single day.

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You may have seen Justine's incredible story in the press recently... This brave girl was born with bowed legs, and her condition got worse and worse until her feet were bent entirely backwards. It became almost impossible for her to get to school, and owing to the lack of safe, affordable surgical care in Cameroon, there was nowhere to turn for help.

But your support has given Justine the help she so desperately needed. Mercy Ships volunteer experts have corrected her legs and feet, and our physiotherapists have built up her strength. Now Justine's future is filled with possibilities, and it's all thanks to you.

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A simple, 20-minute cataracts surgery can give sight to the blind. Will you take that 20 minutes at #SH2018 to learn more about our critical life-saving work in Africa?

We provide cataract surgeries and other free treatment to those who have been living in darkness. We're looking forward to meeting you in Harrogate, Skegness and Minehead. #ChangeTheOdds

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Episode One of The Surgery Ship is available to watch now on the iPlayer: This was shown last night on BBC ALBA - a Gaelic-language channel in Scotland. If you don't speak Gaelic, don't worry! There are a few more subtitles to read, but the English voices remain unchanged.

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If it's important enough for Archbishop @JohnSentamu to change his holiday plans to be with us at #SH2018 in Harrogate on April 3, then what about you? Let us know if you'll be joining too!

To watch the Archbishop’s message about Spring Harvest coming to Harrogate:

Archbishop John Sentamu has some very exciting news! And we're just as excited to be heading to Harrogate next April to a brand new venue. As well as #SH2018...

Are you a Scottish Gaelic speaker? If so, be sure to check out The Surgery Ship, an award-winning series about Mercy Ships that starts tomorrow (Thursday) on BBC ALBA in Scotland. Catch episode one at 10.25pm. Our understanding is that the series will be dubbed in Gaelic with English subtitles - and that it will appear on the iPlayer. More info to come!

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Happy Mother's Day to you all! 🎉

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Are you coming to our Mercy Ships Tour event in Kingston on Saturday night? A handful of tickets will be available on the door... Don't miss out! All the info is here: Mercy Ships Tour - Kingston Upon Thames

Sat 7:30 PM UTCSt Paul's Church Queens Road Kingston upon Thames KT2 7SF
42 people interested

This International Women's Day, join with us to remember the world's Forgotten Women.

The WHO estimates that globally 50,000 to 100,000 women sustain obstetric fistulas during childbirth every year - and many of these women are unable to access the care they desperately need.

Fistula is a preventable, treatable condition that primarily affects young, poor women - and because it leads to incontinence, these women are often forced to live in shame, rejected by their

Mercy Ships offers free, safe surgery to many of these women in each country we visit. Give a gift today to transform a life:

Read Nana's incredible story here:


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Mairamou and her husband were eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child.

Then disaster struck.

After a long, painful labour, Mairamou lost the baby. Even worse, the prolonged labour caused her physical damage: she was left incontinent because of an obstetric fistula.


In the UK, this condition would be treated immediately. But in countries such as Cameroon, where there are only 80 physicians for every million people, Mairamou couldn't get the treatment she needed, and she became a social outcast.

Then, just three months after the death of her baby, Mairamou's husband suddenly passed away.

At the age of 20, Mairamou had lost everything.

Over the next seven long years, Mairamou tried to stay positive. She tried to spend time with her church community. But even there, she found herself unwelcome. “People don’t want me there,” she said sadly. “They would tell me to go home because of the smell.”

Mairamou decided her only option was to isolate herself. When she wasn’t selling koki (black-eyed peas) at the local market, she sat at home by herself. “I didn’t know where my life was headed,” she said. “I prayed every day to be healed from this disease.”

Then, Mairamou heard about Mercy Ships on the local radio. At first she was so scared of being disappointed that she didn't want to travel to the ship - but then her courage took over. “By the grace of God, this will work,” the now 27-year-old Mairamou told herself.

On the Africa Mercy she received a free, life-transforming operation. She also met other women who had suffered as she had; who had felt the same rejection. They would sing together in the hospital hallways as they convalesced.

“I will always think of this place and be happy for as long as I live,” Mairamou said as she prepared to return home. “I received free clothing, free care, free food – everything was given in love. I feel so blessed.”

Mairamou's life was transformed forever by your generosity. Support more women like her today.


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Mercy Ships has published a new paper on its work teaching the World Health Organisation's Surgical Safety Checklist in Madagascar. The results are remarkable. Read our news story:…/checklist-success-in-madag…/

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Volunteer paediatric surgeon Dr Sherif Emil appeared on Canadian TV last week to talk about our work - watch the short clip here:…

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Here's the Mercy Ships dental team celebrating with their 6,000th patient in Cameroon last week. That's a whopping 6,000 people who have been helped thanks to your support!

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Did you know... Mercy Ships is a truly a global organisation! With 16 national offices spanning five continents, we have crew members currently serving onboard from 36 different countries - and 147 volunteers from the UK served last year. We love the unique cultures and personalities that our international volunteers bring. Want to join them?

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The Mercy Ships eye surgery mentoring programme gives local doctors the chance to shadow surgeons onboard the Africa Mercy, and gain further technical experience in the field. Cameroonian healthcare professionals are also trained how to train others, giving them teaching abilities they can bring back to their own hospitals. Together, our hope is to see a changing vision in this nation.

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