Hamlet Music Video
Metal Shakespeare Co on Contetest of Wits
Sonnet 66 Live

Behold--compositions which we didst withhold, now at last unto the world unleash'd, though old.

3 track album

Though onward in the battle of wits Viceroy Mathew did not go,
His majesty Trebeck didst instinctively our first lyrick know.

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As you from crimes would pardon'd be, Let your indulgence set me free.

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Theater can change lives.

Are you celebrating this #WorldTheatreDay?


The Metal Shakespeare Company live at Spaceland in Los Angeles on June 3, 2008. The lyrics are selections of Julius Caesar. Most of the dancers are from the ...

One doth wonder of the minstrel once dubbed Sir Riley, which hath growne more, his beard or his renown?

Drummer Riley Geare is UMO’s backbone, but he’s also one of Portland’s rising studio wizards.

When we didst battle upon the stage, we were but base brawlers compared to these maids.

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Brandon Williams is with Neo Souljah and 22 others.

You will be TOTALLY amazed at this video!!

This renditionne doth glorify the Elizabethan qualities of this faire tune, which oft we played for far too longe.

Yes, it’s only the second week of Undercover 2015, and we’re already looking at our second and third banjos of the season. But behold the power of Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn, who took the classic-rock staple “The Final Countdown” and reimagined it for banjos and wig. Yes, when Fleck—who’s been

They say what once was worn comes 'round againe. The return of the lower appendages' proper garment is long overdue!

Thanks to Russell Westbrook's new Barneys collaboration.

Thou wert a giant among the costumed.
May ye find that green slime thou didst release
Richly supplied in afterlife's theatre,
And tyrants and bigots tortured and gored
Before thy mob, by whom you were adored.

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Why didst ne'er we design to joine forces with China's vast treasury? It doth seem simple now.

Brilliant General Caius Martius returns to Rome a hero. Having conquered the city of Corioles he is named Coriolanus and persuaded to run for Consul. However, when he is rejected by the ‘common people’ Coriolanus vows to destroy Rome and joins forces with his enemy Aufidius to mount an attack.

Knock, knock at your heart and see if a Muslim "Measure for Measure" doth answer.

Does Shakespeare always have to be our contemporary? Many theatregoers will surely have had moments when they answered "no" – when the prospect of a period production of the play they're watching will have risen up like a tantalising mirage, overlaying the storm-troopers or the city bankers or the E...

This space reserved for monarch.

In one of Britain’s most dramatic modern archaeological finds, tests identified the remains of the reviled English monarch, a discovery that could lead to a reassessment of his reign.

Viceroy Matthew hath made cunning use use of his brush and quill.

And yay, whilst we are idle the scribes of Cracked do still sing our praises.

Metal Shakespeare Company What happens when you take a group of metal loving English Majors and get them drunk? The single greatest thing on the internet is born. I speak, of course, of The Metal Shakespeare Company.

The metal jesters of VH1's That Metal Show cometh to Seattle, Portland, Chicago and Detroit anon. May their jibes and gambols fill your bardcore-less hearts.

Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson from VH1's That Metal Show performing live That Metal Tour... Buy Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson That Metal Tour Tickets May 4 Seattle May 5 Portland June 15 Cubby Bear Chcago June 16th Harpos Detroit
The Metal Shakespeare Company updated their cover photo.
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