A little recap of this week mixing broadcast for the March Madness Music Festival. Guy of Le Mobile handled the music mix while I handled the live to Direct TV and web stream production mixes in TNDV's incredible truck, Exclamation. John Harris (pictured in Le Mobile. He came in to mix Aerosmith the final night.) What a fun and exhausting week.

Having some fun mixing a little NCAA Fencing on ESPN3 for TNDV. Thanks for having me out dudes!

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Just a typical Monday morning syncing video and audio between 3 venues thousands of miles apart. Crazy.

What a killer crew for Chick-fil-a's operator event. Fun times with some great guys and gals. Team audio killed it!

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Very excited to use the brown boxes on this one. K1 over K2 mains, K2 center cluster delay hang. The coverage is incredible and the louvers on the bottom K2 mains are keeping our thrust and B stage nice and quiet. A no brainier with an SD5 at FOH manned by the best, Jeff Sandstrom. All of our keynotes are speaking from the B stage 75' in front of the main hang and we're solid. A combo of the 30 degree azimuth on the mains, K2 louvers, the help of our center delay, and Waves PSE, WNS, and X-fdbk are saving us on this one. Nice work by Mid America Sound on the deployment and Kyle Spurling, the SE for tuning like a boss.

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Here we go Chick-Fil-A! Load in day 2. 1 arena, 5 ballrooms, 1 theatre, a lot of L'Acoustic boxes (thanks to MAS) a killer crew, and hopefully some free chicken in the end. Finger's crossed on that one.

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Finally got around to making things official for these 2 incredible manufacturers. #studer #audinate

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My "office of the day" photo is an actual office today. Shout out to my wife for taking a break from professoring and letting me take over her space to gear up for Chick-Fil-A's annual Operator event. 1 Arena, 6 large breakout spaces, LOTS of RF, 100's of cues, and hopefully some free chicken this year. Stoked to have Jason Glass of Clean Wireless Audio at the RF helm, and so soon. We should make a habit of this gig a month thing, dude. Also, Tim Green ( is handling production coordination. You know the schedules and gear will be right with Tim at the helm. I'll check back with you all in a couple weeks with some pics and updates.

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A few highlights from Passion 2017.

Soooooo. Last year, 3 venue link transmission, this year SPAAAAACE! Kinda freaking out right now. TNDV crushing the game! Very stoked to be among some badasses fixing last minute tech problem with SPACE and pulling this off. Just chatting with the ISS. NBD.

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This pic equals peace of mind. Jason Glass (Clean Wireless Audio) is one of the best in the biz. So stoked to be working together. It's nice to not have to think about RF and to be confident that every tiny detail has been calculated and anticipated.

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Sorting out last minute details for Passion 2017. Excited to be working with Clair Brothers, Clean Wireless Audio, TNDV, Black and White Live, Sonnet House, and Riedel this year. Couldn't be surrounded by a more pro group of guys and gals! Let's make some noise.

Configuring the audio network for a Sinewave gig today. 1 Core 2 update and a fader bank cable reseat and we're up and running.

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Nice one in London today with OneRepublic at the Apple Music Festival. Really stellar crew making crazy stuff happen with nearly zero time. Cool to see everyone operating at extremely high levels and nailing the show.

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Rocking NFL kickoff pre-game with OneRepublic. ATK and crew make it another easy day.

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So, I've gotta say, DirectOut Technologies might be my new favorite company. I've got 2 of their products out right now with OneRepublic: the ANNA.LISA (MADI analyzer and signal generator) and ANDIAMO 2.DA (MADI to analog DA). Both are provided by VER. We just did a big broadcast/recording in Manila for MTV Asia and the ANDIAMO's handled a few of the analog only sends as we aren't carrying any analog splitters. The brunt of the sends were strictly MADI and we were able to ver...ify (pre line check) the correct routing, sample rate, etc. utilizing the ANNA.LISA's signal generator as well as the metering function while paired to an Android tablet. We've also been running into the SRC DirectOut makes quite a bit at almost all of the broadcast gigs we've been a part of. These guys are making some of the best digital audio gear out there and are some of the smartest folks in the industry I've met.

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Always an easy day with these cats. Fallon preceded by The Voice. We're definitely getting spoiled working with the best of the best coast to coast.

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