What is Akram Boutros thankful for this year? All of our amazing caregivers who impact so many people in so many ways, every day. Happy Thanksgiving from our MetroHealth family to yours!
Welcome back Lincoln-West School of Science and Health students! We're so excited for another year of collaboration with Cleveland Metropolitan School District!
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Did you know April is Minority Health Month? All month we'll be sharing stories of people in our community making a difference. Know somebody we should feature? Let us know! #MinorityHealthMonth

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Today's Advanced Practice Providers Conference was the first zero waste event at MetroHealth! Thanks to Rust Belt Riders, Stone Soup CLE, Sustainable Cleveland 2019 and Cuyahoga Recycles for helping out! Learn more about zero waste goals to increase sustainable events and workplaces:

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Abu Jibreel Rashed
· April 15, 2018
Worst experience ever. If you have a new born do not take them to metro hospitals. My new born needed blood work done the metroExpress clinic refused to do so because I got there at 12:55 and they at 2 but the carrier needed 1 hour to transport the samples because it was to close to close to closing I was sent away because they couldn’t wait a couple of minutes literally. Mind you there was not a single person in the waiting room they weren’t to busy to do it they simply didn’t want to wait. Metro health has no compassion for new borns or for any one for that matter. I will be going to Cleveland clinic from now on. See More
Laurence Van Asche
· February 7, 2018
Hopefully you don’t need immediate help when using the Beachwood facility. My daughter couldn’t get in to see Dr Vanessa Maier. So we went to another Dr but had to go to Cleveland Hts. This Doc said s...he was fine even tho she had a 102 degree fever and cough. We called Dr. Maier to call in a prescription. The answering service was very helpful and said they would mark it as urgent and send it to the doc. 48 hrs later we still don’t have a prescription. When we called again we were told that the Dr can’t stop seeing patients to call in prescriptions. (As if patients in the office are more important than those that call in) They also said that the Dr has 72 hrs to call in a prescription. Unbelievable! Is that good medicine....I think not! See More
Vincent Fiocco
· April 1, 2018
How long does it typically take to schedule a surgery? I have been trying to schedule my hernia operation since March 9th. During that time span I have called four times and sent at least 2 emails.... After my first surgeon blew me off for 21 days he then pawned me off onto another surgeon who’s receptionist said he would call me on 29th or the 30th. The never did call. Feeling like you guys just don’t want a patient. See More
Zhana Robinson
· February 11, 2018
My daughter who they knew as Katie Thorn just spent a over 1 week on the trauma floor 7c and i would like to thanks those who helped her get better and answer any question even if it was a question ...that make you laugh everyone was so genuine and had great teamwork . I would like to thank personally the surgery team, the trauma doctors and all the RN Andrea G, Nick B ,Steven M ,Ashley M, Rich T, Lauren B, Alma
to all the ccp Darcell B, Cady R, Asya F, Kanella A , Ashley H ,Ashley Z,Lapraydia H,
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Jennifer Ritsert
· September 8, 2017
Twice now metro has almost killed my mother. First time was around six years ago, she went in twice, first time they brushed it off as a cold, second time an ear infection. Finally, after not gettin...g any better she went to Fairview where they discovered it was viral meningitis. This time around, due to having lousy health insurance, she went in as she tripped on the stairs and gashed open her ankle. An x-ray determined in addition to the gash, her ankle was also fractured. They never flushed out the wound, and she kept going back every week as the wound kept bleeding and growing larger. Each time, she kept getting a different doctor, referred to a dermatologist, given a cream to rub on it, and different antibiotics. None of them actually did a culture of the wound, nor gave it more than a superficial look. The third doctor at metro stated that they should've stitched the wound from the get-go, but as too much time had passed, it was too late. Now it's an even larger gaping hole. After a month of going through metro 'experts', she finally decided to go to a different hospital as the wound just kept getting worse, the metro doctors brushing it off saying it'll heal, just be patient, and the smell of rot emanating from her ankle got to the point where it you could literally smell it several feet away from her. The doctor there did a culture, flushed the wound, and had to cut out over an inch deep of infected flesh. (They also advised her not to look down during that procedure) They discovered a blot clot had formed inside her ankle, which they said would have either caused her death or amputation of her foot. Now, she's back at the hospital right now, as they're determining if the infection has spread to her bone, thanks to Metro's incompetency. See More
Mary Dunn Coop
· September 26, 2017
As someone who has a child that has suffered severe vaccine adverse reactions and is still suffering years later, I find it not only distasteful, but downright infuriating that one of your employees w...ould publicly mock the vaccine injured on her social media account, stating that she just administered "one autism per minute" giving out hundreds of flu shots. This is not a joke to those of us who haven't slept since the day our kids got vaccinated. To our family who has had to hold our daughter while she has seizures and can't function for days on end because her brain swelled due to heavy metal poisoning. Please train your staff to do some serious research and listen to parents and patients who are screaming this from the rooftops. It's happening, whether that hurts your bottom line or not. See More
Ginger Taylor
· September 26, 2017
Allowing your employees to mock vaccine injury, rather than training them on it and how to treat injury victims with respect, it the mark of an abusive system. It is behavior like that of MaryClaire ...Grigson that proves that the industry should have their liability protection for vaccine injury and death removed, so that they can be sued in open court for the harm they do to patients with their ignorance and one size fits all vaccine programs. Fire Ms. Grigson and begin training on vaccine safety, starting with educating your staff with on Vaccine Induced Encephalopathy, per the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. See More
Bridgett Deem Nelson
· September 26, 2017
Whether or not your staff believes vaccines cause autism, they should NOT be making crude, public comments about those who suffer on the spectrum. I'm an RN and also the mother of a vaccine-injured c...hild. I'm appalled that a fellow nurse could be so callous and heartless. To those of us who have to deal with autism on a day to day basis, and who watched our child succumb following vaccinations, there is nothing remotely funny about the comments Maryclaire Grigson made via Facebook. It reflects horribly on your organization and even worse on her character.

Hope she's proud of herself for judging those she cares for and their families.
Deplorable, truly.
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Autumn Chittum-Vestal
· September 26, 2017
I am appalled at the health care "professional" Maryclaire Grigson. That was mockery. It's insensitive, unprofessional, and disgusting.
How does her attitude help anyone?? That was piss poor, inflamm...atory dialogue that hurts those who experienced first hand and believe that the onset of Autism post vaccination is more than coincidence. I would advise your HR department to look hard at the possible ramifications of statements like this. As a health care facility, I would encourage you all to look at the facts versus blindly following what you are told to do. People are hurting and this throws salt in the wound. See More
Erica Bartik
· March 27, 2018
Couldn't spot a simple ear/sinus infection, then teferred me to another of their facilities whete staff couldn't even figure out the check in procedure. Don't go to metro!
Lorene Haythorn Eppolite
· September 26, 2017
As the parent of a medically proven, vaccine injured child, I am not only saddened I am also disgusted that an employee of your health care system would mock parents in such a way. We are lucky my so...n survived, but some don't. I am calling for the dismissal of this employee, and any other who thinks it's funny to mock vaccine injured persons. See More
Latanya Tidmore
· August 31, 2017
This once was the only hospital I would go to until I had to take my mother there and spent 2 days in the emergency room waiting on a bed that she never got .I have never been there and seen all the p...eople lined up in the hallways on beds getting they blood drawn and being treated this was the worst experience ever some nurses was nice but most had bad attitudes and should not work with people . See More
Ant Roz Bullard
· August 21, 2017
Had a Peds appt today with Dr.Vibhaker. We waited an hour then knocked on the door and asked how much longer and were told 2 hours. This is totally unacceptable! No one came out and said anything to or others in the waiting room. I had to reschedule my child and I have to take another day off work. When I asked the nurse why no one had come out to notify us she said they didn't know the Dr would be that long. Now that's a lie. How you don't know and you are the ones calling patients back and you see the Dr's schedule. Dr. Vibhaker is always late but this is a total disregard for her patients parents time and money and something needs to be done. See More
Gina Moore
· February 22, 2018
Takes forever to be seen . been waiting a few hours to go back .and then takes hours for the dr to come . only come here if you have 12+ hours to wait
Ginny Cheney
· August 15, 2017
I spoke to a Sabrina today scheduling an appointment for a new patient. Due to HIPAA laws I can't disclose much. I want Sabina to know that she has an entire family that thinks she's an Angel here on Lets just say that she went above and beyond to assist with many requests for this appointment and never once lost her patience with me. Quite the contrary. Sabina treated me like I had once or twice sat on her porch and had coffee with her. I can't thank her enough for making this extremely "anxious" call turn into a piece of cake. I would like to add that my call was at 4:50 pm. The end of Sabrinas long stressful day.
Thank you Sabrina. I hope to really share a cup of coffee one day. God Bless You. Metrohealth. Sabrina deserves a raise!!!
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Smith L Ka'Leigh
· September 13, 2017
They suck ass , they gave my infant son a infection from another baby in his room , and it killed him last month . and then they called asking about my breast milk I said I wanted it gave an address a...nd they said it was being sent a month goes by and I call today and the bitch said she threw it out because I wasn't donating it . this was my first child and you piece of shit drs nurses and everybody else took him away from and took his milk that I planned on getting jewelry made with smh . I hope you bitches are happy causing me the worst pain in my life I will be contacting my lawyer tomorrow morning.. And I forgot to mention ever since you guys killed my son and disposed of my sons milk without my consent ive been suicidal and cutting myself a lot lately . thank you guys for making my life a living hell. See More
Shannon Nicole
· September 26, 2017
Maryclaire Grigson making fun of autism like it's some kind of joke is disgusting. And to think this is a nurse who you have on your staff. I ask you rethink your hiring process and realign your nurse... hires to better ethical practices. Might suggest if your staff's morality isn't high to at least have stricter policies on social media. How repulsive! See More
Susan Bailey
· September 26, 2017
You have a nurse, Maryclsire Grigson, who posted about how many flu shots she had given in eight hours therefore creating an autistic child for each flu shot. As the mother of a child who died of a va...ccine reaction, and as a therapist who works with autistic children every day, I find this statement both ignorant and insensitive!
Rory's mom
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Cheryl Parker
· July 27, 2017
I should have learned years ago that I would never receive proper care here! I heard all of the horror stories but I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt, even when they left me in a procedure as a sedated diabetic who hadn't eaten for over 15 hours! Their patient rights state that a patient has the right to file a complaint without fear of repercussion. I have since learned that is not the case. I believe that I was denied adequate care because a doctor had a chip on his shoulder. And when I called the so-called "patient advocate" he did nothing to advocate. I even had to call him again since he failed to return my call. And even then he still never answered my questions. Oh well, I guess they meet their seedy reputation. Moving on to better providers and better care. See More
Jamie Karlowicz
· August 4, 2017
Took my 7 month old son in last night because he had 106 degrees fever and ibuprophen and acetaminophen werent breaking it. Dr. Wallis was absolutely amazing as well as our nurses Val and Stephen. The...y were excellent with the baby and you could tell they all truly cared which is rare anymore. Beyond taking great care of the baby they also were very informative explaining everything to us and answering question. An the new ER is beautiful and looks extremely clean. See More