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Been a while since I've posted. Here's a collection of a good chunk of the dummies I've been working on. Have a bit of a down time so I'll be making any people request pretty quickly. Enjoy!

Newest dummy, haven’t made anything but a heavy duty model in a while. But was a nice change of pace.

Also, happens to be the first dummy I’ve made with the new industrial lathe we just got. Came out well.


Holidays season is starting so get your orders in fast. I always fill up quick. Here’s some of my recent work, always improving these. They’ve come a long way.

Hiya everyone, I always said I would make half dummies for people who wanted one and I just completed my first order. I think it turned out very solid with multiple ways of mounting.

Selling it for an even $100. I might adjust the price as I nail down my method a little more. But this will be the cost for the foreseeable future.

Hope everyone likes it!...
(One pic has rope, that's used to help secure around a tree. A specific request for who I built it for. Other securities include and 1" dowel thru, and four 4" #10 screws for further stability. It should be anchored tight)

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May 11, 2016

Newest model, twice as heavy as a standard dummy. Feels much more solid and great to strike on.

Newest heavy duty freestanding dummy. Weights about twice as much as usual and the price doesn't increase that much. I'll be making these regularly if people want them. This base model with be $210.00. Rope, engraving and other extras can still be added.

Howdy ya'll. Looks like my orders are going to be picking up again. If you want a speedy Jong place your order asap, I promise I'll start right away.

Orders are slow right now so if you place an order now you'll get it super fast! Hop to it people!

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March 28, 2016

Orders are slow right now so it's the perfect time to place an order! You'll get it super fast, so hop to it.

I got dummies sitting in the studio and I don't like it... Who wants em!?

Dummy in stock and ready for pickup again. $230.00 takes it as is but I can take off the rope and drop it to $210.00. Get it while it's here! Rare for me to just have one.

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Things are about to get really hectic... if you've been wanting a dummy made, place your orders fast!

Holiday orders always pile up so I make them in the order I was contacted. Even if you won't be getting one for a while, it's good to give me a heads up as early as possible. This will ensure you get yours in time for gifts.

Have a good one!

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Heya everyone, have a dummy made and read to go in stock right now. If you're interested, shoot me a message... it'll save ya the trouble of placing and order and waiting. I aim to please!

Dummy orders have slowed down til October, I was thinking I would tinker around and try something new out. Maybe a Lap Sao/grabbing/ripping dummy with 1 or 2 bigger than usual arms fitted with a high tension spring. Setting it with a 30° - 70° angle of travel might be interesting and versatile. Thinking I might make it mountable instead of my usual base, who knows.

If anyone wanted a more custom dummy now would be the time to ask. Throw some ideas at me and I'll see what ...I can do.

Have a good one everyone,

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West Cali Tattoo's dummy.

If the person from West Cali Tattoo sees this, contact me. I never actually got your name and i'm guessing my messages havent reached ya. You're dummy is ready. Call, text or email.

Haven't been posting many pictures... last 4 dummies have pretty much been all the same. Color, design, etc. But here's the newest one of made... completely standard and nothing added.

Only difference from previous dummies is the color. Bombay Mahogany instead of my usual American Chestnut. It's now my preference for stain.