We're getting near to our "gradversary" on May 27! Hope spring is treating you all well--Ellen

Here is some information regarding replacing/acquiring the Traditional MHC Alumni Designs. Plz contact Linda if you're interested.

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Hey, y'all. I apologize in advance for crossposting this, but I want to reach plenty of alums. Newly admitted MHC student Alexa is deciding between MHC and another college. I asked what sort of alumnae I could send Alexa's way to help illuminate our awesome alma mater and MHC's advantages over the competition. Please PM me here at Vic Streiff in order to send a message to Alexa.

Alexa says:
I am interested in business with a pre-med track. Ultimately, I would like to have my own oncology practice. I am interested in how Mount Holyoke helps people in their path to medical school. Outside of class, I am interested in riding on the equestrian team and participating in clubs about social activism. I am interested in what ways people continue riding after Mount Holyoke. I would really appreciate it, thank you!

Hello, classmates! I hope spring is starting out well for all of you. There are rumors New England will actually have spring days. Take good care, all! -Ellen

Hope everyone on the east coast got through the latest storm unscathed. New England was lucky this time, but I know the mid-Atlantic got hit hard. Have a great Friday and weekend!

So stoked!!!! Thank you all. Another 5k added to our coffers. 😘 Collins

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Classmates in the northeast, what to do during Nor'easter #3? why, let your scribe know what you're up to! Stay safe, all.

Hope all on the east coast got through Friday's storm okay, and have power again. Tell your scribes about your adventures in the storm, winter vacations, upcoming summer vacations, personal challenges conquered, mini-reunions....whatever you want to see in the class notes! -Ellen

Happy Mary Lyon's birthday! Have some M&Cs tonight.

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Thank you once again to all who participated in the recent Februmary challenge! Have a good week, everyone! And hint, hint, start thinking of things you can tell your scribe for summer class notes. --Ellen

Well Done!! Top 3 Color Winners. What a fabulous and fun camping for all involved. Every dollar counts and every donor matters. Cheers everyone!! When the final donor tally comes in I will start my tweets to Steve Banon to match each donation.
Julia Murphy '90

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4pm color challenge. The end is near. Let's finish strong. Call friends and relative to donate $5.00 for our class. Remember. It's about participation - not dollar amount. My goal is 125. We're SO close. It's a tight race 😬. Thanks for the hard work so far. The challenge ends at 11:59 EST. Best of luck to everyone - Collins

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Attention Classmates! We have reached 90 donors! We are still behind the Class of 94 by 37! Please get the word out! We can win this! Remember, you can win prizes by sharing the link through Facebook, Twitter, Text or Email. Just go to the link below and click on Advocates under the Give Now section. Sign in and click on the relevant links to share. Here are the incentives:

Become an Advocate and when you generate 3 donations, you will receive an MHC bumper ...sticker.

Become an Advocate and when you generate 5 donations, you will receive a class animals tote.

Become an Advocate and when you generate 10 donations, you will receive an MHC candle tin.

Become an Advocate and when you generate 15 donations, you will receive an MHC Vapur water bottle.…/Moun…/mhc-class-color-cup-2018/

We’ve got this! Thanks for sharing!!!

Liz Barrett

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Spread the word and encourage your friends to give!

10 away from 90 donations!!!

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For every single donor who participates on this Challenge Cup, I will match with a tweet to this guy. Every. Single. Donor. When the final tally comes in I will share my info so you may follow along. I donated 19.90 on behalf of our awesome class! --Julia Murphy/ co-head class agent

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