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  • Don't get shy.

    About me, as expressed in my favorite lyrics (Peter Murphy).

    He was thought of as strange, a good looking man
    And shallow eyes like two hidden from view and empty puddles of hue
    His views on death spread like two anecdotal tales
    Although he, reclining, declining, to disclose in public
    These opinions in public, the tales held the key

    Death is the surname of sleep, but the surname unknown to us
    Sleep is the daily end of life; a small exercise in death
    Which is it's sister, but not every brother and sister are equally close
    Giving to the enemy a small exercise in submission
    And holding onto nothing

    He was thought of as strange, a good looking man
    And shallow eyes like two hidden from view and empty puddles of hue
    His views on death

    One day you will be the one to say I'm sick of empty fun
    It means if your faith is strong, it means you are no longer astray
    See I see all the light
    It comes straight from the sun
    And I want to get near so I can be clear

    Don't get shy, don't get caught with the world and its thoughts

    Let go and wash, take the steps to the other side
    Up turned razors the air is thick with Karma
    The Sutra of a way down, well listen boy
    It's a long way down, down to Heavens Gate, to Heaven Gate
    The steps, the steps to the Tower of Pride the Devil lied
    Dive up to the highest point
    Where our lives are saved
    Where all the lives on the table stand
    Power to success respect and climb the steps

    The day grows older
    The moon appears
    A distant walker
    Hears the words
    Do do good deeds
    So you feel ok
    As the walker walks the line
    Reflecting on his heart
    Heavy weighed and pierced
    The walker looks at his days
    Bad deeds gone by
    For which he must pay
    The moon and the sun
    Partners in light
    Separating reflecting one light
    Hearing this confusion wanes
    With the voice comes no shame
    As the walker hunts the line

    I can't see the light, I'm thrown in disgust
    They speak of feats, the housed forever
    A howling wind changed my course It blew me out of bounds so sore
    All the walls, all the walls that bound me
    I chew my cheeks to wake up from
    The vase grows bigger
    To my eyes
    I go on loving all I see
    For here I live on patiently

    It seems like a day
    A day that I call smooth
    When She came into my heart I knew
    The love was overflowing
    And I say
    La la la la la
    La la la la la la
Favorite Quotes
  • 人は城。人は石垣。人は堀。情けは味方、仇は敵なり。 - Takeda Shingen (武田信玄)

    Who dares wins. - SAS

    If he does that, he'll be the greatest man in the world. - King George III of George Washington

    戦は利害でやる物 - Saito Dosan (斉藤道三)

    It's so hard to find someone to admire. -Madonna