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Interesting piece on how academics might survive in a world where knowledge (including that of questionable veracity) is everywhere.

Knowledge has been democratised. What does that mean for scientists?

Much like the printing press upset the social order centuries ago, the explosion of information online is challenging the role of scientists in society.

Some interesting thoughts from Marco Arment (developer of Overcast and Instapaper and formerly of Tumblr) about the value of Intellectual Property protection for apps.

(If he'd spoken about Trade Secret this would have been full marks on my recent exam, despite the swear words!)

Defending your app from copies and clones February 22, 2018∞ App developers sometimes ask me what they should do when their features, designs, or entire apps are copied by competitors. Legally, there’s not a lot you can do about it: Copyright prote...

Enjoyed speaking to Sam at 2SER Sydney this morning about communal gaming experiences. Between Sam's experience and mine, I think we had a very productive discussion about the value of spectating in gaming experiences.

With virtual reality taking hold communal video game experiences are in decline, with virtual worlds and games tending to be very lonely spaces. So what’s happened to communal video gaming? Sam Baran spoke with Dr Michael Cowling, senior lecturer in educational technology at CQUniversity to discus...

Good chat this morning about smart speakers and Google Home on Perth 6PR. Check out the audio here:…/smart-speakers-the-tipping-point-…/

Michael Cowling, Lecturer in Educational Technology at CQ University, joins Darren de Mello to discuss how smart speakers such as the Google Home may be the tipping point in the world of home automation.

Enjoyed speaking to Chris on Perth 6PR last night about Gaming as a Spectator Sport and our work in Mixed Reality. Check out the audio here:

Michael Cowling, Senior Lecturer in Educational Technology at CQ University spoke to Chris about how spectators can become involved in games and the reasons they might want to.

Some more thoughts from myself and James on Multi-User Mixed Reality experiences, and how designers need to make sure that MR works for multiple users, even when not everyone is wearing a headset.…

New gaming headsets promise to seamlessly integrate the digital and the physical world, but they also typically limit the vision of those digital objects to the person wearing the headset.

Whilst working on the DBR paper, Dr James Birt and I realised there was also some capacity to draw some conclusions about the use of mixed reality in health science in general. So we worked with colleagues Christian and Zane from Bond's Faculty of Health Science & Medicine to draw out some ideas. Thank you to Information for letting us publish this work!

New accessible learning methods delivered through mobile mixed reality are becoming possible in education, shifting pedagogy from the use of two dimensional images and videos to facilitating learning via interactive mobile environments. This is especially important in medical and health education, w...

Excited for my PhD student, Ibrahim Nnass, who is today presenting his work at the Australian Computer Science Week (ACSW) Conference showing that there may be difficulties with English comprehension to be considered when learning programming for non-native English speakers. Below is a link to his poster showing the relative statistics for English and non-English speaker problems.…/…/01/ACSW-2018-Poster_Ibrahim-Nnass.pdf

Dr James Birt and I were invited to write a journal paper on our recent paramedics project, specifically on the use of a Design-Based Research method and our focus on Pedagogy Before Technology. I'm excited to let you know that this paper has now been published, and the journal is open-access! Click the link below to check it out.

In health sciences education, there is growing evidence that simulation improves learners’ safety, competence, and skills, especially when compared to traditional didactic methods or no simulation training. However, this approach to simulation becomes difficult when students are studying at a dist...

Coming into the New Year, I wrote something about Smart Speakers and how I think they might combine with home automation to make quite a significant change to our home space.…

Once you have the ability to speak to a digital assistant from any room in the house, the obvious next step is to make the house able to listen.

A very useful piece on choosing a journal to publish in via our Dean of Graduate Studies. Some good points to consider here, worth the read!…/thirty-one-things-to-consider-when-cho…

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some well-grounded evidence of the best place to publish your research?

A great list of Wishlist features for the Apple Watch. I'd love to see all of these features make it to the watch, and would add to the list an update to the Remote app (it hasn't been changed in 4 years despite a new Apple TV!), and also some consistency with other devices on where and when Now Playing and Notifications display (I think Now Playing should be part of control centre, and I think both should be accessible from any screen, not just the watch screen, just like on iOS).…/watchos-5-a-relatively-modest-propo…/

It sure would be swell if Apple took a few of these suggestions.

Some good advice on goals from Steve Jobs.

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Here's a free tool to help you on your path to success:

A good breakdown of what Meltdown and Spectre are from Ben Thompson at Stratechery. Nice to read a simple to understand piece that explains a complex tech concept - even if the analogy does end up fairly stretched in the end!…/meltdown-spectre-and-the-state-o…/

Meltdown and especially Spectre are vexing vulnerabilities, precisely because processors are working as designed. All we can do is muddle through.

A little piece from SBS about our Weaving Tech workshop from last month.

Teachers could use robots and mixed reality technologies to improve education practices and will learn about the possibilities at a Brisbane event.

As we approach Christmas break, just thought I'd give a shout out to the Learning & Teaching Services team here at CQU for their support. The week before last they asked me to come and share some "insider stories" on getting L&T grants, and as part of the discussion I realised how supportive and helpful our L&T team is.

Whether it's reading my proposals, interpreting grant T&C's, or just helping me take a photo for my submission, I really value the LTS office here at CQU.

Thanks for all your support guys, and I hope 2018 is a year of more grants and awards for us all!

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