Thank you to everyone who voted yesterday in the 2018 Cottesloe By-election.

Congratulations to Dr David Honey on what looks to be a resounding show of support for Liberal values and confidence in David himself.

I feel very privileged to have been able to participate in our democratic process, to enjoy the freedom we have to do so in this country, and experience such a positive reaction from voters and others I've spoken to over the last few weeks. I'll keep doing my bit for Cottesloe!

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If elected, I pledge to take over the lease of this local cafe, to operate it as a community + co-working space, still serving coffee and treats as it does now, with my electorate office in the side partition. A space where community groups and residents alike can meet to discuss solutions to this area's problems and pursue new ideas to make life in our suburbs even better for all. I urge other candidates in this by-election to consider how their electoral office could creatively add value to our community.

Voting closes today at 6pm - 1 hour to Vote 1️⃣ TUCAK, a Local Focus.

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Grounded Days

Announcement ...Grounded Days☀️☕️🥁 is officially ON THE MARKET and on the hunt for its next friendly OWNER ✌🏻

• Fantastic Location
• Friendly regulars
• Poten...tial Potential Potential

📝📲please direct any questions to my email 📧

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Michael TUCAK - Independent, North Metro (WA)
MINDARIE #6, Burns Beach Electorate (FB Live)
Michael TUCAK, Independent - Campaign Announcement – WA Electi...

Why I'm For Real (and "worth the ink") in this Saturday's Cottesloe By-Election.…/why-im-real-cottesloe-by-electio…

Thanks to The West and Dylan Caporn for this coverage for the Cottesloe By-Election. It's difficult to be visible as Independent, so it is all appreciated. Parties won't be the best outcome for a forgotten electorate - Vote 1️⃣ Independent with a Local Focus.…/seven-candidates-to-run-in-cottesl…

Liberal candidate David Honey has secured the top spot on the ballot.

It's 2 more sleeps until Cottesloe By-Election this Saturday 17 March, your chance to elect an Independent with Local Focus!

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Some people have asked about preferences in this Saturday's Cottesloe By-Election - as you know, I prefer people make up their own mind on the order they vote and make it YOUR vote. Any preferences should be based on VALUES, not tricky deals.

As Cottesloe electorate needs a local member who will focus on Local Issues over party needs and can work with a Labor Govt I ask for your VOTE 1️⃣ TUCAK but highlight these similar values:

Greg Boland has substantial experience as Cott...esloe Councillor, is committed to the area, and Greens and Labor can get on well

Ron Norris has substantial experience on Mosman Park Council and although focussed on WA's GST share is community-driven

Independents Thomas and Malov have stood up for what they believe in, which is a better result for specific local area issues, and Micro Business Party focus on oft-forgotten local business

I keep asking myself what the Liberals can DO for Cottesloe, if a Labor Govt will stop the Libs getting any traction; so based on a 'best outcome' for this Electorate, the Liberals should rank low - & note any preference vote is likely to "stop and stay" at Liberal, so anyone you out after Liberal will never get your vote.

I do urge you to make up your own mind, but VOTE 1️⃣ TUCAK.

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I believe only an Independent local member will be able to get traction with a Labor government, and work collaboratively and creatively to bring about results for 'Cottesloe' Electorate - Eric St Bridge and Curtin Ave congestion, Cottesloe Beach renewal, acceptable density & infill targets, 'Principal Shared Path' funds.

A Liberal member in Cottesloe may get short shrift from Labor, and not be able to get anything done!
"short shrift" (noun)
1. rapid and unsympathetic dismissal; curt treatment.

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Find out more about Michael's "Local Issue Priorities" here:

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Cottesloe Electorate needs a local member who *will* focus on our local suburb's issues, not just succumb to party objectives.

What are YOUR local issues or needs in 'Cottesloe Electorate'?

"Cottesloe Electorate" = Nth Freo, Mos Pk, Peppy Grove, Cott, Swanny, Mt Claremont/Claremont, City Beach south of Oceanic

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I have nominated in the Cottesloe by-election held on March 17.

Cottesloe electorate needs a local member whose primary goal is to represent and improve these communities (and not just the internal interests of a political party), someone who is capable of doing so, and who has demonstrated this in their actions so far. I humbly believe I offer these things, and I ask for your vote - "1" TUCAK.

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"It's becoming more and more apparent that there is a need for creativity in every industry, not just the arts. Creativity and inspiration can elegantly solve problems and it is worth investing in. " @EmergenceCreative Festival Director Erin Molloy…/wa-festival-makes-art-play-and-….

"Creativity and inspiration can elegantly solve problems and it is worth investing in. Emergence is all about allowing creatives to find each other, to facilitate conversations and introduce new concepts and ideas, and share how they make things work."

Autonomous vehicles may be (legally) on Perth roads sooner than you may think!…/uber-style-driverless-cars-…/9207120

Perth is set to become the first Australian city, and one of the first places in the world, to trial on-demand driverless cars capable of picking up passengers.

A superb community-led innovation - the 'multi-lingualisation' of public transport apps, which can be tricky to use effectively even in English

Portable is working with Arnsdorf to relaunch their brand, with a focus on sustainability, transparency and customer experience.

Have you got ideas on how to improve our health system? An excellent opportunity to put these into practice is coming up on 24 November at Fiona Stanley Hospital - WA's "Health Hack"

"Problem Statements:

The event is open for you to tackle any area of digital health, however our key focus areas are:...
1. Can we use technology to precisely track workflow while decreasing the need for multiple records?
2. How do we be proactive rather than reactive in regard to health and healthcare?
3. Can we use technology to empower patients and primary care providers beyond current systems?
4. Can we reduce rework and redocumentation through technology?
5. Can wearable technologies (ie fitness trackers) be used to promote better health outcomes?
6. Can we provide sufficient notice where possible using technology to intuitively forecast requirements and constraints?
7. How do we visualise patient flow through a hospital?
8. How do we train better medical professionals?

View the full list of problem statements (including 80 submitted by Fiona Stanley Hospital staff) at…/12DSkNoP2-gbRmNE8pha87M-qOF_QXF9b… "…

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How does it work:We’re bringing together entrepreneurs, startups, government, researchers and anyone else passionate about healthcare innovation for a weekend. Working together over 54 hours at Fiona Stanley Hospital's education facilities pouring in a heap of caffeine and free food, to see what new...

Your creative input is needed! Cottesloe's iconic beachfront is being remodelled and upgraded - starting with signage, paths, seating, shaded areas and other "trim". Your feedback, ideas and responses sought until 4pm on Monday, 23 October 2017.

What have you seen in your travels, places you've called home or here in Perth - or has occurred to you when you've visited? A great opportunity for community input to help shape a WA icon.…

Written submissions close at 4pm on Monday, 23 October 2017 and should be addressed to Mat Humfrey, Chief Executive Officer and sent to PO Box 606, Cottesloe WA 6911 or to