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Peter N Becky Berggren
· December 29, 2017
Ordered 1,000 rounds of in stock Remington 223 ammo, 10 days ago and had not heard anything from them. I tried calling multiple times, leaving messages with no response, emailed with no response, etc....
I finally got through to a gentleman who told me that they would not be able to fulfill my order because they had to get all the orders going to California out by today.....???
I told him I didn't understand what that had to do with my order from 10 days ago. He had no response except to say they got slammed by California. He offered to send me a partial shipment of 500 rounds which may or may not get to be by the time my son comes home from the military and can stay for only a few days.
I rarely ever write bad reviews, I believe this is my 2nd bad review I've ever written but this company's service seems horrible! Why choose California over Florida? They should've at least sent out an email when they couldn't perform like their website states they do.
I hope others don't have this same bad experience. I just know that once I receive my complete order of 1,000 rounds, I will never order from them again.
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Walter Bourdage
· January 5, 2018
These guys are on their game! Amazing customer service and products, don’t hesitate in purchasing from Mid-Am. I have shot multiple sub-moa groups out of a commercial spec 300blk. Dropped several anim...als with the 110gr varmageddon round, and was very impressed with it’s performance on animals. No tracking this year!! Considering on using it bear hunting this spring. I’ve shot just about everything they make for 300blk with great success!! Thanks guys.. Keep up the great work!! See More
Tommy Pugh
· October 26, 2017
I have ordered and received 500 rounds of 150 grain FMJ and 500 rounds of 135 grain FMJ, 300 blackout. I have shot all of my 150 grain and maybe 400 rounds of the 135 grain rounds and had about 5% lit...e primer strikes out of the 900 rounds used, with maybe 10 of them requiring a cleaning rod to push the round out of the chamber. I just received 500 more rounds of 150 grain FMJ a few days ago and hope this problem has been resolved. Fine for shooting paper targets, but would not use to hunt with, because you never know if the round will fire or not. See More
William Foley
· August 19, 2017
Bought 1000 rds of the blunt nose tipped 150g and they would stovepipe and get hung up in the feed ramp... tried 3 other ARs... Different mags metal/steel etc determined the overall length of bullet t...o be the culprit contacted Mid Am they said 10% of ARs are like that and will be phasing out the round... they are swapping out my 1000 rds with 150g fmj ... I am pleased any company that does a no questions asked return politely will still get my business customer service goes a long way... the price,the ammo, and service was all awesome everyone has mistakes so don't be afraid to buy here guys they are Good 2 Go See More
Justin Johnson
· April 1, 2018
i ordered 250 rounds of 150 gr 300 blk and half of them have bad primers. also several got stuck in the chamber. I do not recommend this ammo.
Bolivier Estevez
· October 7, 2017
Tried out the 250ct new 150gr PP 300 blackout rounds after waiting for the older plated rounds to sell out. The wait wasn't worth it. Over 15 rounds with light primer strikes, badly cut or dented casi...ngs, atleast 4 causing severe jams leaving gun inoperable. Messaged them multiple times throughout and not a single response. Spend the extra cents elsewhere See More
Phillip Sirrine
· August 9, 2017
Friday 2 March 2018 edit: review of new frangibles appears as comment below.

I wrote the following three-star review two weeks ago on MA's website. The content below is copied and pasted from the ve...rification email I received - and the review describing my experience with their .300 frangible ammo never appeared. Strangely, if you go their site you'll see only five-star reviews. I then fb messaged this page to explain my review had disappeared, and they told me they'd look into it. Three days later there has been no further response. As a Marine, I'm concerned about Mid Am's ethics regarding the situation.

"Ordered these [.300 Blk frangible rounds] due to great price, lead-free, and safety while shooting steel plates. While I initially had no problems, as soon as I shot paper with them I'd have eight holes after five shots, three of them perfect circles much like wadcutters. Quickly determined this was due to the bullet shearing off just fore of the brass upon chambering. Test cycling with different brands of mags showed no link to the mag, and the AR seemed fine. Roughly a third of the rounds would break in the chamber. When I called MidAm and notified them of the problem, I was told I would receive a return call shortly. Brian contacted me within a week to tell me that my lot had been tested across multiple platforms and found to have no issues, so I took my rifle to our local tactical shop and had an armorer inspect my AR. No issues were found with my weapon. MidAm readily replaced the order (including ammo already expended) with an equal number of slightly more expensive rounds, so despite my disappointment with these frangible bullets breaking early, the customer service couldn't be any better. One star for the ammo, but five for MidAmerica's quick resolution."
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William Bogielski
· March 22, 2018
Never had to wait. Always fast and great ammo. If i did have an issue with anything, they always compensated and or fixed my issue. Best 300 blk out there.
JJ Hakasaki
· September 23, 2017
I bought 500 rounds of the 155 grain 300 blackout. I shot 210 rounds, NO FTF, NO FTE, every round functioned flawlessly, this ammo is very affordable, accurate and it was shipped right away. I was sho...oting a brand new straight from the box ATI hybrid maxx with 16 inch barrel, truglo trubrite 30 1-6 sight. good ammo, gotta buy some more. See More
Richard Whisennand
· August 18, 2017
One day, out of the blue I get an email from a company I have never heard of or done business with selling 300 AAC. In doing some research it seems that "Mid American Munitions" is a quite possibly a ...rebranding or spinoff of Ozark Ordinance, a company that ripped a ton of people off, held their money for months, and now has a statement on their page stating that refund checks will be mailed soon. In fact after doing some looking, it seems their "Liberator" is just the Ozark Ordinance "Gameslayer" - The gun community is a actually a pretty small world, beware in dealing with this company - common consensus is that this company is "OO" coming back to rip more people off, or at least get another shot at doing business without the black cloud they rightfully earned hanging over their head. It will be interesting to watch and see how this goes down. Won't be getting my order anytime soon. Read up folks; and be careful! See More
Mario Romero
· August 20, 2017
I just tried my first batch of 150gn fmj 300blk and it did not disappoint. Biggest plus for me is what they show in stock is what they have in stock ready to ship. My order was shipped the same day i ...placed it and arrived in less than a week. Going forward MAM will be my first choice for 300blk ammo. I will say the casings were a bit dirty but in no way did it affect performance or reliability. Definitely recommend these guys. See More
Dave Morris
· August 21, 2017
Shipping was super fast, cheapest cost per round I have found (in some cases cheaper then empty brass)... Received in the mail nicely packaged, shot well at the range with no problems.. The rounds s...eemed to be loaded on the lighter side, but no problems for range fun.. I will definitely buy again and now have a starting collection of brass for reloading... Thanks for a good product at a great price.. See More
Casey Salvador
· July 5, 2017
This company is nothing but 5/5 Stars across the board! No issues on my first batch of 300 Blackout and I will continue to buy more! They have the lowest selling price per round and of high quality. I... recommend them to all my friends for all their 300 Blk and 556 needs! See More
Erik Lum
· October 5, 2017
Ok first I want to start off saying I was scared as hell to order from mid america munitions given the ozark ordinance fiasco (not you guys but can you really blame me?). I ordered some 135g liberator...s and 110g varmageddons on the 2nd and received on the 5th. Rounds shipped in bags, look good, nothing crazy. YOU WILL GET YOUR AMMO!


Sighted in my pistol today no jams or failures, ran about 90 rounds. will definitely order from again.
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Ben Evilsizer
· June 24, 2017
This company's customer service is awesome!!!! I had some issues with the first batch I got. They took care of me and sent a new one. This second batch has worked flawlessly so far (about 80 rds in). ...I will buy from them in the future!!! See More
Mike Skully
· August 22, 2017
This place has all my ammunition needs and I am sure they can help you too!. Great Prices, large selection and a Staff that is World class
Larry Lambdin
· August 22, 2017
Wow, what can I say about a great page and great people with great information about things that we love to do. Thanks that's a 5 star to me.
Scott Vedder
· August 23, 2017
I purchased 1,000 rounds of 150 grain .300 Blackout. Sent 500+ though my rifles this week with zero issues! I will continue to purchase ammunition from Mid America Munitions for sure! Hope to order 5.56 in the near future! See More
Mark Wagner
· August 18, 2017
Let's keep this simple - Great ammo, great prices, fast shipping, great customer service and a member of the Anteris Alliance in support of Veterans and 1st Responders in need - 5 star across the boar...d. Check out the review they reposted on their page (search Mark Wagner) and you will get my full rundown on the 300 Blackout Frangible See More
Jeff Howard
· March 7, 2018
I ordered a 1000 rounds last Thursday and still havent recived a ship date

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