The Mighty Daring Girls have kicked off autumn with a trip to the pumpkin patch. It was unusually warm today, but we had fun!

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We finish up the school year by welcoming summer! For June, Mighty Daring Girls enjoyed a pool party during our heat wave. We snacked on lemonade, fruit, cake and ice cream. Much fun was had by all!


The May Mighty Daring Girls meeting focused on tie-dye! The girls and adults made their own shirts. We only have a few photos of the finished shirts because the photographer was busy making one!

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It's been a very busy spring! In April, Mighty Daring Girls learned about a dance called garba from the state of Gujrat (India). They each made a pair of dandiya and learned how to use them in dance. Lots of laughter and fun!

The March Mighty Daring Girls activity was learning about emergencies and first aid. They learned about using 911 & how to treat different injuries. Then they made personal first aid kits to carry in their backpacks. Lastly they had fun drawing with chalk and playing tag!

February's activity was exploring the properties of non-Newtonian liquids like Oobleck, and making Gak and Flubber. Here is one Mighty Daring Girl enjoying Flubber.

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Hello friends, happy 2016! Mighty Daring Girls met today and learned about an important biological function -- SLEEP. Why do we sleep? What happens when you don't get enough? What can you do to get the best rest possible? They also made sleeping masks. Claire's is pictured here. Plans were made for the year, and they played tag in the yard.

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Mighty Daring Girls updated their status.

The Mighty Daring Girls learned today about Hanukkah, Rohatsu, Yule, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. After that, they made ornaments! One is a Yule log, and the others were pretend candy ornaments. Then they all had cocoa and played outside. A great way to end the year!

We've been quiet around here lately due to a very busy fall! But we'll meet in December to explore a variety of holiday traditions. We are also opening the group to new members. Contact me at if you are interested.

In August, Mighty Daring Girls learned about the cultural history of God's Eye, or Ojo de Dios, and made some. Then they made Chinese jump ropes and played with them. A good time was had by all. They also plan to use the proceeds from the Lemonade Stand in July to help a charity.

Mighty Daring Girls had their lemonade stand! They sold snacks, watermelon slices, sno-cones, and lemonade. They had a couple dozen customers and a lot of fun.

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Today, Mighty Daring Girls planned the lemonade and goodies stand they will host in July. Decorations were made, prices established, and a supply list was drawn up.

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Mighty Daring Girls hiked! We saw interesting animals and played in the stream. Gorgeous weather for the outing.

April! Where did the month go? The Mighty Daring Girls project this month was mask making. The girls took turns having masks cast of their faces, and they helped make the masks as well. It was great messy creative fun. The experience also allowed them to communicate and build trust with each other.

March: Mighty Daring Girls have manners and know how to use 'em! We read a book by Aliki on manners. Then the girls wrote down the manners they remembered from the book for reference. This was followed by a tea party, where they got to have lemonade, mint tea, and small sandwiches. After a silly group photo, they ran around the backyard like the mighty girls they are until it was time to go home!

Today, Mighty Daring Girls will meet to learn how to make knots! We plan to learn the Clove Hitch, Surgeon's Knot, Reef Knot, Trucker's Hitch, and Sliding Knot. We'll also make braided friendship bracelets!

The Mighty Daring Girls have a fun-filled, creative, action-packed year planned! Today the girls played at the park while the parents collaborated on what we want to focus on this year. I am so very grateful for these wonderful friends!