I want to find my doppleganger. Amazing


Top 10 rock Keyboards. Wheres Keith Emerson or Bill Powell?…/10-of-the-greatest-pian…

Curtis piano teacher, 97, still going strong…

Great article on learning jazz scales for any instrument.

Happy Birthday Peter Gabriel

My music to "The Matrix" trailer. Let me know what you think.

Lady Gaga meets Scogeojam. : OUR LADY GAGA INSPIRED MUSIC VIDEO!!!. Would love to hear your opinions

Scogeojam - A tribute to Chick Corea - 2 shows this week. Wed jan 25 and thurs Jan 26th.

FREE - "Someone Like You" Transcribed Piano Parts. "" then click on "lessons" There is a version for non-note readers.

As much as this picture is interesting. Whats with the control panel on the right side?